The benefits of loyalty programs

Both attracting new customers and retaining previous ones are equally important for the growth of any business. In fact, having loyal and returning customers speaks volumes about your brand. It shows the customers’ satisfaction not only with your products and services but also with interaction with your brand. For that reason, creating a loyal base can be an excellent part of the marketing campaign and create a steady stream of revenue for your business. What’s more, it can help you convert more leads into sales! And the best way to motivate your customers to return is to offer customer loyalty and reward programs. In this article, we’ll explore all the benefits of loyalty programs and how they can help your business prosper.

What are customer loyalty programs?

  • Loyalty programs are incentives that companies offer to their customers to motivate them to return to their store or website.

They benefit both customers and businesses. Customers are pleased about the rewards and appreciation they get, and companies benefit in many other ways.

These programs can be different, depending on your business’ needs and preferences. For example, some companies use a point or tier system to award customers for their engagement. Additionally, many programs offer special deals, promotions, or discounts to loyal members. Whichever model you choose to implement, here are some valuable benefits you can expect.

9 benefits of customer loyalty programs

Example of a loyalty program landing page design.
Loyalty/reward programs have become a pillar when it comes to developing long-term customer relationships.

#1: Loyalty programs increase customer engagement

First things first, customer engagement is a crucial aspect of every business. Loyalty programs are an excellent way to engage customers further. They’ll be more open to receiving emails and promotional materials. What’s more, loyalty programs and rewards will strengthen your bond with customers and improve your brand’s sustainability in the long run.

#2: Improving customers’ experience

A satisfied customer is a customer that will return. So, businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to make customers happy. For example, the ConvertMore callback widget will improve customers’ enjoyment in using your website. Likewise, loyalty programs will enhance customers’ experience with your brand in general. They create a sense of anticipation and excitement about the reward and reaching the next tier. In that way, loyalty programs enable you to create a wholesome experience for your customers.

#3: Brand affinity and loyalty

Additionally, constant customer engagement and experience significantly impact brand affinity. The more pleased your customers are, the more likely they’re to turn to your brand again. What’s more, they’re likely to recommend your brand to others and help you build a positive reputation. Also, it enables you to stay on top of the market and beat the competition.

#4: Loyalty programs increase customer retention

Similarly, loyalty programs will help you retain more customers. Customers who enjoy their relationship with your brand are more likely to become loyal and keep returning. That way, they’ll help you build your customer base, increase revenue, and promote your brand.

Additionally, a good loyalty program will help you with reluctant customers, too. It can be just what the customer needs to make up their mind and opt for purchase. A program that appeals to a customer can be an incentive for choosing your brand over another one. Plus, you can use it on your website, too. For example, you can use an exit-intent popup to offer a reluctant user promotion or special offer. It will create a sense of unique opportunity and urgency – they’re more likely to reconsider your brand and become a customer.

#5: Boosting company’s sales and revenues

We’ve already touched on this point – loyal customers will keep returning to your brand. For that reason, they’re going to spend more money on your products and services. That way, retained customers are going to boost your profit as well as sales rates and revenue. Of course, there are tools that can help you increase website sales through a variety of channels.

#6: Customer lifetime value increases

Every business pays attention to CLV (customer lifetime value) and the net profit they gain from a certain customer. Quality loyalty programs increase this value and strengthen a customer-brand relationship. They have a direct impact on the longevity of this relationship and therefore represent a valuable asset to your business.

#7: Loyal customers will promote and advocate your brand

An unhappy customer is a vocal customer. However, the same goes for a happy customer! Loyalty programs enable you to avoid the first and encourage the latter! The more customers are satisfied and excited about your brand, the more likely they’re to recommend it to their friends and promote it on social media. For that reason, loyal customers will become your brand’s advocates and promoters.

#8: Getting valuable data is another of the benefits of loyalty programs

Another way to make the most of your customer loyalty programs is to use them to collect valuable data. Loyal customers can provide you with first-rate data. What’s more, you can source it ethically – loyalty members are eager to take part in an effective customer survey and share the information you need. As you already know, the right data is an invaluable resource. It can help you get a better understanding of your business, improve certain aspects of it, and inform future goals and strategies.

#9: Reduce costs and boost revenue during the slow season

Retaining the customer you have is way less expensive than attracting new customers. After all, they’re already familiar with your brand and enjoy your products. Loyalty programs will be incentive enough for them to retain affinity towards your brand and come back for new purchases. On the other hand, to attract new leads and turn them into customers, you need marketing campaigns and sales strategies. They’re both likely to be expensive and demand a lot of effort. A loyal customer helps you reduce these costs. Not to mention they’re likely to spread awareness about your brand!

Additionally, depending on the nature of your business, you may experience some slow seasons during the year. Loyalty programs can help you overcome them by motivating the existing customers to make purchases out of season. For example, you can offer more incentives or expiration date offers when the slow time of the year comes around.

The bottom line

Vector image of Loyalty Program card.
With so many benefits of loyalty programs, businesses can’t afford not to incorporate it into their overall marketing strategy.

As you may see, the benefits of loyalty programs are quite comprehensive. They help you retain customers and also attract new leads. Plus, you’ll be able to reduce costs and improve sales and revenue. Not to mention that strengthening the customer-brand relationship and enhancing customers’ experience and enjoyment is always an excellent idea.

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