B2C sales performance optimization tactics

B2C is the acronym for Business-To-Consumer services. If a company serves the needs of individuals by some means, it belongs to the group of B2C companies. Everything from media streaming services to selling goods to providing assistance is a B2C business. In general, it focuses on various conversion funnels while exploring the customers’ decision-making process. At a core, it creates an environment where customers discover the use and need for products. To make it work, marketers and salespeople focus on different B2C sales performance optimization tactics. The goal is to create a non-confusing sales process and clear relationships so potential customers don’t leave.

Performance optimization tactics for B2C sales

B2C marketing and sales teams collaboratively use various strategies overall. They use them to create awareness about the products and services to individuals. As it often happens, they advertise and offer solutions to both specific and ordinary daily problems. With the rise of the internet, B2C sales have been given a whole set of new opportunities to get closer to their targeted audiences. They heavily rely on data when creating customers’ profiles and investigating their needs; Constantly use technological solutions like ConvertMore click-to-call software to improve sales process; And, particularly focus and excel at providing quality customer service.

But, even with everything included, each part of the process requires adequate optimization to provide good results. To be able to create an effective sales process, here are some of the most efficient B2C sales performance optimization tactics:

  1. Automation software solutions to improve sales performance
  2. Personalization for a better experience
  3. Indispensable Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Focusing on the mobile-first approach
  5. Sales performance optimization with retargeting
  6. Social media embrace

1) Automation software solutions to improve sales performance

One of the goals of B2C sales is to shorten the procedural period. You need a fast and efficient way to process and complete the cycle to improve the sales rates. So, before you introduce your brand to potential customers, engage them with your offer, and motivate them to make a purchase, you need a system and set of different software solutions to help you. Something to collect and organize complete data. And something to automate different aspects of your marketing and sales processes.

CRM systems in combination with other tools are the standard today. For both marketing and sales teams. With the data collected by these solutions, you will have less trouble developing buyer personas. And, further down the funnel, it will make it easier to manage and automate almost all steps. It really makes a difference having quality automation tools at your disposal. Especially when it comes to handling business on a large scale.

2) Personalization for a better experience

Basically, if you want to know how to increase conversion rate, focusing on a personalized experience is essential. Four out of five customers recognize the customer experience as vital to please the audience’s expectations. As good as your products might be, without quality customer service you won’t have and optimal B2C sales performance. And, it’s one of the major factors that affect the habit of buying from the same brand again. That’s why everything from marketing campaigns to sales offers, and engagements, has to contain more personal touch.

3) Indispensable Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When developing a working strategy, researching the customers’ search preferences and decision-making processes becomes fundamental. You have to get an insight into what lies behind the urge for finding specific products. And, what and how they are looking for them.

Looking at potential customers through the magnifying glass.
Research customers’ needs and help them find and research you as well.

In the internet era, this will help you develop SEO strategies to bring your products closer to them. You can use SEO best practices to boost website sales fast with conversion rate optimization right on the spot. At first, this leads to higher search engine ranking positions and an improvement in brand awareness. Which later results in an increase in website traffic, and eventually gives you better conversion rates.

In addition, local SEO is another aspect that can greatly contribute to your business. Often underestimated, but this is a highly efficient way to disclose your services to specific geographic areas.

4) Focusing on the mobile-first approach

Speaking of the internet, we can’t undervalue the importance of mobile devices. Today, everyone is in possession of at least one type of mobile device. From smartphones to tablets, everything is in common use, more than ever before.

A man and woman using their smartphones.
You can notice smartphones in everyone’s hands today.

For B2C marketing and sales efforts, this only means more factors for optimization. Typically, mobile-first website development is a priority. But, it’s doesn’t limit the efforts only to mere displays and layouts. There are other conveniences that come with mobile devices and the ability to easily make calls is just one of them. Your B2C strategy planning will have to consider everything from better CTAs to call utilization systems and apps.

5) Sales performance optimization with retargeting

The sales and marketing process follows everything in connection with buyers’ journey. From exploring their needs to offering prospective solutions to establishing relationships. However, the sales process doesn’t stop there. You have to manage and take care of your prospects even after they make a purchase or give up on their purchasing choice. For example, one of the negative sides is shopping carts abandonment rates. They happen often, and you need means to deal with this type of problem. This is where reminders like retargeting ads, emails, and SMS messages can be effective methods. By focusing on utilizing different retargeting channels you will have the right means to fight those high abandonment rates.

6) Social media embrace

Typically, your prospects may arrive from different sources. Mostly because everyone is using different communication channels. So, you have to ensure the connections through:

  • Emails
  • Blogs
  • Calls
  • CTAs
  • and many more

But, Social Media platforms are probably one of the most effective new trends. Everyone is using them, from businesses to individuals. Your competitors too are probably present there as well. This is a clear sign that you also have to take the advantage it offers to improve your sales. Through getting in touch with different communities, promoting your brand and product, and establishing relationships with customers. Even providing customer support on these networks can help you improve your sales. Furthermore, each Social Media platform has experts that can help you. Getting in touch with the “Influencers” can be an effective way to boost your social proof. Or, to send positive signals about your products or services to their own audience.

Social Media buttons on a smartphone screen.
Social Media provides many hidden benefits to B2C businesses.

Overall, effective marketing is not the only key to success. The secret lies in synchronization and mutual efforts between both marketing and sales teams. Sales automation and better connection of all sides are the essences of B2C sales performance optimization tactics. The only way to continue your growth and improve your rate of success is by ensuring you are following these strategies.

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