How to boost calls from potential customers

Research has shown that over 90 percent of all customer interactions happen over the phone. Emails are far behind, and it seems that they won’t catch up any time soon. Therefore, at the moment, the phone is the best way to speak with leads and try to convert them into customers. And that’s the reason why today we’re talking about how to boost calls from potential customers. Like with any other marketing tactic, you can’t sit around and wait for leads to come running after you. On the contrary, you need to make a plan of action and stick to it. It’s not an easy task to complete, but it’s more than possible.

The thing is that phone calls require a lot more commitment than emails or social media outreaches. You’ll have to work harder to get the chance to talk to your potential customers. However, once you reach them, it’ll be a lot easier to increase the conversion rate. So, it pays out. Here are the tips and tricks you can use to widen your reach.

Show your phone number everywhere you can

Woman looking at laptop and making a phone call.
If you want to learn how to boost calls from potential customers, start by making sure that your number is easy to find.

This sounds so simple and obvious that you would expect everyone to do it. However, that’s not how things usually are. You’d be surprised with how many times we’ve seen sites on which you have to dig around to find a number. That’s not what your customers want or need. They are looking for simplicity, and you should give it to them.

So before you do anything else, update your local listings and online directories. Also, make your phone number as visible as you can on both the home page and the contact page of your website. It’s not a bad idea to place it in the meta description of your site as well. This way, Google will display it to users even before they visit any of your pages. And that can only be a good thing.

In essence, you need to make it easy for people to find a way to contact you. If you do that,  you’ll drive more inbound sales calls for sure.

Timezones are a thing to consider

According to research, most successful sales calls happen between 4 pm and 5 pm. It’s not difficult to be available at that time if you’re targeting only local customers. However, if your work expands all over the country or world, things can get a bit tricky.

To deal with this, expand the hours of coverage for the phone calls on your website. The timing on the East and the West Coast isn’t the same, and you can’t forget about that. So, let the hours roll over to another number.

If that’s something you can’t make possible, there are other ways. You can state your opening hours for different time zones. This way, your potential customers will always know if you’re available or not. You’ll reduce frustration if they can’t reach you, and you’ll have fewer people leaving your website unsatisfied. It’s a win-win.

Get two types of phone numbers

A man working in call center.
If you get two types of phone numbers, your sales reps will get a lot more leads to work with.

If you want to boost calls from potential customers, the next thing you should do is get both local and toll-free numbers to call in. This is a very cheap investment that will pay out more than you might think. Now, you’ll have two lines, and each of them will capture different market segments. And here’s why.

  • Lots of prospects feel that they shouldn’t spend any money on a sales call.
  • Some people only want to speak with a local. Of course, you can reroute these calls to the opposite coast if you need without much hustle.

No matter who your target audience is, all the chances are they’ll fall into one of these two categories. So, using these two types of numbers is a minimal investment that will give you a lot in return.

Make request a call CTAs

You probably already have plenty of calls to action on your homepage. It’s recommended that you have a few types of them, but according to experts, offering a request call back button can do wonders with improving the rate of your inbound sales calls.

When committing to a product or service, people want to get human interaction of any kind. They want to be in the center of attention, and in that short period of time, they should be. If they decide to go with you, that’s a sale. So, in this case, their opinion really matters.

Offer them a call-back option, and you’ll achieve just that. And if you involve call marketing automation in all of that, the sky is the limit. Your customers will get an easier way to get a quote from you, and you’ll get to speak with more leads. What more could you ask for?

Know your buyers’ journey

A man researching how to boost calls from potential customers on a laptop.
If you understand your buyers’ journey, you can push them towards calling you along the way.

Buyers’ journey is a typical process your customers go through before they become a customer. Naturally, it varies from company to company, so it’s not something you can learn from the internet. Instead, you need to figure it out by yourself. After you do that, make sure you understand it and find a way to support your customers through every step.

To put it as simply as possible, there are three stages of the journey: awareness, consideration, and decision. Ideally, you want to connect potential customers with your sales rep in the second stage. Think about the pages they’re visiting during these stages, and try to push them toward calling with the content on those.

Create a multi-channel marketing strategy

If your marketing is doing what it should and attracts the right people, they’ll call you, and your sales team will get a chance to put the top phone selling techniques in use. On the other hand, if your marketing isn’t as good as it can get, those great-fit leads will just go to the next company in the line.

So, to utilize it to the maximum, make sure to advertise on multiple channels. Social networks are a great place to find your audience, but often they’re not enough. Instead, invest in search ads as well. The more times you show the same ad to the same people, the higher the chances are they’ll reach out to you. It’s simply how our minds work.

Therefore, the final advice on how to boost calls from potential customers is to target and then retarget them on different platforms. This is how you beat the competition to the inbound call.

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