How to generate leads with unsubscribe page

Subscriptions are counted among fairly effective ways to generate leads for your business. Sometimes, though, people still decide to unsubscribe from your mailing list. It can be an early warning they are not satisfied with or are simply no longer interested in your offers. No matter the reasons, this is still a good opportunity for you to try to change their mind. It might be your last opportunity so you really have nothing to lose by trying. Yet, many businesses underestimate the potential of offering customers the chance to unsubscribe. You can still manage to generate leads with unsubscribe page if you take the time to think it through properly. It’s an opportunity to learn more about your current audience, so you can optimize your next steps according to their needs. If not, at least you’ll end up clearing your customer database, leaving only high-quality subscriptions active.

Using the unsubscribe page to generate leads

There are numerous ways to generate leads. For starters, you can use the ConvertMore callback widget to convert your visitors to quality leads. Participate in social media networks where people gather the most or by other successful strategies. But you can also use less obvious means such as enticing unsubscribe pages.

A long road to the distant nature with a question mark at the beginning.
Make them think over their final decision.

The principle behind the unsubscribe page is simple: it’s the page or popup that opens when someone clicks the “Unsubscribe” button. This button can be a link on your website’s pages or within an email. This is, basically, a step in the process when someone doesn’t want to receive emails from you anymore. No matter the reason behind unsubscribing, the process should be relatively simple and immediate.

However, there is one step between, you can use as an opportunity to present them with an offer. The confirmation page, that used to be nothing more complex than a simple “Thank you, goodbye”. Now, it’s a marketeer’s chance to win their leaving subscribers back, one last time. And, it servers as a measure of precaution, in case someone accidentally clicks on the unsubscribing link or a button.

The benefits of using a personalized unsubscribe page

Since the customer experience is one of the major marketing factors today, so is personalization. And, the unsubscribing process should not be left behind due to numerous reasons. You need to know different ways about how to convert more customers and use them all when the opportunity presents itself.

A businessman deciding between different contact lists like email, phone, smartphone, and mail.
You will clean your contact lists and keep only quality ones.

You can use a page with personal information when addressing those who are leaving. Such as the subscriber’s name, company name, logo, or similar information you possess in your base. Simply as a way to demonstrate you are designing this page specifically for their own sake. But it’s actually a plain demonstration of your capabilities that should impress them.

Another aspect is that regardless of the results, your contact base will be cleared. Those who still subscribe are accounted as more quality leads. This is a better option than to end up in a spam box, which can compromise your marketing efforts, and skew the analytical results.

Finally, the offer you can present on the unsubscribe page might be more appealing than the content they are receiving regularly. Furthermore, it’s the chance for subscribers as well, to customize what they receive in their inboxes.

Most common reasons why people unsubscribe

A laptop with hundreds of spam emails emerging from the screen.
Avoid getting your email labeled as spam.

One of the most common reasons people unsubscribe is because they have too much going on in their email inboxes and:

  • They prioritize what they need the most and delete others. But, sometimes they might not be exactly aware of what they are unsubscribing from. Or, it can be simply done by mistake. This is when the unsubscribe confirmation page plays its role.
  • Are not sure or losing track of what all the mails have to do with their interests. So they decide to clean their subscriptions.
  • Become suspicious about the emails they receive, often labeling them as spam or scam.
  • Lose interest in the content they receive.

Don’t forget, there are also people who categorically hate promotional emails. This is one of those situations where you simply can’t do much about it.

What can you offer to unsubscribers?

The main reason and purpose of the unsubscribing page for marketers is the opportunity to renegotiate the conditions. While for a website, knowing how to lower website bounce rate can be quite straightforward in adjustments, email listings are something entirely different. You will need to guess an offer good enough, so they can change their minds and stay. However, in the worst case, you can at least collect valuable info. Here are a few ways you can do it correctly.

You can offer different subscription plans

A lot of people don’t like receiving emails on a daily basis. What you can do is to offer them a chance to receive emails less frequently. Generally, the options are once a week, once a month or any other type you think might work. Also, the type of emails they are receiving might not be within their interest zone. If that is the case, you can offer subscription types with different content.

Have them rethink their decision

The best way to make them change their mind is to make them some valuable offer. Approach them with a friendly tone and ask them to consider, maybe, a type of discount, promotion, or free content. Generally, some opportunity they will appreciate and hardly refuse. If you want to generate leads in the future, sometimes it’s necessary to have additional investments.

Reroute them to other channels

While subscriptions are a good way to generate leads, they are not the only way. That is, as a method to keep your customers within your grasp, you can offer them other channels besides emails. Your unsubscribe page can point them to your social media profile, forum communities, your video channel on YouTube, or others. They might be more interested in those means of content digestion, than in newsletters.

Gather valuable info through feedback

One of the last options that can help you with lead generation, later on, is to ask your unsubscribers for feedback. It’s important to find the reasons behind their decisions, to work on solutions for the future. Having the right answers from your leaving subscribers can be the right way to improve your service and user experience. Basically, keep it simple, optional, and ask only relevant questions.

Bear in mind that even the best possible unsubscribe page is not 100% efficient. People will still decide to leave due to various reasons. But, the least you can do is to mitigate a part of the damage and try to generate leads with unsubscribe page. If you manage to retain at least part of the subscribers, by offering them alternatives or by leaving a good impression, the mission is accomplished.q

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