Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about how this widget works? ConvertMore answers all the essential questions you have and offers a free demo as a bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How does your app work?

Our proprietary software makes two phone calls at once. One call goes to the customer, and one call goes to your company or sales team. Once both parties answer the phone, the call is automatically merged, making it seem as though your sales representative was calling the customer directly to begin with.

2. How do you charge for the app?

We do not charge a monthly fee or an onboarding fee. We only charge you when we generate a phone call for you. The cost is $2 flat per phone call. We also offer enterprise plans to high-volume customers.

3. How long does it take to set this app up?

You can get everything done within 15-30 minutes! Our 3-step process will generate the code needed to be installed right on your dashboard! The three steps are 1. Settings 2. Design 3. Code Population. Once you modify your settings (things like hours, and numbers you want to receive calls on), you are then prompted to design your widget. After you design the widget, we will generate the code for you right there on the spot! Just implement the code on your website, and you are good to go!

4. Why should I choose your app over a chat box or something similar?

Phone calls are known as the 'hottest' leads in the sales industry. A chat box or text messages do not commit your customer to fully hearing what you have to say. Once you get someone on the phone, you are much more likely to give them a detailed quote and convert this lead into a paying customer.

5. How customizable is your widget?

We give you the ability to write your own copy, display your own company logo, write your own disclaimer, write your own CTA button, and to choose when and how you want to accept the phone calls.

6. Do you offer any kind of affiliate payouts if I refer my friends or business associates?

Yes! We offer LIFETIME affiliate commissions. Please email us at to hear more about our affiliate packages.

7. What happens if my sales representative doesn't answer the phone?

If no one answers the phone, we will send an automated text to a number of your choosing with the customer's information, so someone can give the customer a call back.

8. What about the hours that my office is closed?

No problem! You set your business hours in your settings. For the hours when you are closed, we will show a "Schedule A Phone Call" widget. With this feature, your customers will be able to set an exact time for you to call them back the next day.

9. What kind of results do your customers typically see?

The results vary by industry. We've seen conversion rates rise at an average of 8%. An 8% in your net margin means the world of difference to business owners. That's an extra 8% going directly in your pocket!

10. Why should I use your company?

The 3 founders of ConvertMore are successful serial-entrepreneurs. We tested our software for a full year on our own companies before launching it. We love it, it makes us money, and we know it works. We are now bringing it to small and to midsize business owners like yourself to help you scale your business.

11. How can I track conversions from your widgets?

Conversions can be tracked by using customized 'Thank You' pages that can be set on widget creation (both for 'Instant Call' and 'Schedule a Call' options), or via Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel JavaScript events that are automatically sent by the widget. There are 6 different JS events for both tracking codes that enable you to create a custom conversion tracking method for all 3 types of widgets (Exit, Timed, and Sidebar) and both actions ('Instant Call' and 'Schedule a Call'). Look for events with the category ConvertMore and create custom conversions based on it.



This widget makes all the difference when it comes to giving your sales that extra push it needs to close deals on the spot. After one month of using it, our lead count went up 20% - and we are generating more leads through calls than ever before.

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