How to boost conversions with web design elements

“Your website is the face of your company online” – sound familiar? Sure, everybody says it, but it doesn’t mean it’s less true. Lots of your customers learn about your business from your site, so you must keep it in a top-notch state. You have to think about how it looks, but even more importantly, how it works. Whether you’re new at it or just want to bring things to another level, you’ll want to know how to boost conversions with web design elements. And that’s what we’re here to talk about.

Of course, if you’re in a business for a long time, the chances are that you know it’s not about just being online these days. On the contrary, you have to work on your online presence at all times and get people to engage with your content. Still, it’s one thing to learn how to increase user engagement on your website and a whole other to get more people to convert. So, let’s dive into the things your site will need for the latter.

Make your navigation clear

A woman using her phone to browse a website.
If you want to learn how to boost conversions with web design elements, the first thing you need to do is focus on your website navigation.

In essence, your web design tells people where to go on your website. If you do your navigation correctly, it’ll drive conversions for years to come. Hence, it matters what you put in your menu bar. It’ll make all the difference for people visiting your site, so you should do your best to take advantage of it.

If your goal is to drive as many conversions as possible, minimize your top navigation menu. Offering too many options will confuse people and lower their chances of visiting the pages you want them to see. So, narrow it down to a few tabs, and make sure at least a couple of them lead to your CTAs.

Make it easy for your site visitors to contact you, and they’ll do it. All you have to do is convince them your company is the way to go.

Think about your content layout

You should care about what your content says and what messages it gets across, but you mustn’t overlook how it’s formatted. Writing for the web isn’t the same thing as writing a book, and you’ll have to use tricks to get your audience glued to the screen.

People just don’t read anything throughout these days. They’re all about getting quick info and moving on, so it’s your job to make it possible. By using lots of headlines, bold and italic fonts, and bullet lists, you can make your content scannable, which is what readers want to see.

That said, the design of your pages also plays a big role here. If your articles feel approachable and easy to understand, more people will stick around to read them. And of course, the more time people spend interacting with your content, the more likely they are to convert.

Use strong branding

Design written on top of a bunch of pencils.
Good design and branding can bring lots of conversions to your business.

We can’t talk about how to boost conversions with web design elements and not mention branding. Only when people know about you and your business they’ll be comfortable buying from you. So, you want to get to a point where people don’t worry about giving you their email address because they feel like they know you.

The key thing here is consistency. You want your audience to notice that the same guys are behind your website and social media. You want to show off that people and not some money-hungry machines run your businesses.

So make the content, messages, and logo consistent across the channels. It’ll help you establish connections with your prospects and customers. And the closer they feel to you, the less you’ll have to read about how to increase lead conversion rate since it’ll happen on its own.

Be smart with choice of colors

Your use of colors doesn’t have to leave everyone speechless. However, it won’t be hard to notice something’s off if you do it wrong.

That said, if you pick the right color palette, it’ll help you get more people to buy from you. Your site will look bold yet inviting, so people will like spending time on it. On top of that, if you pick contrasty colors for your CTAs, it’ll be hard to miss them. They’ll pop out, which will encourage users to click them.

When working on your colors, make sure to consider what your brand is all about. Find something that’ll reflect your logo and the messages you want to get across. Use colors to highlight critical information and drive people to actions you want them to complete.

Utilize white space

A man reading about how to boost conversions with web design elements on his laptop.
Using white space will make your site more aesthetically pleasing and scannable.

For the last couple of years, white space has been one of the biggest web design trends. If you look at any of the high-ranking sites, you’ll see they use quite a bit of it, especially on content-heavy pages like blog posts.

Now, why do you think white space is so popular? Sure, it makes your pages prettier to look at, but it’ll also increase the time on the page. It’ll break up your text, and your content will appear shorter and easier to digest. Thus, more people will read it.

Take advantage of exit pop-ups

Even though you probably aren’t a fan of these, there’s plenty of evidence they work. Therefore, if you’re looking for a single design element to help you increase your conversion rate, you should think about adding an exit pop-up with a callback software widget to your site.

In the perfect scenario, your site will be so optimized for conversions that you won’t even need a pop-up to keep people in the loop. But let’s face it, no website is perfect, and neither is yours. You need all the help you can get to bring more people on board, and these can be a great addition.

And that’s about all there is on how to boost conversions with web design elements. If you want to learn more about using your website to convert people, be sure to look around our blog.

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