Tips for creating a personalized marketing approach

With the development of modern marketing tools, it is becoming more and more important to personalize your marketing efforts. Long gone are the days when you could put out generic marketing content and hope for the best. Today, it is paramount that you take your time in creating a personalized marketing approach and ensuring that all your marketing is in accordance with it. And to help you make this possible, ConvertMore offers a more in-depth look at things.

Understanding personalized marketing

Before we delve into the more technical aspects of personalized marketing, it is important to have a firm understanding of what it is. Simply put, personalized marketing implies that you will create and put forward marketing content in accordance with your customers. The more you cater to a specific customer, the more personalized your marketing is. Traditional marketing is all about developing the brand and coming up with new ideas for brand promotion.

Internent marketing with various aspects of it.
Modern internet marketing entails creating a personalized marketing approach.

While brand awareness is still important in personalized marketing, the main focus lies on the customer. The idea is that the more you can cater to your customers, the more effective your marketing will be. In the past couple of years, the idea of personalized marketing has become so widespread that it is slowly becoming the norm.

Creating a personalized marketing approach

Having the right approach to personalized marketing requires a fair bit of knowledge and experience. Therefore, if you don’t find your stride in incorporating it, don’t worry. You can, and should, consult with a professional and do further research. In most cases, making your marketing efforts truly personalized takes a bit of trial and error. But, in the long run, it is always worth the investment.

Using customer data

A person going over cusomter data, showing an important aspect of creating a personalized marketing approach
Having the right customer data is the crux of decent personalization.

The only reason why personalization is even a viable marketing approach is that we have easy access to customer data. Now, more than ever it is easy to gather valuable information about your customers are utilize it for more effective marketing. Things like:

  • Website journey.
  • Email interactions.
  • Social media engagement.
  • Declared data.

All of these can give you an idea of what your customer base is like. Therefore, if you plan on personalizing your marketing approach, you first need to gather the right data.

Utilize segmentation according

With the right data at hand, you can start segmenting your customers into specific groups. Ideally, each customer would be a marketing group in their own accord. This would, essentially, be true personalization. But, in practice, this is rarely possible. Instead, you will segment your customer base into different groups according to demographic factors. Things like age, gender, relationship status, employment, level of education… All of these can have an impact on how you approach your marketing. For each group, you will have to create personalized content, and time it properly so that it is as effective as possible.

Creating personalized content

When creating personalized content you need to consider the entire funnel your customers go through before conversion. Everything from logo placement to the ConvertMore callback widget needs to be placed with customer experience in mind. This is why it is useful to track the user journey of your customers once they visit your website. There is likely a notable difference between each of the segmented groups. And that difference is precisely what you need to focus on when creating content.

Plan your content library

The timing of your promotions is just as important as the content. Therefore, if you want your marketing to be effective, you need to develop a long-term plan. By doing so, you can start creating a necessary content library to support it. And you can outline marketing goals with necessary metrics for analytics. Good marketing plans usually have a couple of contingencies. This is made possible by having marketing content that you can easily report for different plans.

Humanize customer relations

An elderly couple feeling satisfied while looking at marketing content.
If your customers aren’t happy when you contact them, you are doing something wrong.

No amount of personalization in marketing will be useful if your customers don’t feel like you care for them. After all, one of the main driving forces behind personalized marketing is that it convinced customers that you were interested in their lives. If you simply present yourself as a soulless company, all that personalization is going to go to waste. Therefore, when creating a long-term marketing plan, you need to ensure that it has a personal touch.

Find ways to develop communication with your customers, and convince them that their input matters. Through their input, you will not only learn how to convert more customers but also how to improve your company. After all, understanding your customers is the basis of good marketing and good customers service.


Finally, it is worth noting that a large part of personalization is automated. Both gatherings of customer data and segmentation should be an automated process that you merely overlook. Your job is to set the right parameters. By doing so, you will ensure that your software is doing what it’s supposed to and that your preionization is developing at a steady rate. A good idea is to follow website metrics, and see whether your personalization efforts are bringing results. If you monitor the metrics you can further learn how to lower website bounce rate, and how to increase the conversion rate.

Final thoughts

If you plan on tackling modern marketing, creating a personalized marketing approach is a must. But, as we mentioned before, doing so is easier said than done. If you are having trouble, don’t shy away from consulting with a professional. Even a couple of sessions with an experienced marketing manager can be all you need to put your marketing on the right track. And the sooner you do so, the sooner you can reap the benefits of a personalized marketing approach.

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