Guide to saying NO to customers over the phone

The goal of any business that sells its services and products is to steadily increase the number of customers they’re servicing. It’s important for the service providers to not only provide the targeted products and services but also provide support for their customers’ wishes, requests, and complaints. Therefore, no matter what the products are or what kind of services are being offered, excellent and reliable customer support is crucial for running a successful business. While some companies prompt to have reliable callback software, depending on the kind of business we’re talking about, it can be important for customers to have feedback at that very moment. Therefore, successful companies employ customer support agents who are knowledgeable about the business and can answer any questions. However, saying NO to customers over the phone sometimes happens and needs to be done carefully.

Things you can do before saying NO to customers

The care and attention the business puts into its products and services show over time. If a company genuinely does its best to provide top-quality service, the clients will recognize and acknowledge that. Therefore, if you work hard to satisfy your clients, they will probably come back and use your services again. It’s your work that sets you apart from your competitors. However, it can be challenging to satisfy every client simultaneously. Sometimes you don’t have the kind of product in stock, or you’re not offering a certain kind of service at that time. In such cases saying NO to your customers is something you can spin so that they feel you’re working on their case. Some of the things you should do include:

  • listen to your costumers carefully
  • check thoroughly whether you can help them immediately
  • be patient and hear everything your customer has to say
  • provide clear information and use simple language
  • be honest and understanding
  • report the incident to your superiors
a customer support assistant doing her job
As a customer support assistant, you need to do your job conscientiously. Whatever they ask for, you should check thoroughly before saying NO to customers.

Why is it important to listen to your customers carefully?

Even though, if you’re lucky, you probably get a lot of calls during the day with many different people asking for various things. It can be exhausting to answer every one of those calls with equal enthusiasm, patience, and attentiveness. However, customer support with direct contact with clients is the best way to increase conversions on your websites. It’s a way for your customers to feel heard and important to you, which they should be. Therefore, customer support agents should be focused and attentive whenever a client calls. Talk to them and leave an impression that their problem is valid.

How to make a client feel appreciated?

You then need to do all in your power to thoroughly search your products or a set of services and check whether you have a way to find a good fit for the client who’s currently on the line. Be efficient and dedicated in your search, and only once you’re sure there’s nothing you can do should you return the call and say NO to your customer. If you have alternative solutions or suggestions about what steps the customer can take to reach their goal, you should share your ideas and give them constructive suggestions on what they can do next. Companies need to deliver top-notch customer service constantly if they want to increase their sales.

customer support agents helping clients
You need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Sometimes you can’t help them. Do your best to imagine how you would feel in their situation. Do your best to give them suggestions on what steps they can take next.

The importance of minding your tone and being friendly toward your customers

It’s not about what you say but how you say it. Customer support agents and assistants are people just like everyone else. However, it’s not your customer’s fault if you’re having a bad day. If you’re stressed and nervous, it’s something that the clients can feel. Even during the phone, customer support agents should work on their composure and not let anything throw them off their balance. Apart from being transparent and helpful to your clients, you should also mind your tone of voice and your vocabulary. You should remember that your customer support agents are your company’s voice. They’re the ones your clients communicate directly with and therefore are an essential part of strategies that most companies wonder about: How to increase sales on my website? To open up to new clients, they need to feel welcome and appreciated when they call you.

call centre agents
You’re the voice of your company. Therefore, you should do your best to represent your business and keep a certain standard. Even though a phone, you can still make an impression of courtesy.

Listen carefully and respond honestly and politely

To deliver excellent customer support, a company should employ a specific profile of people apart from the people who are the experts in the type of work the said company does. It’s not a job just everyone can do. Excellent social skills and the ability to communicate an issue politely and transparently are necessary. If you have opening lines for cold calling as a part of your strategy to attract new customers, you should do it in a way that is respectful toward your future clients. It’s not easy saying NO to customers, especially over the phone. However, listening to your clients with care is not that hard, and it’s half the work you need to do. Hear them out, be honest about your ability to help them, and offer suggestions that might be helpful to them in the future. Be polite all the way!

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