How ConvertMore boosts your SQL volume

Lots of businesses struggle to convert a site’s visitors into a customer in spite of all the effort they put into getting them there. It is not easy to craft a marketing strategy to get someone onto your site. And it’s not affordable, either. Guaranteeing the maximum number of conversions possible is imperative if you don’t want your funds to go to waste. However, the question still remains: how do you boost this number? Is it even possible to do it reliably with the current trend to check a wide array of different sites and rarely ever actually use their services? Learn how ConvertMore boosts your SQL volume or how you can maximize your collection of customer data and conversions.

Use timed popups easily

Website statistics
You will quickly notice your conversion numbers going up.

The first way in which ConvertMore boosts your SQL volume is by allowing you to easily build and use your own timed popups. Timed popups, as their name implies, are windows made to open after a person has spent a certain amount of time on your site. If they do show this level of interest in your business, then it is quite likely that they are already tempted into becoming another successfully converted customer. However, for some reason, they are obviously still hesitating.

A smartly used popup will help nudge them in the direction of converting. This is because you can use popups made through our widget to incorporate some sort of appeal. For example, you can promote some of your services and offer customer-centric software for cost calculations to reassure them, or even offer a discount.

Craft smart exit popups

Exit popups are quite similar to our previously discussed feature, but at the same time, they serve an entirely different purpose. While timed popups are meant to sway people into making that final step, exit popups are a final chance to salvage a failed conversion. Such popups appear when a customer goes to close their tab. As such, they only open when their cursor leaves your site’s screen.

Well-designed exit intent popup software such as ours will provide you with a lot of options on what you can feature on such a popup. These are similar to the previous popup type, but fair warning, your conversion strategy here needs to be more aggressive. While a subtle showing of the best services you had to offer was fine for the previous, here you’re trying to convince someone to stay who had already decided against becoming your customer.

Easily offer your site’s visitors a chance to contact you

A live customer support employee
Make sure to have a proper customer support experience.

Another way ConvertMore boosts your SQL volume is by allowing you to incorporate an extremely useful feature: a floating call button. You might be wondering why this would be useful. The answer’s simple: most people want a chance to personally confirm things and discuss the details of offered services with a live customer support staff before making a decision. As such, making it difficult to contact your customer support means losing out on a ton of sales. Simply because people do not feel inclined to dig up your info. In addition to this, there is another reason why our software stands out from the rest.

The real way ConvertMore click-to-call software shines is the fact that it is easily available to mobile phone users, too. After all, most such software is aimed almost exclusively at PC users, since it is hard to incorporate such software into mobile design.

You would only be paying for the leads you get

Unlike most other software that provides similar services, we have one major advantage: you would only be paying for the leads you get. Think about PPC, or pay-per-click, marketing. The reason why it is so successful and popular is that it makes it possible to really boost your sales at a minimal cost. The same logic applies here. You will be able to increase website sales using our software while ensuring that you will only need to pay when you actually make use of it. This will spare you a lot of expenses and show actual results rather than waste your investment.

You’d have a team of professionals at your back

A guy raising a drink
Together, we can improve your customer conversion rates!

Do not underestimate the importance of having proper customer support. It is only natural that the creator of software knows best how to use it and fix any issues with it. If you work with ConvertMore, then we will always be available to our customers for advice or help with resolving any stumbling blocks you may encounter when using our widget and other services. With our full support, you will be able to quickly incorporate the software into your website and start making a profit!

Our tools are easy to use

ConvertMore boosts your SQL volume, on top of being extremely easy to use. With our previously mentioned support, even if you do have some trouble with our software that is intuitive to use, you will be able to quickly get it all set up. The next advantage of working with us will then come to light: just how easy it is to incorporate our software into your existing marketing strategy. Developing a marketing strategy is not easy, so being able to use it without any issues even though new software is a massive advantage. You would even be able to incorporate your ads and other site software into our popups, which will let you take full advantage of them and the investments you had put into their creation.

Final Comment

You should now better understand how ConverMore boosts your SQL volume. This will not only bring you short term, but also many long-term benefits. We are always working to improve our software and forge bonds of cooperation that can endure and bring everyone involved profit and business growth. Together, we can slowly expand and grow even more successfully!


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