Common enemies of conversion rate success

Surviving the harsh business environment is challenging for the majority of websites. Especially today with the never-ending increase in competition throughout various industries. Those who aim to stand above others need to do anything in their power to attract a considerable number of potential customers. But, to be able to do so, they need to avoid pitfalls that can easily decrease the overall conversion rates. It’s necessary to use the right tools and heavily invest in the optimization of business procedures because there are a lot of enemies of conversion rate success. Some of the problems can be easily solved with ConvertMore callback software though.

Solutions like this allow you to increase the efficiency of website traffic and the impact it has on conversions. Among other things, you can schedule phone calls, analyze operational procedures, and collect information about potential clients. But, there are other aspects that require additional attention in order to ensure better returns for your business.

What can endanger your conversion rate success chances?

Creating a successful conversion rate optimization plan is not a small task. Even with a careful approach, there is still enough room to make some pretty harmful mistakes. By analyzing the different strategies and working on conversion optimization, however, it’s possible to completely avoid them. But, it will require additional attention to every stage of the customer journey, and the capability to react quickly and adapt.

Website traffic and conversion analytics on a tablet and a smartphone.
With the right information, a business can quickly adjust its methods.

To help you prepare for challenges and plan your optimization the right way, here are some of the most common enemies of conversion rate success you should be aware of:

  • Targeting the wrong audience
  • Low-quality website design
  • Non-effective CTAs
  • Lack of product or service information
  • Slow website performance
  • Hard to find customer support

Targeting the wrong audience

Getting a lot of traffic on your website is always a good thing. However, if visitors are not interested in your offer, you will not manage to convert visitors to leads, no matter what. This often happens when you don’t place enough effort to properly research the targeted audience. Basically, the goal is to mainly attract people who have the most chance to convert. And, for obvious reasons, those are visitors who actually need what you have to offer.

Selecting proper customers with a magnifying glass.
To improve conversions, you have to place your offer in front of the right audience.

To do this, it’s necessary to analyze your customer base first. When you know and understand them better, know their preferences and what drives them, it will be much easier to optimize your conversion rate strategies. By classifying and grouping the most prospective customers together, you will have enough information about who do you need to target and how. In addition, you can spy on your competitors to see what groups they are targeting, and what methods do they use.

Low-quality website design

You will never get good enough conversion rates if you leave a bad first impression. And in the digital world, your business website is the place where your potential customers get one. Like a front store of your business in the physical world, websites have the power to either repel or engage visitors, which is one of the main prerequisites for good conversion rates.

However, even though today everyone is aware that each business needs a website, not everyone is investing enough effort into it. That’s why we can see plenty of poorly designed websites that can’t exactly be proud of their look, functionality, and performance. In order to keep visitors on your pages, a website needs to be visually appealing, have clear and intuitive navigation, and, depending on the industry, offer some pretty unique features. Like the “booking” feature that we see on tourism websites, for example.

Non-effective CTAs

Besides the web design, it’s essential to pay close attention to CTA (Call-To-Action). Here, it’s easy to make a mistake by thinking that adding more CTAs is better. This can be a huge problem because it only adds to the clutter without sending a clear signal that will help focus visitors’ attention on what matters. Basically, you don’t want to confuse your visitors. Instead, using one engaging CTA and positioning it on multiple places on the page will do the trick. That one CTA should be good enough to guide and motivate visitors to take action. For example, offering a temporary promotion or a discount for those willing to subscribe.

Lack of product or service information

Another mistake that can endanger your conversion rate is not giving enough information about your products or services. When people land on your pages they are looking for as many details as possible about a particular product. A good example is eCommerce websites that sell a variety of products. A properly optimized website will have:

  • Clear and rich product descriptions
  • Straight forward prices without hidden fees
  • High-quality images of the products
  • Features that will help them compare two or more products
  • and so on

In essence, it’s all about keeping the information up to date and available.

Slow website performance

As of lately, the significance of your website performance drastically increased. With all the search engine updates from Google, for example, there is a focus on how fast your website runs. Another rather important factor is the lack of patience online users are demonstrating today. No one is willing to wait for a website to load for more than a few seconds. If a website doesn’t fit the desired speed threshold, visitors will not hesitate to leave and look for products or services elsewhere.

Remember, since every second counts, you should regularly audit and work on improving your website performance. For both desktop and mobile versions of your website. Tools like Google page speed tools give you some pretty decent suggestions about where your website is standing and how to improve page loading speed.

Hard to find customer support

When visitors search for products or services, they are also looking for and expecting proper customer support. Today, a website without live chat, click-to-call software, or clearly visible support contact information is considered out-of-date. And, in many cases, deemed as untrustworthy. Also, for large-scale businesses, it’s almost impossible to give proper support without data from conversion rate optimization software which serves as a central point for business operations and customer support. Visitors need a prompt response from your call center, and you need means to gather and manage so many contacts and provide them with the right answers.

A customer is selecting the “@” symbol when trying to contact customer support.
Allow your potential customers to get in touch in a variety of ways.

Many factors can have an impact on your conversion rate, and you can’t expect to control them all. But, knowing the most common enemies of conversion rate success can certainly help you to better manage your business strategies. Typically, you will know when to react, how to make proper adjustments, and learn what steps to take in the future. Ultimately, your marketing and sales teams will have less trouble bringing quality and loyal customers to your company.

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