How branding your calls benefits your business

We’re pretty sure that you know how unpleasant it is to receive a phone call from an unknown number. They’re mostly spam calls that you finish off in a matter of minutes. Unknown numbers popping up on your smartphone screen aren’t a nice sight and most of them go unanswered (around 94%). Also, we’ll take a wild guess and say you don’t want your business to be rather unknown, too. Today, we’ve chosen to look further talk about the subject of business-call branding. So, if you’ve been wondering how branding your calls can boost your revenue, it would be an understatement to say you’ve come to the right place.

What exactly is a branded call?

Let’s consider the very definition of a branded call. With business-call branding, once your (future) customers receive a call from your company, the caller ID will display your company’s name, location, logo, or any other identifiable info. That way, they’ll know they’re dealing with someone serious enough to do this. Instead of witnessing the good old “unknown caller” and worrying about whether they’re in for a potential spam call, your customers will be able to identify and trust the source of a call in a matter of moments, before the call even starts.

Now that we’ve seen what exactly is a branded call, let’s check out just how well will branding your calls boost your business!

#1 You’re building trust

A doormat that reads TRUST.
By branding your calls, you’ll build trust.

As we’ve said, caller ID software systems will enable you to have your company’s name, location, and logo displayed once your customer receives a call from your business. That way, your customers will be able to identify your company without any hassle. Research studies have proven that folks who trust your company’s calls have a bigger chance of choosing your business over competitors.

Speaking of software, let’s use the occasion to introduce you to top-quality lead engagement software.

#2 You’re boosting your company’s ROI (Return On Investment)

Did you know that investing in called ID software can be a so-called game-changer for your business? The aforementioned studies have also shown that this kind of service will increase your phone pickup rates to a whopping 70% and SMS read rates to 95%. This kind of activity will lead to more sales, repeat business, stronger bonds with customers, etc. All of this will lead to a great ROI when it comes to your marketing efforts.

#3 You’re presenting a better company image

A business person talking on the phone.
Branded calls help to better your company image.

That’s right, by branding your calls you’ll greatly influence the way folks perceive your company. Here’s the thing: a call that’s branded will help your company by creating a visual experience that will draw the customer in. Needless to say, it will boost their positive associations with your company and, of course, its trusty call center. Satisfied folks are also your advertisers. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

#4 You’ll do away with the negative aspects of unbranded calls

In this section, we’ll tell you what you’ll avoid by branding your calls. We can narrow it down to the three most negative consequences of unbranded calls:

  • Unanswered calls. Most folks (the abovementioned 94%) ignore unknown numbers. With unbranded calls, you won’t be able to communicate crucial information to your (future) customers. Therefore, you’ll do some damage to your company’s bottom line.
  • Blocked calls. There’s a good chance that once folks have received a good number of repeated unknown calls, they’ll block or even report your company’s number. Now, that can’t be any good, in a number of ways. First of all, you won’t reach your customers. Secondly, your company’s calls will “enjoy” a bigger chance of being marked as spam. Once this happens, your answer rates will reach new lows every month. Not to mention that blocked calls will have an effect on your Net Promoter Score (NPS). A negative one, that is.
  • Damaged reputation. Once the consequences of the abovementioned situations happen, they’ll start to have some effect on the way folks see your brand. In other words, once more and more customers choose to ignore or block your calls, this damaged reputation will snowball into a massive loss for your company.

#5 You’ll save some money

A person holdling some money bills.
Branding your calls will also help you save some money.

Most call-branding software comes at a low price compared to the losses you might experience with unbranded calls. Therefore, you’ll save your company some good money you can invest into something else rather than trying to make your company image normal once again. You won’t have to read various tutorials on how to lower website bounce rate.

Wait, do phone calls still matter?

If you’re still not convinced that phone calls still matter, here’s some info for you! We’ll show you reasons why you shouldn’t misinterpret the things we’ve said above as outdated or something.

Reason #1: Calls convert

Here’s the most important thing many folks choose to ignore: inbound calls have a far better chance to convert to a sale than any other type of lead. More precisely, some studies have shown that they have a 10 times better chance at conversion than other channels (SMS, for instance). Speaking of conversions, here’s how to increase lead conversion rate.

Reason #2: People prefer to call

Imagine if you’ve had some sort of an issue with your cable company. You want it solved right away. Are you going to call their customer support center or fill out an online form? We already know your answer: call the customer center. Therefore, folks prefer a direct connection rather than an indirect one.

Reason #3: Immediate response

We’ll try to be quick, yet effective here. Here’s the thing: with phone calls, there’s no way someone can do the good old digital disappearing act once communication has begun. Also, ordinary folks see phone calls as more personal.

Reason #4: Contact numbers rarely change

Together with your company website’s URL, the contact number is simply one of the not-so-many items inside your toolkit that you’re able to utilize everywhere. In the simplest of terms, that will boost the number of places you use it,

Final words on the subject of branding your calls

Alright, so that’s about it on the whole talk about why branding your calls is important and how it can help you boost your business game. By opting for top-quality caller ID software, we’re pretty sure you’ll have no trouble dominating your branch of business. Keep following ConvertMore for more interesting topics that can boost your business growth.

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