How to improve call quality monitoring

To meet all the demands of today’s customers, it seems that you need to take a proactive approach with your customer support. If your customer service is bad, that will cost your company. So, you have to understand your customers and provide them with as good support as you can. One of the ways to get there is through monitoring calls. When you do it, you get valuable information about your customers, but you also get an insight into how your agents deal with the problems they’re presented with. And the more you can do with the calls you listen to, the better experience for your clients you can make. To teach you how to get the most out of it, we’re talking about how to improve call quality monitoring.

Now, calls make a big part of your interaction with customers. Both your support and sales teams depend on them, and if you have the ConvertMore callback widget installed on your site, you’ll have plenty of them to handle as well. Of course, that’s a good thing, but only if your agents know what they’re doing. Your job is to help them do it properly, and here are some of the best practices for achieving just that.

Use call recording tools for additional analysis

Recording both your inbound and outbound calls is a good place to start. Later, you can analyze them and figure out what your employees were doing right and where did they make mistakes.

An important thing to pay attention to here is to record all the calls. Having access only to random samples of them will get you nowhere. And why this is? Well, the goal here is to gain a global view of what customers want from your company and how your agents can help them get it. And to do that, you’ll need to take a listen to all the calls.

A man thinking about how to improve call quality monitoring.
To improve call quality monitoring, you need to listen to all the calls and learn from them.

Figure out how an ideal call would sound like

To help them navigate towards it, your call center agents should have a model for an ideal call. After assessing all the calls, take note of all the strengths and weaknesses you noticed. Make adjustments, add, and retract until you end up with a perfect call scenario. Of course, you’ll have to make some changes to drive the calls to sound like you want them to. And here’s where you should search for a room for improvement:

  • Call script
  • Agent’s tone or language
  • Management in CRM software

When you have the ideal scenario, introduce it to your employees. It’s a good idea to find some examples of good and bad things from previous calls. If you’re trying to train your agents, show them where exactly they’re doing wrong, and they’ll be able to improve that thing easily. On the other hand, pointing out the good things will only make them more motivated and proud of themselves.

Involve agents in their training and ask them for feedback

If you want to improve call quality monitoring, you must ask your agents for feedback. They are the ones talking to customers every day, so they’ll have some valuable insights. All the chances are that they know what parts of the script don’t work well, what phrases break up tense situations, and how you can simplify the language for the customers. These are the things they deal with, and you should listen to what they have to say.

With that being said, if you want your sales reps to know how to convert more customers, you should give them regular coaching and training to make their game stronger. Use roleplaying and video tutorials to get them on the right track. Of course, you also want to keep them in the loop about the company products, services, prices, and events. They need to know about all of these things to do their job confidently.

An agent in a call center.
Your agents can help you better understand your customers.

Evaluate your employees and reward them

You can’t listen to all the calls and not assess the agents along the way. The calls reflect their skills, so want it or not, you’ll notice how good who is. The best thing you can do here is to make evaluation forms for both agents and managers. Give agents a chance to self-evaluate their performance and then show them what their manager wrote. Let them freely discuss the evaluations and ask about anything they don’t understand.

Finally, when you see that the agents are performing at their best, be sure to recognize their success. Award them and show them how much you appreciate their hard work.

Decide what metrics are crucial for achieving your goals

Many call centers want to find a way to get both first contact resolution (FCR) and low average handling time (AHT) at the same time. However, this isn’t a thing that’s easy to achieve. You might encounter all kinds of scenarios, and some of them need more time to be resolved properly.

And as you know from our guide on how to lower website bounce rate, spending more time with customers can make them happier. Although when it comes to bounce rate, they spend time with your website, here, they spend it with your agent. And your employee can do an even better job than a website of getting your brand closer to the heart of the client.

Moreover, if you spend more time with a client now, that can reduce the overall AHT, as you’ll prevent the need for them to call again. So, in the long run, you’ll spend less time on a customer, and they’ll be happier with you. You win on both fronts.

One person helping another with a laptop problem.
If you spend more time with your customers, you’ll be able to help them with their issues more efficiently.

Make it a regular thing

To improve call quality monitoring in your company, you need to do it at all times. If you look at it as an occasional practice, you won’t see many benefits from it. Remember that customers love to call for service if they have a complex issue and that your sales are through the roof only if your phones are hot. Voice is crucial for the success of your business, and be sure to treat it that way.

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