The benefits of scheduling software

Every business has its fair share of internal and external processes that it needs to handle on a daily basis. From the minor tasks of work schedules and collaborative work to scheduling meetings and arranging supply runs or coordinating large projects. It all comes down to the ability to organize your time properly and in a transparent way. One of the many benefits of scheduling software is that it can do just that. And in this article, we are going to explore this one as well as other benefits of using scheduling software. Not do we at ConvertMore use this software, but we also endorse it and have helped other companies implement it. Start reading and learn how to make your business operate even better than it is right now.

Five benefits of scheduling software

Simply put, it’s better. In past times, just a few people in the office have been responsible for setting and keeping schedules. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about booking holidays, knowing when employee meetings are, allocating rooms, or keeping track of where each piece of precious equipment is. When things are functioning this way, the scheduling process is manual. And that’s unacceptable by today’s standards.

Paper planner on a table.
Making a schedule with a pen and paper is something people did in the last century.

Times have changed. So, there’s no need to keep data in places with limited accessibility like whiteboards, Excel spreadsheets, or sticky notes. It takes more effort to maintain the information and keep it accurate when it’s in physical form. On top of that, it can be difficult to share it across the company.

The solution for all of these problems is a piece of good software. Running these kinds of operations never was as easy as today. Just think about it. You can get pretty much any information you need from any device attached to the internet. So, why wouldn’t you use that to your advantage? Of course, the ability to see your schedule at 2 AM from your bed is only the start of the benefits we’ll talk about today. Here’s what else you can expect from using scheduling software.

#1: It’s easy to keep everyone on the same page

When you start using marketing automation, your marketing department becomes less stressed, and it allows them to be better at what they do. Switching to a centralized software scheduling system does the same for the whole team. They can leave their old messy manual methods of keeping track of resources behind them, and they can focus on their jobs.

At any given time, all members of the team can log into one system and check what’s going on. The system can even notify employees of changes automatically if that’s what you want. So, no more excuses for missing meetings.

#2: You can integrate the tools you already use and love

It’s not unusual for different people to enjoy working with different tools. For instance, some of your team members might love using Outlook, while others are all about Gmail. When it comes to office programs, is everyone using Microsoft, or do you have someone who loves to experiment with Quip or Asana?

A person looking at Google Calendar.
One of the biggest benefits of scheduling software is that it lets you integrate your favorite tools into it.

Experienced team leaders know that to get the most out of your team, sometimes, you need to let them do things their own way. And when you invest in decent scheduling software, it lets you do just that. There’s always a set of integration points for individuals and their chosen calendar tool.

Your new software will work in sync with Google Calendar, MS Outlook, or any other popular program. Employees will be pleased because they can see the updated schedules however they like, and you’ll be happy because you can do everything from one place. That’s one of the benefits of scheduling software that you can’t overlook.

 #3: All you need for access is an internet connection

Some offices still prefer to work with notepads and whiteboards. And they might think that the system works for them. However, one thing they always miss is access. It’s limited outside, and even across, the office.

When you have field sales reps, home workers, or just offices spread between different buildings, checking the current schedules means that you need to be in the office they’re located in. Keeping a version of a schedule in your own records, however, is bad for accuracy. And although using VoIP for your business takes the edge of this problem, it makes things unnecessarily complicated.

The scheduling software will allow your team members to access the important data no matter when or where they need it. All of it will always be in sync, so you don’t have to worry about accuracy for a moment.

#4: It’s of immense help with reports

A person looking at reports and thinking about the benefits of scheduling software.
With scheduling software, reports are easy to make and they’re always accurate.

In modern times, everyone is busy. This is especially true for those in charge of running a business. Top-level executives, management, and team leaders should be able to get relevant information about what’s going on in their sector at all times.

Doing this manually isn’t easy. You need to crunch numbers, deal with spreadsheets, and create bar charts. And when you do it, the results you get are relevant at the moment they’re created. The next day, this information might be useless. However, with software, you can get accurate reports whenever you want them. You can go as far as automating this. So you get a spreadsheet in your email inbox. Here are some of the benefits of using built-in report tools:

  • Up to date, or even real-time data
  • Accurate reports automatically generated within a few minutes
  • Deep levels of customization
  • Results can be edited and configured for different use scenarios

#5: You’ll boost productivity and profits

Doing things manually puts pressure on your team and leads to high utilization of people. It’s a much better idea to let the software do all the laborious work and let your team focus on more important things like driving traffic to your website. You’ll save lots of time, and time still equals money.

As a bottom line, you should do everything you can to free up your team to do the paying work. One of the biggest benefits of scheduling software is that it lets you do that. No one will have to deal with boring admin tasks, and your business will make more profit because of this.

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