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Your business can’t thrive without effective marketing and sales campaigns. Even with the best product on the market and a competitive price, you’ll wait in vain for customers to appear. That is if your marketing campaign isn’t practical. So, how do you know if that’s the case? Say you’ve just launched your new campaign, and it seems to be going great. You’re getting a lot of clicks and maybe generating many leads. But, this doesn’t reflect in your profit later on. Where’s the disconnect? Call conversion tracking will provide the answer to that question. In combination with other software, Google ads will show you how many clicks result in conversions. By using it, you’ll be able to analyze your lead generation efforts and explore the process further down the marketing and sales funnels. Follow our guide for call conversion tracking to find out more!

First, set your marketing campaign goals right

Being all over the place will lead you nowhere. So, the first step is to define your goals clearly. All businesses have plenty of goals they want to achieve through their campaigns. For example, you may want to increase sales on your website, get visitors to ask for a demo, or have them sign up for your newsletter. Your goals have to be transparent and trackable. The next step is to create a compelling marketing campaign with these goals in mind. Your campaign should have a clear CTA (call to action) – when your website visitors complete this action, you achieve your goals.

Optimize your website

Then, your website design should be simple and appealing. You don’t want to deter visitors by complicated navigation, low loading speed, or irrelevant content. On the contrary, they should be able to go from page to page intuitively with minimum disruption or difficulty. You should always have interesting and valuable content to benefit your potential customers. Your blogs, tutorials, product pages, etc., should be engaging and valuable. They should help your site visitors learn what they want and find what they need quickly. Of course, keep your website SEO on point – Google ranking means a lot when generating leads.

Big white SEO letters
Use SEO to boost your website’s Google ranking

What is the conversion tracking feature?

A call conversion tracking feature is there to help you analyze your conversion rate and measure your campaigns’ success. Simply put, this feature will show you what actions your website visitors take. It may seem not very easy to use at first, but with some know-how, you can set up the basic. Later, you can add extra features and expand the data you want to track.

What are the advantages of tracking your call conversions?

Tracking your call conversions in this way has many benefits. Combined with the right callback software, it enables you to optimize your online campaigns and track and analyze a lot of data. That way, you’ll be able to:

  • determine your call peak hours
  • track ROI (return on investment)
  • boost your call forwarding
  • analyze and compare different marketing channels
  • better target your ideal audience
  • refine your website’s SEO
  • gain a lot of valuable info
  • measure the effectiveness of your online campaigns, etc.

Why should you track conversions?

The main reason is that you’ll learn what works well and needs improvement. This feature will show you which campaigns work best and drive the most conversions. Then you can adjust the SEO, budget, goals, etc., to optimize the current campaigns and plan future ones. That way, you’ll avoid spending money on campaigns that don’t bring results and maximize the profit.

a marketing team discussing and setting up their conversion tracking
Your marketing and sales teams will reap the benefits of the call conversion tracking

What types of conversions should you track?

There are different types of conversions that you should track, and some of those include:

  • website actions – purchases, clicks, form-fills, etc.
  • phone calls – calls made through a dynamic number on your website
  • app installations – if you’re advertising an app, it can count app downloads, etc.

Simple steps for tracking conversions with ConvertMore

One way of relying on the widget to track conversions is to set customized Thank You pages that will later be used for tracking. This option is available for both Instant Call and Schedule Call events. There are other customized tracking methods you can explore because six different JS events for both tracking codes enable you to do so. Also, you can expect the widget to send you automatic events via Google Analytics, for example.

Analyze the call conversion tracking data regularly

Once you’ve installed everything correctly, check it regularly. Keep track of how the data changes and when. In combination with the best conversion rate optimization software, you’ll be able to see how effective your campaigns are and adjust your goals and strategies accordingly.

papers with conversion data analytics
Tracking will help you measure your campaigns’ performance

Boost your conversion rate by tracking your call conversions

As you may see, call conversion tracking is a valuable feature that will provide numerous advantages to your business. The benefits are endless, from assessing your conversion rate to helping you tailor your marketing campaigns. Follow our guide and boost your conversion rate and revenue.


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