How to combine cold calling and email marketing

Cold calling and email marketing have a few things in common. For starters, a bad reputation. This is especially true for cold calling. People often view this strategy as old and ineffective. Now, email marketing is a more diverse and modern tactic. However, some also think it’s weak when it comes to attracting new leads or increasing conversions. On the other hand, many people argue for the benefits of one over the other. So, what is the truth? The simple answer is that both strategies have pros and cons. It all depends on the situation and your goals. However, if you’re wondering how to increase user engagement on your website or generate new leads, we have an excellent idea for you. And that is to combine cold calling and email marketing. Make the most of these tactics and use them together to boost your sales process!

How to know which strategy to use?

darts hitting the target
Your strategies should align with your goals.

Of course, in every industry, there are a lot of factors that will guide your decisions. The best approach depends on the type and size of the business, competition, trends, and many other variables. In some situations, cold calling is the best solution. In others, it would be a waste of time and effort. Email marketing can achieve the same objective without straining your resources. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing between these two? Which one you opt for will depend on:

  • Type of business
  • Different buyer personas
  • Your objectives for the interaction
  • Your prospect’s position in the company

When to use cold calling?

So, while using both is the best way to achieve the most, you need to be practical. Optimizing your resources and time is critical and, in some cases, cold calling is the way to go.

For example, if your business is in the field of insurance, telecommunications, and similar, a phone call is a better option. People prefer a personal approach and will value your care and interest. Also, if you’re just starting out, you might want to start strong by contacting your prospects via phone. Once you’re better established, you may feel freer to switch to emails.

In addition, keep in mind your type of ideal buyer. For example, most older people or people in more traditional types of the industry will prefer a phone call over an email. Don’t forget to consider your outreach goal, either. Sometimes, your goal will be to get some type of commitment from the prospect. Or, your prospect is high in the company’s hierarchy. In such cases, a phone call will be a more professional choice.

When is email marketing a better option?

a phone with the email and calls apps next to each other
The most effective way to reach out to prospects is to combine cold calling and email marketing

Sometimes, email marketing and cold calling can achieve the same objective. The only difference is that emails will save your reps’ time and other resources. If you’re in e-commerce or similar fields and your prospects are millennials or low-level professionals, email is a better choice. Why? Because they’re used to this type of communication. Plus, they’re usually very busy and rarely have time for long phone calls.

Also, if you’re running a small business, email marketing is a more affordable option. And yet, it’s an effective way to get in touch with your prospects. If you’re wondering how to increase your lead conversion rate or generate leads, email marketing enables you to throw the wide net. Then, you can use cold calling for high-profile interactions and make the most of both strategies.

How and when to combine cold calling and email marketing in your business?

So when should you combine cold calling and email marketing? Anytime you can. They complement each other well. You can generate leads by email and deepen the relationship via a phone call. Or you can arrange everything by phone and then follow up by email. Either way, your approach will be more effective and show your appreciation. Here are some great ideas on how to best combine them.

Develop the best strategy for combining the two

Firstly, every business is different. Depending on your field, you’ll have different types of prospects, objectives, etc. So, it’s up to you to create a strategy that will work best for your business. Do you follow up on all calls with emails or just some? Do you call all your prospects? When do you send emails and what type of emails? Consider your prospects’ needs, pain points, and preferences. You can run A/B testing and assess different combinations to discover what’s best for you.

Follow-up emails after the cold call will enhance your chances

On your website, an all-in-one callback widget will work great to convert reluctant users and lower churn rates. The email follow-up is likely to do the same after a phone call. Sometimes prospects will simply forget about the conversation. And sometimes they’ll be reluctant to take an action. The right email at the right time may sway them in the right direction. Sending an email with a product demo, extra information, and a call-to-action can boost your conversion rates.

Showing value to customers is vital

Add value to your email content and your phone calls. Prospects don’t want to hear how great your product is. Instead, they want to know how your product can address their issues and help them. Therefore, design your call scripts and emails with care and focus on their value to prospects.

Personalize your approach when you want to combine cold calling and email marketing

a laptop with user data analytics on the screen
Segment your audience and define different buyer personas to add value to your content

Both of these strategies often seem artificial, detached, and manipulative. So, personalize your content and your approach to avoid making this impression. Of course, you probably don’t have the time or resources to assess each lead and prospect individually. This is where customer segmentation comes in. Consider your prospect’s age, gender, job, and other demographic data. Also, take into account different buyer personas. Tailor your content and approach to achieve the best results.

Let email marketing metrics guide your cold calling

So, how do you obtain all that valuable data? Email marketing metrics can help you with that. Emails provide many tracking options such as open and click-through rates, bounces, unsubscribed, and many others. By tracking your prospects’ responses and behavior you can gather valuable data that will help you improve both cold calls and email marketing.

Be persistent in achieving your goals

Lastly, don’t give up. Building your own roadmap and discovering the best model for your business can be challenging. It will take time but keep your goals in mind and work toward reaching them. The key is to know when to use which strategy and create engaging relevant content for both. If you focus on quality and combine cold calling and email marketing, you’ll help your business grow and develop.

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