How to implement omnichannel sales

The number of businesses that are using the omnichannel strategy is growing each day. And even the ones that are still not using this model are seriously thinking about it. The reason why this number has been growing rapidly is the global pandemic that hit all the markets and industries around the world. Online shopping has become an increasingly important way for people to get everything they need. And that’s the reason why you should implement omnichannel sales as soon as possible. This guide is everything you need to get started with omnichannel sales. Make sure you’re doing your best to provide an excellent shopping experience to your customers.

What is an omnichannel strategy?

Woman leaving a review after making a purchase online.
Implement omnichannel sales for a better customer experience.

Let’s begin by clarifying a couple of details on this trend in the retail industry. In simple terms, an omnichannel strategy is a multichannel approach to retail, which provides a complete shopping experience to users. An omnichannel retailer is a perfect blend between a classic brick-and-mortar store and a retailer that sells its products online only. This model is used by many businesses in order to improve the experience of their customers – ensuring they spend more and always come back.

Real-time communication and interaction with customers are important to ensure they can get goods or services at any time, using any device. However, it takes a solid strategy to implement omnichannel sales and this guide will help you build it.

The best ways to implement omnichannel sales

Building an omnichannel strategy consists of several steps. Let’s go through all of them to see what it takes to increase the number of sales and make sure you’ve got more satisfied customers.

Know your goals and your customers

For every successful strategy, setting up a goal is one of the crucial steps. In this case, your goal is to increase sales. So, if you wonder how to convert traffic into leads and make better results, you need to know the customers who will help you reach the goal. Simply put, you need to know the people who need your goods. This way you can make the right way to provide them. This is not difficult to do.

By using social media or asking people when they visit the store, you can do surveys on the needs of your customers. Ask about their favorite way to do shopping, most popular products, and things they would like you to improve. Also, check if they discover new products through social media or by asking the people they trust. The information you get will help you later implement omnichannel sales and adapt the strategy.

Omnichannel sales depend on a couple of factors

To provide a complete experience to your customers, you should know that this strategy depends on a couple of things aside from multichannel sales. You also need to focus on marketing, logistics of providing the goods, and a high-quality platform that will combine all these operations smoothly and control all the channels.

Introduce the mobile-friendly shopping experience

Mobile-friendly shopping.
People use mobile phones for shopping more than ever before.

Mobile sales have increased so much over the past few years. Actually, most of the sales happen through mobile phones – compared to desktop computers. So, to provide a great experience to your customers, make sure they can make orders through all of their devices. Your store should be mobile-friendly and make it easy to shop, as when using an app. This way, customers will find it simpler to make orders, which will result in increased sales.

Real-time availability

Showing the stocks of the products may seem like unnecessary information at first. However, it is also one of the steps that can improve customer experience and boost website sales. No matter what channel they use to shop, your customers should be able to know all the information bout the products, including the stock situation. This saves customers a lot of time and affects their visit to the store.

Immediate collection of products

Online shopping has lifted the bar when it comes to customer experience. They receive the products in a short time frame, making an order without leaving their home. However, you can go one step further and offer immediate pickup. If you offer real-time stock information and mobile-friendly orders, some customers may want to get the products even faster – by coming and picking them up. This feature has become even more important during the global pandemic as contactless pickup decreases the virus spread.

An algorithm that predicts the needs of your customers

Another omnichannel feature that can help increase sales is an algorithm that analyzes customers’ behavior. It then uses that data to make personalized recommendations for products. This can be very helpful in targeting customers’ needs and ensuring they’ve got exactly what they need at the right time. Furthermore, in case you want to know how to lower website bounce rate and make people stay there longer – offer them personalized guidance on the products they will surely like.

Improved return policy

It’s true that online shopping makes it easy to get products. But it also increases the chances of making a mistake – getting the wrong size, for example. That’s why your retail strategy should include a good return policy and make it easy for customers to change the items they bought by mistake. Making the return period longer than usual will ensure you gain more trust, and therefore increase sales. People will be more encouraged to go shopping online when they can take things back easily if something is not right.


Person holding a credit card and making an online purchase.
The wider the net you cast through diversified marketing channels, the more sales you are likely to close.

From all the following examples, it seems easy to implement omnichannel sales. However, it takes consistency and high-quality of your products or services to ensure customers stay and return for more. Successful retail is based on trust and avoiding unpredictability in quality and pricing – so make sure you implement those things first.

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