5 benefits of referral programs

The power of the referral program lies in its effectiveness to motivate current and potential customers to take action. As more than two-thirds of the average customers trust the opinions of their peers, it’s making it quite a compelling marketing option. Due to the confidence people place in their friends and family’s recommendations, they are more likely to consider your offers. Compared to the sponsored promotions, this doesn’t come as a surprise, at all. It is for these reasons that marketers and business holders should consider all the many benefits of referral programs. Everything from the customer acquisition increase to high returns on investments that can result from it. Reorienting your marketing strategy toward referrals will eventually cause a rapid increase in the number of consumers and a better image for your brand.

The most important benefits of referral programs

  • Referral programs/marketing represents a strategy used to motivate your customers to recommend your products or services to others.

Most likely, to people they know or communicate with on a variety of networks. And a part of it includes rewarding them for the continuous promotion of your business. Evidently, it’s one of the most efficient marketing strategies businesses can use for growing their customer base.

Referral programs come with many benefits so let’s explain some of the most important:

  1. Referral programs are cost-effective
  2. Referring affects the entire decision-making process
  3. Significantly expands your customer base
  4. Referral programs increase the number of loyal customers
  5. Naturally improves your reputation

1. Referral programs are cost-effective

First of all, being recommended by others, at no cost, is as good as it gets. By all means, your promotion will depend on other marketing campaigns too. But none of them can beat the cost-effectiveness of referral campaigns. All the social media promotion, email campaigns, cold or hot calls, ads, and other marketing methods sometimes require considerable investments. Not to mention there is always the risk that they might not live up to your expectations. However, by focusing on referral programs, many successful companies have been doubling their conversion rates. By following their steps, anyone can do a lot for its business.

Existing customer showing the new discount to her friend.
Offering a discount is a small investment for the considerable increase in conversion rates.

Of course, there has to be a way to show your business appreciates the recommendations. But, it’s nothing like capital investments some of the other methods require. Even a small startup business can create a referral program with minor compensations. Whether it’s a gift course, discount, test samples, or other means, this type of appreciation can bring you the much-valuable brand advocates.

2. Referring affects the entire decision-making process

Not all the beauty of referral programs lies in financial reasons. Yes, the final results are financial the most, but it’s a long way to them. You need an efficient way to influence the entire purchasing process. There is no better way than to plant a seed of trust into customers’ minds. Better yet, you have someone other than you to do it. Someone your potential customers already trust. While this may sound like, there is nothing suspicious nor dishonest about it.

Remember, your referrals are all people who have actual positive experiences with your products. They are just sharing their thoughts and opinions about whether the product is worth it or not. And since recommendations are coming from such people, you are already winning over your potential customers halfway through. Every step of the way, they will know someone other than them is considering your product valuable.

3. Significantly expands your customer base

Social networking schematic
It has never been easier to share information than today.

Customers who are genuinely satisfied with your brand won’t hesitate to share that opinion with others. They will, for example, recommend a particular product and entice others to check it out. Due to the diversity of contacts they communicate with, this can mean a lot of new customers for the business. This then continues furthermore with additional recommendations from your new customers. With such an outreach, clearly, referral programs can exponentially spread a positive word about your business. As a result, your customer base will drastically grow with more potential to grow even further.

4. Referral programs increase the number of loyal customers

On the other side, not only new customers are into the focus. Your business will acquire a considerable number of quality customers. Those who won’t just make a singular purchase and leave. With a quality referral program and an increase in satisfaction, your referrals are becoming loyal to your brand. They will often visit your website, shop, social media profile, or use other communication channels to check what’s new and discuss matters with others. And, they will eventually make another purchase. Such a continuous influx of returns will result in highly positive customers retention. Especially since they also benefit from gifts you offer as a reward for such behavior. It’s a win-win situation for both customers and businesses.

5. Naturally improves your reputation

As a secondary but no less important effect, referral programs will improve your overall reputation. Appreciative customers will quickly spread a positive word about your business. Word of mouth, recommendations, reviews, and ratings are becoming powerful marketing tools by day. Especially in a digital world where it’s so easy to spread information. Any referral can easily increase brand awareness and boost its reputation. This is a lot of positive influence to be ignored by both companies and consumers who prefer quality and authenticity. Just look at the popular brands who are winning over their competitors with strong messages spoken by their users. From sports to medicine to marketing itself, we are seeing satisfied customers speaking for the companies.

Omnichannel marketing.
Referrals can use multiple channels and media formats to promote your business.

Due to a constant increase in competitiveness, businesses use a variety of marketing strategies to grow and promote their operations. Many are switching to online models, trying to follow the marketing trends and stay on track. While the traditional methods were more passive, so to speak, the modern environment calls for innovations such as ConvertMore callback widgets.

Using your own customers to spread a positive image about your brand becomes one such model. Not exactly a new thing, but considerably increases in importance thanks to the variety of media everyone uses today. That’s why, in order to stand above the others, it’s becoming a necessity to consider all the benefits of referral programs. Because, carefully nurturing the relationships with your customers, seems like is sitting at the core of every marketing today.

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