How to generate more leads through emotions

Modern-day consumers are overwhelmed with content and advertising campaigns. There are numerous ads for different products but there are also plenty of brands for each of them. How can you stand out in such a saturated market? The answer is simple. Ask yourself how the customers make their shopping decisions. Do need and reason drive their decision-making process? In part, the answer is yes. Different tools such as newsletters or callback software will help you show the value of your products and engage your audience. But will this approach differentiate you from other brands? Not so much. Instead, it would be best if you appealed to people’s emotions to make an impact and create a connection. After all, the way customers perceive and feel about products and brands drives their purchasing choices. Follow this guide to learn more about emotional marketing and generate more leads through emotions!

But first, what role do emotions play?

Emotions have a huge role in our everyday lives. We base our decisions on how we feel in many situations – from making friends to choosing a local bakery. Although our brains consist of rational and emotional parts, our feelings often have an upper hand. And sometimes, when there are several reasonable options (as it’s often the case in any market) people are going to choose the solution that appeals to them more.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that brands that appeal to emotions are more likely to increase conversions and create a loyal customer base. Here are several ways in which emotions affect potential buyers:

  • facts aren’t enough – positive emotions establish a valuable personal connection
  • emotions in advertising are memorable and have a long-lasting effect on buyers
  • associating positive emotions with a brand fosters loyalty and a sense of belonging to a community
  • you can track and predict buyers’ behavior (and your sales rates!) based on the ad’s likeability

What is emotional marketing and why is it important?

Couple making an online purchase over the phone.
Emotional marketing targets audiences on a subconscious level.

But how do you harness the power of emotions in marketing? Emotional marketing employs strategies that elicit a response from your audience and help you establish a personal connection with them. What’s more, it encourages your leads to take action and interact with your brand. Depending on your goal, this action can be anything from subscribing to your newsletter to buying your product.

In a nutshell, emotional marketing makes your ads more compelling and memorable, and relatable. That is why evoking certain emotions is so important. Here is how different emotions can help you promote your brand and increase revenues:

  • happiness inspires people to share their joy and as a result, increases brand awareness
  • sadness inspires us to be compassionate, share with others and give or donate more
  • fear, although it’s often considered to have negative connotations, makes us stick to what is safe and comfortable and thus inspires a sense of loyalty
  • anger can inspire a passionate response that also leads to sharing and loyalty

How can you use this knowledge to generate more leads through emotions?

However, although your goal is to convert leads and create revenue, keep in mind that emotional advertising is not manipulative in its nature. If it’s done poorly, people will see through it. In fact, you’ll create the opposite effect – invoke negative feelings and alienate potential customers. Rather, think about emotional marketing as a way to connect to your audience on a deeper level. That will create a bond of trust and loyalty between you.

Know your audience

So what’s the first step in making your marketing strategy and reaching this goal? The answer is simple – know your target audience. Think about their needs, wishes, and desires. What are their pain points and preferences? What are their values and beliefs? Many brands can address their pain points but if you know what your target audience values and cares about, you’ll be able to establish a personal connection. As a result, your brand will stand out and connect with them on a more significant level.

There are so many different emotions – how do you choose the right angle?

But how to reach out and elicit the desired response? Which emotions is it best to evoke in different situations? Well, as we’ve mentioned before, there are quite a few emotions you can use to elicit different responses. For example, you can use a sense of belonging to build a community and inspire loyalty. Or you can to your audience’s fear to encourage them to donate more. What approach you’ll choose depends on your products and market, but also on your knowledge of what works best for your audience.

Rely on color to imply emotions

Color palette next to a laptop and digital drawing pad.
People respond to colors on an emotional level.

When you’re wondering how to increase sales on your website, you employ different tools to help you achieve this goal. For example, you use different colors to build your brand’s signature and appeal. The same goes for emotional marketing. Different colors evoke different emotions, so choose the ones that support and enhance your campaign. Don’t hesitate to spin the color wheel and make the most of the psychological effect colors have on our emotions.

Create a marketing campaign that will be relatable and resonate with your audience

Simply presenting facts will not help you connect with your audience. On the contrary, if you want to generate more leads through emotions, you need to appeal to their emotions. And one of the best ways to do this is to tell stories and give examples. Stories and real people’s experiences are quick to generate interest and grab your audience’s attention. It’s in human nature to relate to other people and their experiences. If your characters, plotlines, or themes resonate with people, you’ll be better able to appeal to them and create more leads.

Build a sense of a community

Hands and feet in a circle.
All well-established brands understand the power of a strong community.

We all have a need to belong to a group. Evoking this sense of community in your audience nurtures many other positive emotions. For example, it fosters acceptance, camaraderie, and even excitement. Plus, it makes others wonder about your brand and motivates them to see what it is about. Encourage your audience to interact on different platforms and share their experiences on social media.

Be authentic and inspiring

Last, but not least, people crave to feel inspired and motivated to take action. And although inspiration isn’t exactly an emotion, it elicits positive feelings of happiness, excitement, and joy. Aspirational campaigns make their audiences feel closer to fulfilling their dreams and goals. By being authentic and unique you’ll be able to generate more leads through emotions and inspire your audience to aim higher and be happier.

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