Comprehensive guide to Fixed Mobile Convergence

Everybody can plainly see the advantages of mobile phones. After all, not only can you use them in order to contact and be contacted by people at any time, but nowadays they also function as information, business, and gaming devices. However, this isn’t to say that fixed phones have no merit at all. They are typically more reliable than mobile phones and will never run out of battery on you, leaving you unable to reach anyone. To make up for some of the fixed phones’ inconveniences, Fixed Mobile Convergence was created. In order to understand this better, we have created a comprehensive guide to Fixed Mobile Convergence for you.

What is Fixed Mobile Convergence?

Fixed Mobile Convergence refers to the attempt to fully merge the functionality of wireless and wired, or ‘fixed’ communication methods. In other words, it aims to eliminate the inconvenience of having to be physically on location when someone calls you on your wired phone. This is achieved by telecommunications companies that can provide their users with services that ensure interaction between the fixed phone network and the mobile network. This allows people to answer phone calls through their mobile phones seamlessly. Of course, this is not exactly a common service.

Most people don’t even know it is available, since while the benefits are considerable, the use of mobile phones remains quite prevalent nowadays. Still, the ability to freely receive calls through either of your devices is a boon that should not be easily ignored. Especially for the purposes of running a business.

Business benefits of Fixed Mobile Convergence

A wired phone
Even with the Fixed Mobile Convergence, wired phones are becoming less popular.

Fixed Mobile Convergence has, from the very start, appealed to businesses more than individual users. This is because it can be difficult to juggle the use of various disconnected devices. However, with the modernization of the services, and the growing use of virtual phone systems which allow an even easier integration, business use of Fixed Mobile Convergence is even more popular. Here are some of the benefits businesses can derive from the practice.

Cost reductions

The first and definitely significant benefit of Fixed Mobile Convergence is the fact that it significantly reduces costs. Namely, a convergence solution can aid the integration of your employees’ mobile phones with your business phone system. This allows you to save a lot on getting separate business devices for employees. Even further than that, you effectively avoid having to get separate subscription plans to cover those devices you would have had to purchase.

The Fixed Mobile Convergence effectively eliminates the differences between designated office phones and your employees’ phones. In turn, you do not need to worry about being able to reach your employees. Losing contact in an emergency can be easily avoided, thus allowing you to avoid certain losses which would potentially cost your business a lot of money. This, in turn, allows you to properly channel funds towards projects such as how to increase sales on my website.

Better customer service

A customer texting
The added reach of Convergence is amazing for getting in contact with customers.

Of course, one of the best parts about Fixed Mobile Convergence is the fact that it massively simplifies customer service. On both the customer’s and your end! Take, for example, the use of callback software. If a customer calls you from their home about some sort of problem, they are likely to use their wired phone. This means that when you are trying to call them during business hours, you are very likely to fail at your attempt to get in touch. Simply because your customer cannot access the phone during that time.

With Fixed Mobile Convergence in place, your call would be routed to their phone. Even if they are at work, they will at least know that you had attempted to contact them. Rather than think that you had chosen to ignore their calls and completely disregarded your customer service duties.

Marketing benefits

Another benefit of Fixed Mobile Convergence is simplifying phone marketing. Phone marketing has, since its inception, remained one of the most effective yet hardest methods of marketing. First, you need to actually get a customer’s phone number. Then, you need to successfully get in touch with them. Only then can you try and appeal to them in an attempt to make a sale. This naturally means that you will often fail to establish contact simply because they are not next to their wired phone at the time of your call.

All of your attempts to find perfect leads and increase conversions would be rendered useless if you can’t get past this roadblock! After all, you can’t confirm a customer is interested and make a sale if you can’t even reach them. This means that, without Fixed Mobile Convergence used by your customers, a chunk of your investments is made useless.

Fixed Mobile Convergence vs Fixed Mobile Substitution

Awkwardly using a phone.
Older generations are typically the ones who still use a wired phone due to not being used to mobile phones.

Of course, ever since mobile phones have grown more popular, this dichotomy between wired phones and mobile phones has existed. As such, there are two different approaches to solving the problem. The first, Fixed Mobile Convergence, we have already covered. Directly opposing this is Fixed Mobile Substitution.

While Fixed Mobile Convergence looks to unify the two methods of communication, Fixed Mobile Substitution simply aims to entirely eliminate wired phones. People who prefer this method often cite all the inconveniences which wired phones have. The need to be present when someone calls is just one of them. They also point to the occasional down times of the network and the need to know how to check a phone line when something goes wrong with your phone. Both sides of the argument do have their own merit, and Fixed Mobile Substitution has, admittedly, generally had much more success among younger generations.

Final comment

Having gone through our comprehensive guide to Fixed Mobile Convergence, you should now better understand its purpose and usefulness! In simplest terms, it aims to eliminate the inconvenience of wired phones. And thereby enabling better integration between wired and wireless communication methods. This, in turn, makes it much easier for businesses to use them.

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