How to engage customers through mobile channels

In today’s market, customer interaction is a key factor for growing and developing any business. Satisfied customers will not only return but they’ll also spread the word and help you build a positive reputation. Luckily, technology has advanced to a point where there are many excellent marketing strategies one can employ. From callback software and website optimization to email and mobile apps, there are plenty of channels a business can use. Today, we’re going to explore how you can engage customers through mobile channels. This marketing tool is often neglected and underestimated. However, in order to stay competitive and relevant, it’s crucial to develop a thoughtful mobile strategy that will appeal to your customers.

What is mobile marketing and why is it important?

Despite the constantly growing presence of mobile marketing and its relevance, website marketing is still the foundation for most marketers and business owners. After all, your website is the primary digital representation of your business for online users. Therefore, you are probably more familiar with how to optimize your website, how to lower website bounce rate, etc. However, mobile marketing is rapidly gaining popularity and has equal relevance since more than 50% of consumers use mobile devices to browse for products/services online. This digital marketing strategy is an excellent way to approach your target audience on their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

a man standing amid tall buildings with a phone in his hand
People expect businesses to be available through mobile channels

There are many reasons why this type of engaging customers is so important today. It enables you to reach potential customers on all fronts and actively engage them. Here is why it can help you keep your business more relevant and accessible:

  • Convenience. Over 80% percent of people worldwide own a smartphone. What’s more, most people use it every day and way more often than they use their computer or laptop
  • Simplicity and speed. Not only is designing a mobile campaign quite a simple and time-efficient process, but customers also find it easy to use and interact through mobile channels
  • Cost-effectiveness. You’ll achieve maximum gain for minimum effort and investment
  • Data analytics. Mobile marketing is easy to track. That means you’ll get a lot of valuable information and feedback about your customer base – that enables you to quickly adjust and react to your customer’s needs and preferences

Implement it properly

Of course, no strategy is effective if it doesn’t comply with your business’s particular needs. Each business is unique and therefore requires a unique approach. For example, offering too many options can overwhelm your customers and dilute your brand. Instead, gaining their attention, a poor marketing strategy can create the opposite effect. For that reason, there are some key factors to consider before designing a mobile campaign:

  • consider your customers’ needs and collect data on your target audience’s preferences
  • create mobile-friendly content that is easy and enjoyable to use
  • make the most use of mobile apps and platforms
  • consider ROI (return on investment) when creating a strategy to engage customers through mobile channels

Integrate mobile marketing with your other media platforms

a mobile phone with an open shopping app
Enabling additional purchase options will help you to engage customers through mobile channels

Another important thing to consider is your marketing campaign on the whole. Mobile marketing should enhance customer experience and engage them in new and appealing ways. However, it certainly shouldn’t detract from or clash with your other strategies. Keep your brand recognizable and add a few extra features that will provide an immersive experience to your audience.

Provide more ways for customers to make a purchase

Mobile devices are the preferred method of interacting with the world for many people. Customers nowadays not only prefer but also expect to be able to go through most interactions and transactions via their mobile phones. Therefore, not having a mobile purchase option is likely to hinder you on the market and make your brand less appealing.

Keep in mind that your goal is not only for customers to receive promo messages, etc. but also to actively engage with your content. Offer your customers a simple way to add products to their wishlist and purchase them through social channels, ApplePay, or AndroidPay. This will not only boost customer engagement but make your brand more accessible and increase your customer base.

Social interaction is the best way to engage customers through mobile channels

a smartphone with social media apps on the display
Engage your audience effectively in social interaction and they’ll become a loyal customer base

In the same way, you can boost website sales fast with conversion rate optimization and increase customer mobile engagement through social interaction. There are many ways you can use this to your business’s advantage. In exchange for a ‘Like’ or ‘Follow,’ you can offer to your audience something they’ll appreciate such as free WiFi. This option will entice your customers and help them learn more about your brand. Not to mention it will motivate them to engage further with loyalty programs, subscriptions, etc.

Use mobile channels to provide exclusive offers

Another way to engage customers through mobile channels is to provide exclusive offers. The majority of consumers check their phones for promotions and coupons, especially during holiday seasons. What’s more, they often do it while they are in the store itself, too. Therefore, location-based technologies are an excellent way to entice customers further? After all, who can resist an excellent deal or discount?

Types of mobile marketing

Here, we’ve explained while mobile marketing is important in today’s climate, and suggested some ways to engage customers through mobile channels. However, the variety of mobile marketing options and combinations is almost endless! What strategy you’ll choose will greatly depend on your particular business model, target audience, and many other factors. Here are some other excellent types of mobile engagement you could include in your marketing campaign:

  • Mobile website
  • Mobile search
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Text Promotion (SMS, push notification)
  • Mobile Ads
  • App-based marketing
  • QR codes
  • In-game mobile marketing

Final thoughts on how to engage customers through mobile channels

As a business, your goal is to create a loyal and returning customer base that will actively engage with your brand. One way to do that is to engage customers through mobile channels. Mobile marketing is a cost-effective tool that will lead you to reach that goal. It’s location-based which enables you not only to reach a wider audience but also to target specific segments of your audience. That way you can customize your service and attract new customers. Content is easy to share and interact with, which makes it accessible to every user. Additionally, more engagements will improve your relationship with customers and help you build a loyal and active community.

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