The advantages of customer testimonial videos

Nowadays, there is an abundance of marketing tools and strategies business owners can use to promote their brands. From phone channels and social media to website optimization and ConvertMore callback software – options are endless! But before all of them, businesses gained reputation and customers by ‘word of mouth’. What’s more, this tried and true method is still invaluable today! After all, what better way to attract new customers than through your current ones? One of the greatest advantages of customer testimonial videos is that they represent real people and their experiences with your company. Customers that are happy with the services or products you’ve provided are a perfect endorsement of your business. Moreover, video testimonials are effective, and yet simple tool to incorporate into your marketing campaign. Not to mention they’re engaging, attention-grabbing, and easy to share online. Here are some of the benefits of using testimonial videos!

What are the advantages of customer testimonial videos over text-based testimonials?

a man rating business with stars
Customer feedback is always important for the success of every business

Firstly, let’s see what makes them better than more common written reviews? Text-based testimonials are still useful and necessary. However, they lack the personal touch that video testimonials provide.

Not only that but they can also generate less trust. Of course, written testimonials should come from real customers and be honest. Unfortunately, there are companies that use fake testimonials to promote their services and products. These testimonials are often misleading and untrue which results in disappointment on customers’ part. For that reason, potential customers tend to value them less and find them less reliable.

On the other hand, a person providing a video appears more sincere – after all, they’re willing to actively associate with your business! That earns your new customers’ trust and strengthens the relationship between your brand and clients.

The advantages of customer testimonial videos are numerous

If your goal is to increase your customer base and spread awareness of your business, testimonial videos are the way to go. Now, let’s dive deeper into all the benefits they provide:

Credibility and trust

Using customer testimonial videos will help you boost credibility and earn the trust of new clients. It gives a face to your brand – someone who’s tried your product and wants to share their experience. An honest, unscripted opinion is what makes videos of this kind so appealing. It enables you to present your goals and products through a reliable source. Even if potential new customers don’t trust you, they’ll trust their peers. What’s more, the fact that you encourage your clients to make honest testimonial videos about your business adds further to your credibility. It shows that you’re sure of your product and that you value your clients’ opinions and experiences.

Emotional connection is an important aspect of customer testimonial videos

three persons pointing to the video testimonial on the screen
One of the greatest advantages of customer testimonial videos is that they’re relatable and engaging

There are plenty of marketing tools that will help you create new leads and turn them into clients. For example, conversion rate optimization software is one such tool. However, it will work far better if you also manage to establish a personal connection with your client base. Businesses often appear cold and impersonal. Testimonial videos capture all emotions and subtle expressions. The tone of voice, non-verbal communication, facial expressions – all of these add authenticity and emotional connection to your brand. That’s why testimonial videos will help you draw interest and establish an emotional connection every business needs and this leads us to our next point.

Customers will find your brand to be more relatable

When there’s an emotional connection, your brand appears more relatable. When they see other people happy and satisfied with your product, a new customer will be more open-minded and interested in what you have to offer. A video review by their peers will convince them that they can expect the same benefits from your product. It will strengthen a personal connection and provide a face-to-face experience that is often lacking in the online world.

Video testimonials will increase your brand’s exposure

a person holding a phone with a play button on display
Video content is simple to make and easy to share online

Another advantage of customer testimonial videos is their online visibility. Videos of this kind are simple, short content which you can easily share as a part of your marketing campaign. What’s more, they’re engaging and relatable. Most people find videos visually interesting and that makes them more likely to send this type of content to their friends. The shareability of the testimonial videos is what makes them an excellent part of your lead generation strategy and helps you get online attention. Here are a few ways in which you can spread the word of your brand through testimonial videos:

  • put them on your website – it will increase customer engagement and make the visitors more interested in what you have to offer
  • social media exposure – no marketing strategy is complete without social media
  • email promotions – people are more likely to read an email if it contains video content; plus, it enables you to create a more loyal customer base

Increase conversions

Last but not least, testimonial videos are an excellent way to convert visitors to leads. Having a lot of traffic on your website and social media is great. However, your goal is for these visitors to get interested in your product and become loyal customers. Establishing real, personal, and relatable connections through videos will enable you to do exactly that.

How to make an effective testimonial video?

Of course, for your videos to do well and be effective you need to consider your goals and be creative. A way to do this is to ask your customers to address a few key points in their own words. By doing so, their videos will be both sincere and relevant to your business. Here are the key components of a successful testimonial video should have:

  • introduction of the client and their pain point
  • explanation on how your product or service helped them to solve the problem in question
  • results of using your business
  • personal touch
  • call to action – information on how to contact your business and order products/services

Final thoughts

As you may see, there are numerous advantages of customer testimonial videos. They enable you to build trust and credibility. Not to mention they also establish a personal connection and put a face to your brand. On top of that, they’re relatable and engaging which makes them easy to share and increases your online visibility. With all this in mind, don’t hesitate to start using customer videos as a unique and refreshing part of your next marketing campaign!

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