How callback software boosts customer experience

Callback software is one of those software solutions that can benefit almost any business. Everyone that deals with customers can use it to improve the efficiency of their call centers. It’s a technology that makes it possible to schedule the calls when it suits your callers the best. Best of all, it eliminates the majority of problems that occur in traditional customer service. Callback software boosts customer experience on numerous occasions, by giving you the opportunity to schedule calls, shorten the time on hold, and many additional options. On the other side, it’s also beneficial for business representatives, allowing them to do their job more efficiently.

The importance of callback software in improving customer experience

Woman making a phone call.
Callbacks make things easier for modern consumers that have issues with starting that initial contact.

Today, with overly competitive markets and so many ways to share information, a bad customer experience can quickly damage your reputation. People are constantly in a hurry, lacking patience, or simply don’t want to waste their time on underperforming customer services. However, callback software has the power to turn even the slowest call centers into efficient machinery. And solutions like the ConvertMore callback widget perfectly demonstrate how effective and practical software solutions can be. By providing a better customer experience, you are sending the message that you value your customers’ time. Which is the long-term reliable strategy to improve your business reputation and increase conversions.

How does it work?

The greatest benefit of callback software solution is the possibility to better manage “on hold” time. When someone calls customer service, it doesn’t have to wait in line until representatives answer. Instead, they can set the time when it suits them the best, and representatives will schedule the callback. Also, if the call is urgent, even if the initial call is over, the first available representative will call them back in the queued order. In addition, the automation can pick up the missed calls and call again, which makes callback software one of the best conversion rate optimization software solutions.

6 ways how callback software boosts customer experience

There are a plethora of benefits of using this type of software, so here are some of the most important customer experience optimization benefits of callback software solutions:

  1. Reduces long waiting
  2. Provides estimates of waiting time
  3. Automated callbacks for missed calls
  4. The option to cancel callbacks
  5. Accessibility 24/7
  6. Reduces the chance for mistakes

1. Reduces long waiting

A woman waiting for a call service agent to answer.
No more waiting on hold for someone to answer.

As we said, callback software eliminates long waiting “on hold”. It gives customers the opportunity to request a returning call instead of waiting. In general, this eliminates one of the most negative experiences many people find quite annoying. After poor and unhelpful customer support, this is another reason why unsatisfied callers may turn to direct competitors. This type of software eliminates this problem and even boosts your customer retention.

2. Provides estimates of waiting time

People waiting in line.
The only waiting line will be the scheduled virtual queue.

Callback software boosts customer experience by offering the option to announce the wait time estimates to callers. While the precise prediction is almost impossible, a better experience is achieved with the estimated range. When people know how approximately long do they need to wait, they can choose whether to schedule a callback or to wait. Whatever suits them better. In addition, some software solutions allow customers to check their queue update with one simple SMS. In addition, customers can get notifications about the open slots that show up in the schedules.

3. Automated callbacks for missed calls

As it often happens, customers may not be available at the time of the call. However, even if the first contact is missed, it doesn’t mean it’s over. In general, automated callback systems can be configured to retry calling for a set amount of times. At the same time, you can decide the interval between each try and even set the automated notifications to targeted customers. This, eventually, results in a better customer experience and more concluded calls.

4. The option to cancel callbacks

No matter what your business operations are, flexibility is the key. The same goes for call centers or any other type of customer service. When unexpected things happen, you need a ready solution to adapt to the changes. For callback software to boost customer experience, this requires canceling calls. In other words, if a customer needs to cancel and reschedule their callback, some callback solutions make it possible through SMSs.

5. Accessibility 24/7

While your call center receives hundreds of calls during working hours, many calls are missed when no one is there to answer. This is why callback solutions are a convenient option to gather every potential call even outside of your working hours. Customers will be pleased to know they can schedule a call anytime. This includes setting the automated system to offer callback options for everyone. You can schedule calls upfront, and your agents will be able to get them as soon as they start their shift. Furthermore, some solutions allow callers to schedule a callback over different channels. Like through website or other contact services. Not only through traditional phone calls. The more options you offer, the greater the customer satisfaction.

6. Callback software boosts customer experience by reducing the chance for mistakes

Most mistakes people make, when calling customer service with callback software, are scheduling duplicates. The impatient may try to get the agent several times and end up making more than one appointment. The quality software solutions eliminate this error by limiting the number of scheduled callbacks and announcing the situation to the caller. Another common mistake is entering the wrong number. For example, when setting the callback options with textual messages. If the caller enters a different number, the system will be able to automatically compare it with the number the customer is using to send a message. As a result, it will ask for confirmation or will either offer additional options.

An empty calendar with white and yellow fields.
The schedule won’t be filled with duplicate appointments.

In general, quality callback software boosts customer experience through different features and possibilities. While most of the software solutions are different, many are solid options when you want to improve the efficiency of your call centers. However, the best options are those that meet your customers’ needs. And allow them to solve their issues at the pace they want, and at the time they find fitting.

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