5 ways to nail your next sales presentation

One of the best ways to boost your profits is to invest your time and effort in improving your sales tactics. Fortunately, there are many ways to do exactly this. From using callback software and other online tools to brushing up your opening lines and scripts – options are endless. However, the critical factor in driving sales is your sales reps. They are your most valuable resource. As you already know, interacting with different prospects, leads, and customers every day is a demanding and challenging task. It requires many different skills: a personable approach, confidence, adjustability, and countless others. However, for many reps, the most challenging obstacle to overcome is giving an engaging and convincing presentation. The fear of public speaking, especially in front of large groups, makes it particularly nerve-wracking and impacts your performance. With that in mind, we’ve explored five ways to nail your next sales presentation!

Your body language is important

Body language is a constant part of our everyday communication. Whether we are aware of it or not, we observe other people and make conclusions based on their posture, gestures, facial expressions, etc. Likewise, our body language signals different things to other people.

a man using his body language as one of the ways to nail your next sales presentation
Use your body language to enhance your presentation

Why do you think someone is confident? They probably talk clearly and without hesitation, look you in the eye, and stand tall. On the other hand, if they’re fidgeting, avoiding eye contact, or shrinking in their seat, we are likely to get a quite different impression.

So, regardless of what someone is saying, how we see them and perceive what they’re saying will significantly depend on their body language. Our body language says as much or even more than our words. Therefore, it’s vital to keep this in mind, amp up your performance, and use the right body language.

Avoid memorization

It makes sense that learning your speech by heart will help you perform better, right? It doesn’t. On the contrary, it will only achieve the opposite effect. Reciting the facts and rehearsing sentence by sentence will not only make you sound artificial and robotic but it will also add to your anxiety. It negatively impacts the natural flow of your presentation and it also makes you worry about each word. What if you forget the line? Instead, it’s better to adopt the following approach.

Ensure your presentation’s objectives line up with the needs of your audience

Of course, the happy-go-lucky attitude is not a good choice either. The key to giving a successful presentation is engaging your audience with relevant topics and information. In order to do so, research is crucial. It doesn’t matter how good your presentation is if your audience has no interest in it.

Instead, it would be best if you tailored it to address your prospect’s needs and pain points. So, before making the presentation, gather the following information about your prospect:

  • the prospect’s role within the company as well as their technical background and expert knowledge
  • the most relevant information about the company itself- structure, finances, needs, and preferences
  • the company’s purchase behaviors and patterns
  • important industry news, trends, and events

Make a plan

a laptop and notebook for planning a presentation
Do your research and make an effective plan.

Once you have all this valuable information, it’s time to start planning. Make notes of all the key points you want to get across. Break down each point into smaller ones. Then, research and choose all the data, information, statistics, and examples you are going to use to strengthen and illustrate your points. And, instead of memorizing it all, focus on the main points and let them guide you through the rest of your presentation.

Include a call to action (CTA)

Of course, the ultimate goal of every presentation is to turn prospects into customers and increase revenues. So, if you’re wondering how to increase lead conversion rate, the answer is simple. Don’t omit the CTA. Finish your presentation by inviting your audience to take an action – subscribing to your newsletter, applying for a free trial, etc. Make your CTA clear and easy to follow to get the highest return.

Become a storyteller

The next tip on how to nail your next sales presentation is to personalize it. Simple facts and statistics are impressive and important, but they don’t touch your prospects on a personal level. Therefore, it’s best to engage your audience by telling them a story. After all, everybody loves a good story! Keep it short and relevant to your topic. Avoid unnecessary details and digressions to make your stories sound natural and memorable.

Include testimonials, examples, and case studies

However, if you can’t remember a good story (and even if you can), it’s always a good idea to incorporate other materials into your presentation. Testimonials and case studies are especially effective to use in this context. Why? Because not only do they provide extra evidence but also make your presentation more personal and relatable. They will build credibility and trust, while also strengthening your points.

Including visuals is one of the best ways to nail your next sales presentation

a group of people planning their visuals for a presentation
Use engaging visuals to support your points.

We perceive, process, and learn new information in different ways. Some people prefer just listening while some love to try things out themselves. However, most people are visual learners. Easy to understand visuals will support your presentation and keep the audience’s attention at the same time. In fact, your slides should only contain your key points and takeaways and visuals such as charts, graphs, illustrations, etc. Then, you can elaborate on them and engage your prospect(s) further.

Invite questions

When you’re looking for tips on how to increase user engagement on website, you’ll ask your visitors questions. Popups, surveys, etc. encourage website visitors to take action and engage with your brand. The same rule applies to giving a presentation. Inviting your audience to take an active role and participate in the process will show that you care about their needs and interests.

Practice, practice,…and practice

Last but not least, keep practicing and evolving. Giving a presentation is a skill and nothing will help you more than practicing and gaining experience. Of course, it can be quite challenging at first. So do your best to prepare as much as you can. Rehearse your presentation as many times as necessary beforehand.

If possible, practice in the same room where you’ll deliver it. That way you’ll get familiar with the surroundings, and technology you’ll use, and prevent possible glitches. We hope you’ll explore these ways to nail your next sales presentation and get your points across effectively and with confidence.

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