The benefits of combining call tracking and SEO

Getting potential customers to a company’s website is a top priority for most companies. That’s why many advertising campaigns center around SEO: search engine optimization. We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but search engine optimization isn’t enough. Combining call tracking and SEO is the way to go. Call tracking can help you learn more about your website visitors, including how and why they found your site.

The success of billboards, newspaper advertisements, and paid search engine optimization (SEO) for software firms may all be gauged with call tracking. So, let’s dive into how call tracking and SEO work together to maximize your lead generation from website visitors.

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SEO is a very important component of any website.

How combining call tracking and SEO works

Before we go into why call tracking has no detrimental effect on search engine optimization, let’s define what it is and how it operates. A technique known as “call tracking” may be used to monitor the origins of your calls and the results of those calls in terms of conversions.

In order to keep tabs on who is calling your company, call tracking services to employ a large pool of numbers that all eventually reroute to one main line. A unique identifier for each marketing channel (organic, PPC, retargeting, and even offline ads) enables businesses to determine from which channel a call originated. They also often use callback software to make matters more accessible. Pro tip: always check with BBB to see if your software is legitimate.

After this, marketers can attribute leads and sales to individual campaigns. Because of this, it might be difficult to credit a specific source for a surge in phone leads if call monitoring is not in place.

Using caller ID, businesses may do the following:

  • Establish a connection between a channel’s success in bringing in calls and the total number of calls received.
  • Determine the true value of your advertising efforts.
  • Examine the costs of various forms of advertising.

The marketing budget should be optimized so that it is spent on the most effective methods.

An important aspect of any omnichannel sales marketing plan is call monitoring, which may be used to gauge the efficacy of both online (pay-per-click, search engine optimization, retargeting) and offline (billboards, newspaper advertisements) marketing channels.

You can’t get an accurate picture of your customer’s interactions with your brand without call analytics.

Benefits of SEO

Call monitoring’s benefits to local search engine optimization become more apparent when you’ve implemented SEO-friendly call tracking and ensured the integrity of your rankings. Gaining a deeper familiarity with the search terms used by your clients is a crucial step in improving your SEO. Using this knowledge, you can better tailor your content and marketing to the needs of these clients and address any queries they might have. In return, you can increase conversions easily.

Spending on marketing can be justified by contrasting the quality of organic traffic with that of traffic from local PPC advertising. Only call monitoring software can paint a complete picture of your lead generation efforts. You may learn more about when and where site users are most likely to call or fill out a form by including telephone conversions in your conversion rate testing (CRO). Learn how well your site performs on mobile devices by analyzing conversion statistics collected from them.

Why combining call tracking and SEO works

1- It’s a diagram of the content

A diagram of a website's analytics after combining call tracking and SEO.
Combining call tracking and SEO can skyrocket your website’s success.

Combining call tracking and SEO helps you determine which ad ultimately resulted in a call being made. In order to gain a more in-depth study of your calls, you have the option of recording them as they come in (most call monitoring systems include a call recording capability). In-depth call analysis can help you select what kind of information to send to your clients. Should we be giving them more manuals? What about creating a frequently asked questions section to answer questions?

2- It aids in the improvement of your most successful landing pages

In order to expand your firm, you should undertake an SEO advertising strategy. A conversion occurs when a website visitor contacts you directly via phone number shown on the site. You may tell that a particular page is your greatest converting page if the majority of your phone calls are coming from that page, like the product page. This is important for growing your business. You can learn how to increase sales on my website. Your company’s expansion may be focused on certain areas after you learn which pages generate the most phone calls and leads.

3- Call monitoring is a fantastic sign for potential customers who will convert

Obviously, generating more leads and sales on the website itself are two of the primary goals of search engine optimization (SEO). You can gauge the conversion rate of your traffic with the use of call tracking. It follows customers when they make a purchase and returns them to your site so you can analyze their behavior and determine where your site is succeeding and where it may use some improvement. Call monitoring allows you to listen in on client inquiries, allowing you to better understand their needs and provide solutions on a more tailored level.

4- Combining call tracking and SEO assists with the landing page optimization

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Landing page health is vital for your business.

About half of all marketers create a custom landing page for each promotion they run. The problem is that not every landing page will produce the desired results. But with call monitoring, that’s not the case at all! If you know what your consumers were looking for, you could tailor your marketing efforts and create high-conversion landing pages. When you use call tracking, you will also know which of your landing pages are most successful at bringing in new customers. Test out the different keyword variants on your other local SEO sites to find what works best.

In conclusion

You can reach an increased business lead generation and traffic by combining call tracking and SEO. Knowing your customers’ wants and habits will help you create more successful marketing strategies. We hope our guide has helped you learn how to reach your website’s full potential.

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