How to get more phone sales?

Most agents feel discouraged when they need to make a sales phone call. After all, it seems that the odds are against you. Sometimes people won’t even answer. And when they do, they’re more likely than not to cut the conversation short. Indeed, selling over the phone is a challenging task. However, when done right, phone sales can boost your conversion rates and revenue. Many tools can help you. For example, click to call software will help you to be more efficient with your calls and simplify the whole process. But the question remains. How to get more phone sales? And the answer is excellent and varied strategies and a personable and communicative approach. Luckily, if you’re passionate about your job and want to improve, you can learn everything you need. Here are our tips for growing professionally and boosting your sales rates!

But first, are phone sales worth it?

They are. Even though it may seem that phone sales are ineffective on a personal level, the opposite is true. Not only do they have advantages such as being able to make a call from anywhere at any time, but they also drive your sales. You’ll generate many leads; a phone call is an excellent way to connect with your prospects. Of course, cold sales calls shouldn’t be your only strategy. You should also have an online presence and convert visitors to leads on your website. But combining a few techniques will bring much better results than relying on only one.

How to get more phone sales? Know the stages of a sales call

First, you need to know how phone sales work. Even though an average conversation won’t take more than five minutes, there are several stages it will go through. You should prepare and plan for each of them. These stages include:

  • call introduction
  • pitch delivery
  • asking questions to discover client’s pain points and offer solutions
  • handling objections
  • closing the call
  • follow-up.
a saleswoman making a sales phone call
Cold calling is a challenging task.

A good intro is key

Good opening lines are a must. This is especially true for cold calling. Your prospect probably doesn’t know you and has no inner incentive to spend their time talking to you. Therefore, you must capture their attention instantly. Be open, transparent, and to the point. The last thing you want is to appear shady or evasive. That would raise suspicions in your prospect and be a bad start to a probably concise and unsuccessful sales attempt.

Behind every good intro is a well-done script

Of course, a good intro won’t simply fall into your lap. On the contrary, you have to work for it. Research your prospect as much as possible beforehand and factor it into your approach. Tailor your script with your prospect in mind. Consider their demographics, needs, pain points, values, etc. Knowing what will suit each opportunity will enable you to develop the best intro and guide the whole call in the right direction.

Anticipate the responses

Best conversion rate optimization software always considers how the website visitors will respond to different prompts and what they’ll do. You should do the same during the phone sales. Anticipate the possible responses from your prospect – both the desired and unwanted ones. Then come up with ways to handle them. That way, there won’t be much that can surprise you during the conversation and leave you at a loss for words. Plus, you’ll always have the necessary information or response ready.

A sales team discussing data
Be thorough with your preparations before the call

Become the best listener in the world

Good listening skills are essential for a successful salesperson. Prompt your prospect with questions encouraging them to discuss their needs, wishes, and doubts. Then listen with empathy and understanding. Analyze what they say and then direct the conversation towards addressing their issues and pain points.

Know your product inside out

You should know everything about what you’re trying to sell. The last thing you want is for the prospect to ask you for details or product features, and you can’t answer their question. They won’t stay on the line for you to check the details and find out. If you’re not confident about what you’re selling, they won’t be sure about purchasing from you.

Focus on value

When you’re thinking about how to increase user engagement on website you offer something of value to the visitors. It can be in the form of a blog post, tutorial, free e-book, or anything else that will demonstrate the advantages of your product. The same goes for selling over the phone. Focus on the problem-solving qualities of your product and how it can improve your prospect’s life.

Keep it simple

One of the greatest mistakes you can make is overwhelming your prospect with too many details. Instead, keep your sales pitch short, simple, and concise. Once you grab your prospect’s attention, there will be time to discuss and introduce details.

Stay in control

Also, avoid getting sidetracked by your prospect. Rely on your script and stay in control of the conversation. Naturally, you should listen attentively to your customer’s words and adapt your writing to suit their needs. But avoid going on tangents or getting tangled in obscure details.

a woman smiling in her office
People will respond well to a positive attitude and confident manner

Be upbeat and enthusiastic

People respond to our tone and manner of speech. Keep that in mind when talking over the phone. People are likely to react similarly if you’re passionate about your product and positive. Let your passion and enthusiasm show through, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Be personable

Likewise, don’t hesitate to appeal to people’s emotions. After all, making a purchase is not always a purely rational choice. People often do things based on feelings, so sharing a personal or work-related story will boost people’s interest. This approach will help you connect and build quality rapport with your prospects. 

Avoid being vague

Lastly, finish your conversation with something concrete. Avoid vague statements such as ‘I’m looking forward to hearing from you again’ or ‘I hope we’ll talk more later.’ Instead, ensure your prospects react to your call to action correctly. Schedule the next call or a meeting, and arrange to send them a demo or extra materials. In other words, don’t hang up until your prospect commits to something.

So, how to get more phone sales? Prepare well, have the right tools, and always work on improving your skills and strategies. Of course, you won’t improve overnight, but being consistent and determined will pay off. Our tips will help you grow professionally and boost your sales rates.

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