Essential communication channels for businesses

Until not long ago, phone lines were the major communication channel. For a business as well as for non-business-related activities. Later on, it was supplemented with faxes, but that was about it. It was not until technological progress in telecommunication and software development, that we got today’s modern means of communication. Now, we have everything from simple messaging to live chats and video conferences, to complement the way teams in business are communicating with each other. More often than not, companies are combining different technologies, using several channels, and assigning a variety of options to keep their internal and external communication top-notch. This leads us to a plethora of solutions, many are using, to stay in connection with potential and existing customers. Essential communication channels for businesses today include everything that eases up the connection between all parties inside one company and their valuable prospects on the market.

Communication channels for businesses to use today

In general, a proper communication channel can increase the productivity, engagement, and efficiency of your business operations. Considering how managing the teams get more complex by the day, it’s essential to keep up with the innovation. To avoid stagnation in the communication field, it’s necessary to keep an eye on the solutions that emerge almost daily.

Without them, you won’t be able to send the right message to the right audience either. Without proper communication channels, your valuable prospects won’t receive the message you intend to send them. Even worse, they will not be able to send the returning information or communicate with you easily. This is why options like the ConvertMore callback widget and similar solutions should be an integral part of your operation. No matter the message, you will have the right tool to communicate with your audience and offer them support.

There is a variety of communication channels in the market, overall. Some are more convenient than others, while others have a more specific purpose. To help you find the right one, here are some of the most effective communication channels for businesses in use:

  • Phone calls
  • Text messaging
  • Direct Face-to-Face communication
  • Project-management apps
  • Video conferencing software
  • Websites as essential communication channels
  • Email
  • Social Media

Phone calls

A live phone call is still among the top communication channels, and it will keep its position in the future. The way it’s initialized may vary, but it’s perfectly serving its purpose by now. Basically, it’s a universal solution for both internal teamwork and communication with customers. It may not be perfect, but is the fastest way to exchange information and instructions.

If you rely on the more direct approach to communicate with your customers, like businesses with call centers, more than enough systems are made for this purpose. Including everything from robust CRM (customer relationship management) solutions to more specific click-to-call options. The best part, today’s phone calls provide additional data to analyze the success of communication through various trackings and reports.

Text messaging

Text messaging started as an easy and effective solution to send direct messages. Everyone is using them, both personally and professionally. It was the initial intranet messaging that gives the indications this can be a viable communication option, which later evolved into something more widespread with the appearance of SMS. Today, it goes a bit further with all the communication apps and mobile channels available for the message exchange.

People send SMS messages to each other.
SMS messaging was one of the worldwide phenomena that overtaken communication overnight.

Now we have instant messengers like Viber and WhatsUp for mobile devices. Which allows you to send information in real-time. There is also an exit-intent popup software for websites. You can use it to collect valuable information about visitors, place an offer, or give them a means to directly communicate with your company by sending you a message. Finally, there are cooperation-focused digital solutions such as Slack that you can use to improve communication and exchange information between team members or teams.

Direct Face-to-Face communication

Direct, live, face-to-face communication is still an essential way of communication. Not only because verbal communication adds a human touch to a conversation, but because it’s a fast and fully effective way of interaction. For example, team meetings within a company can significantly help with planning and organization.

Besides words, the facial expressions and body language of participants can place emphasis on the message the speaker tries to send. This is also important when talking with potential customers because direct contact adds much-needed personalization to the conversation. Giving the sales or support people more chance to improve conversion rates by being able to adjust to the listeners’ reaction at the spot.

Project-management apps

We have already mentioned Slack as an advanced way to send information in textual form. However, this class of apps is evolving into something more advance. They are becoming the complete project management apps as they increase the number of features and add additional functionalities.

As a company, you can easily share a variety of content in different formats with your employees, teams, or individuals. Sending and exchanging the data and other information is faster, more convenient, and allows completely remote collaboration opportunities. On top of it, they offer effortless integration with other tools and systems.

Video conferencing software

An online team meeting with one of the video conferencing tools.
You can schedule a team meeting for members who can not physically attend.

Companies who prefer visual communication find video conferencing software appealing. With Zoom, TeamViewer, and Microsoft Team as the leading solutions, remote video communication is now easier than ever.

Every business, whether it’s small or large, can use it to establish direct communication when supporting its customers. Or, create conferences for their team members no matter where in the world they are. And, just like project management apps, they too have additional features and functionality to make information exchange easier. With close, if not the same, capabilities.

Websites as essential communication channels

Websites are among the most essential communication channels for businesses. You can use them to send the message to your visitors, motivate them to engage and take action, and convert them into customers. However, on its own, a website only doesn’t provide an efficient two-way interaction. While it is among the top option for marketing efforts, it needs other solutions to improve its interactivity. Basically, you will need some of the best conversion rate optimization software solutions to make a website fully functional and efficient communication channel.

Fortunately, the market is not lacking the needed option, providing everyone with a plethora of available possibilities to enhance their websites. A good example would be live chats and similar chatbox options. Where you can dedicate entire teams to provide support for customers directly through a website.

Social Media

Finally, the entire story would not be complete without saying a few words about social media. This widespread phenomenon offers a wide range of communication opportunities for those who focus on business. No matter the industry you operate in, chances are, the majority of your targeted audience can be found on, at least, one of the major social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. They have the large potential given the possibility to advertise your brand to broad masses and provide support directly on your social media profile.

Social media icons used for mobile devices.
Connect with people over a variety of social media networks.

Bear in mind, business communication strategies are constantly evolving. Communication channels circulate until they become obsolete and are replaced by more advanced solutions. To help you build efficient two-way communication with customers, and between company members, it’s important to understand and follow innovations in communication channels for businesses. Only then, you will be able to send the right message, to the right recipients, and expect valid and constructive feedback and results.

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