Best customer success tools for your business

Customer success software is an automated solution that allows you to preserve, manage, and make the most of your customer data. Client success software, as the name suggests, seeks to extend your startup’s customer base by examining previous reports and tactics. It also detects any gaps you might have in your approach in order to strengthen customer relations. Such solutions give a holistic approach to your clients, assisting your firm to achieve its objectives while gratifying its customers. Customer success tools stand out in an increasing marketplace because they may deliver outputs based on growth phases and related improvement initiatives. With that said, we are going to talk about some of the best customer success tools for your business.

1. Custify

Customer success tactics are about more than simply retention; they are also about identifying chances to upsell to your customers. Custify may help with that. Custify provides a variety of functions. It will allow you to have a complete, 360-degree, perspective of your customer’s behavior and health data, as well as the products they use and are interested in. You may also build up automation processes for typical activities, allowing your customer service personnel to concentrate on enhancing the customer experience altogether.

A person enters credit card information into a laptop.
If you use the best customer success tools you will boost the sales you can make.

Custify’s growth feature, however, distinguishes it from other customer success tools. This is because Custify lets you know when any of your customers are nearing the end of their trial period. This will allow you to contact them. It also identifies customers who are likely to upsell, allowing you to focus your efforts and boost customer lifetime value while boosting website sales. All of this makes it one of the best customer success tools out there.

2. Wootric

Good quality customer feedback is one of the most critical things that a customer success tool can assist with. In fact, if you want to know how to boost conversion rate of your customers, look no further than quality customer feedback. With that said, Wootric provides a variety of customer sentiment surveys, such as NPS, CSAT, and customer effort ratings. A customer success manager may use micro-surveys to get qualitative consumer input and have a direct impact on the product roadmap. This allows you to concentrate on developing what your consumers truly need, improving product utilization, and lowering customer turnover. Finally, Wootric assists your customer service staff in closing the loop. You may contact consumers and keep them updated on their comments using the customer success software of your choosing.

3. SmartKarrot

SmartKarrot is a rapidly expanding customer success platform driven by an account intelligence engine that increases client retention and promotes revenue growth. The SmartKarrot solution is strong, reliable, and packed with features. Some of the features include account intelligence, a customer health score, product adoption metrics, touchpoints, onboarding, feedback, and much more. It allows CSM teams to easily automate and grow product uptake and effective operations. It provides executives with real-time, accurate data to help them make educated choices on adoption strategy and revenue management. Their dashboard is simple, adaptable, and has a very small learning curve. that being said, in combination with a customizable callback widget, this tool can become appropriate for businesses of any size.

Business analytics show on a laptop screen.
The best customer success tools will show you all of the information you need to grow your business.

4. eWebinar

It is critical that your client engagement techniques are personalized rather than automated. No one wants to feel like they are talking to a machine. That is exactly what eWebinar provides. Their automated webinars provide the same welcome environment to your consumers without the burden of conducting live events and praying for no technical glitches mid-presentation. eWebinar provides the best of both worlds by providing critical information directly on the dashboard while also allowing you to go deeper into its statistics as necessary. This provides you with an all-encompassing and detailed perspective of consumer sentiment. More accurately, how customers are responding to your webinars. Among other valuable analytics, you may view how many sessions have been streamed, the registrant attendance rate, the average watch time, and what proportion of individuals watch till the conclusion.

5. Sherlock

Sherlock seeks to make analytics less painful. It does this by sifting through the plethora of consumer data you have and extracting crucial insights. This may save your customer service staff a lot of time and work. Additionally, it will make it easy to begin making adjustments immediately. Sherlock also claims to be the only company with a product engagement score system. This approach integrates numerous engagement measures, such as joining up and accessing a certain page. It then aggregates these customer health ratings to provide an overall product engagement level to each client.

A customer service team strategizing on how to achieve customer satisfaction.
Customer satisfaction can be measured using customer success tools.

This is a fantastic statistic for any customer success team. The main reason why Sherlock is good is the fact that it’s a great predictor of customer satisfaction But it can also predict the likelihood of future customer retention. Sherlock has also recently introduced a new AI capability. The AI will analyze your data and provide you with conversational insights. It’s the equivalent of having a data scientist continually reviewing your data and reporting back to you in order to increase client happiness.


If you do not have a trained customer success team that makes use of the most advanced customer service tools, regardless of how good your product, advertisements, and marketing may be, you will lose customers. A tool designed to improve customer retention and satisfaction can help you win back lost customers while also maintaining strong relationships with those you already have. You cannot make a hasty decision regarding the selection of such an important tool. Rather, you need to consider the scope, nature, and purpose of your organization.

We made this list of the best customer success tools for your business specifically to assist you in selecting the top software that will provide you with the most benefits and will fulfill all of the requirements that you may have.

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