How to grow your business with customer experience software

Why is customer experience important? Well, a happy customer is a loyal customer. Enhancing customers’ engagement and satisfaction with your brand will help you increase sales rates and revenue. Additionally, studies show that over 80% of customers are willing to pay more money if they receive a better experience. Simply put, customer experience (CX) is as (if not more) important as the products and services you offer. For these reasons, investing your time and effort into amping up the CX is a wise business decision. Luckily, there are many ways and software solutions to do exactly that. For example, quality web design, creative popups, and testimonial videos will help you boost web lead conversions. Similarly, knowing your audience and tracking their feedback will enable you to come up with effective strategies. So, let’s have a closer look and see how customer experience software can help you grow your business!

But firstly, what’s the customer experience?

Customer experience, or CX, refers to customers’ entire interaction with your business. As such, it includes customers’ every contact and experience. Everything counts – from their first interaction with your brand to becoming a customer. The more positive these experiences are, the more likely it is for a prospect to become a customer, and for a customer to become loyal. On the other hand, a negative experience will motivate customers to leave your brand and turn to your competitors instead. That is why enhancing CX is a goal of many businesses today.

Customer service vs. customer experience

Two employees in customer support.
Customer service is an important part of customer experience, but only a part.

A common mistake is equating customer experience with customer service. Of course, customer service is an important aspect of overall CX. However, they’re definitely not one and the same. As mentioned before, customer experience is a much broader term that encompasses customers’ whole journey with your brand.

So, by the time the customer gets in touch with your customer service, they’ve probably had many other interactions with your business – either positive or negative. For example, the ConvertMore callback widget can sway reluctant customers and enhance their experience on your website. Therefore, although your employees are pleasant and friendly, customers’ experience will also depend on many other factors.

Benefits of using customer experience software in your business

Delivering a superb customer experience has many benefits and enables you to stay on top of your field. Let’s see some of the many advantages of using customer experience software in your business. It helps you:

  • increase customer satisfaction
  • reduce the loss of customers (customer churn)
  • increase engagement rates and attract new leads
  • build up a positive brand reputation
  • gather valuable feedback.

Effective ways to improve your CX

laptop with data tracking customer engagement
Customer experience software will help you track your customers’ journey and learn about your audience.

So, do you want to improve your customer relationship management system (CRM)? Here are some great, practical steps you can take to enhance it by using customer experience software.

Learn about your customers

CX software is an excellent tool that enables you to get to know your customers. The more you know about who your customers are, the better you’ll be able to tailor your approach, products, and services. However, you cannot interact with each and every customer personally.

Luckily, this software enables you to segment your audience on a variety of factors – from age and gender to their engagement history with your brand. Lead engagement software enables you to acknowledge the needs and wishes of different parts of your customer base. What’s more, your effort shows your appreciation and care for people who engage with your brand.

Devise a clear strategy

employees devising a CX strategy
Assess your current CRM and work on the ways to improve it.

Once you know what your customers want and expect, it’s time to create a clear and effective CX strategy. What values does your brand promote? What is the heart of your business? How do you stay ahead of your competition? Of course, the key is to focus on customer vision and satisfaction. So, based on your knowledge and goals, create a set of principles that will guide you and your team through the process.

Focus on creating a personal connection

And while you cannot engage with every lead and customer personally, CX software solutions enable you to overcome this issue. For example, you can give a warm welcome to new prospects. Or you can greet a returning customer by referring to their previous purchase and thus establish a personal connection.

Identifying and rewarding long-term loyal customers will encourage them both to come back and promote your brand to their friends or on social media. After all, emotions and positive experiences are the forces that drive most people’s choice of brands and products.

Gather feedback and use it

Once you start creating your customer-based strategy, it’s wise not to disregard the feedback from your leads and customers. On the contrary, that is your most valuable resource for informing your decisions. By using live chats, surveys, follow-up emails, and other tools, you can do exactly that! And, what’s best, customer experience software enables you to collect this vital information and build your strategy on a solid foundation. Plus, your customer will appreciate your care and devotion to their needs and experiences.

Rely on your team

Last but not least, make the most of your team’s collective experience in the field. Set up regular meetings with the members of your customer support team and listen to what they have to say. Use their feedback to tweak different aspects of your CX strategy. Also, use these meetings to find out how your staff feels and to boost the team’s morale.

In addition to that, assess your employees’ skills and attitudes. In most cases, a bit of training and coaching can tremendously improve their general approach and in return, have a positive impact on customer experience.

The bottom line

Customer experience software is a valuable tool that helps businesses grow and be successful. More and more companies begin to realize its value and devise strategies that will increase customer satisfaction with their brand. Staying at the top of the market is a challenging process, but using CX software solutions is an excellent way to build quality relationships with your audience and boost your profits.

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