How to integrate cold calling into your sales funnel

Is cold calling a dinosaur among sales strategies? Sure, it is, but it’s the one that is still alive and thriving today and with a good reason. Phone sales help you generate leads, create rapport, and build trust with your audience. And if you want to know how to increase conversion rate, phone sales are one of the best ways to convert prospects into loyal customers. But how does cold calling fit into today’s business model? It may be challenging to incorporate cold calling with your other strategies. Digital sales, omnichannel sales, social marketing, etc., seem to be the focus of every marketing and sales strategy today. However, cold calling doesn’t have to clash with or be separate from your other strategies. On the contrary, we’ll show you how to integrate cold calling into your sales funnel and boost your business’s success and growth!

What is cold calling, and what’s its role in sales?

As the name implies, cold calling refers to a sales call to a person or business that has had no previous interaction with you. They might not have even heard of your business. As a result, establishing a connection and building trust can be challenging. People are reluctant to speak to strangers, especially if you call them when they’re busy.

However, cold calling is still very effective – it enables you to reach many people and generate new leads. It can result in higher sales deals and boost customer loyalty and retention. Of course, randomly calling numbers from the list and pitching your products or services won’t get these results. The first thing you need to do is to target the right audience with the right approach. Next, enhance your cold-calling strategy with modern tools such as call back service for website and streamline your sales funnel this way.

Sales team meeting
Have your sales team discuss different scripts and how to integrate cold calling into your sales funnel

How to create a script for your cold calls

All cold calls rely on scripts. But, many businesses underestimate the importance of having a quality script. A generic script may appeal to most people, but the opposite is true. Such a script will leave your prospects indifferent to what you say rather than pique their interest. If you want to integrate cold calling into your sales funnel, you must make your scripts more specific and immediately capture your prospects’ attention. Here are some tips on how to do precisely that.

The key elements of a successful cold call script

While your scripts will vary from prospect to prospect and change depending on what you’re selling, some core aspects remain the same. Critical elements of a successful script include:

  • a transparent, honest, and warm introduction
  • addressing the prospect’s pain points
  • offering value with your solution
  • anticipating and addressing the prospect’s concerns and objectives
  • call to action 
  • a simple thank you that shows you appreciate the prospect’s interest and time

Use callback widgets to manage call volume

Where do callback widgets come in? If you’re wondering how to increase sales on my website and be more efficient with your cold call strategy, the callback widget is the answer. Cold calling depends on making many calls and responding promptly to your prospects’ interest. People lose interest quickly, and not responding promptly will cause you to lose leads. This simple widget enables you to easily connect and not overlook important leads.

What is a callback widget and how it works

The callback widget is software that you install on your website. Depending on the users’ activities, the widget button will show on the screen, allowing visitors to contact you quickly and without leaving your website. The algorithm then connects the visitor with your sales team by making two calls simultaneously. This will enable you to easily reach the right audience and integrate cold calling into your sales funnel.

A happy customer using a callback widget
A callback widget enables you to connect with your prospects quickly and effortlessly.

Advantages of using callback widgets

As mentioned, a callback widget will prevent losing valuable leads, make connections easy, and boost conversions. But it has many other benefits, too. It:

  • reduces hold times – even if your sales reps can’t answer, the widget will send an automated message with call info to a number you choose, so someone in your business will be able to call the prospect
  • increases customer satisfaction – quick response and a good script will enhance customer experience with your brand and help you build trust
  • allows easy tracking – the callback widget enables you to track conversion data and thus assess your performance and gain valuable insights.

Tips for implementing callback widgets effectively

Of course, to ensure your callback widget suits your business’s needs, choose the right widgets and customize them. Whether you opt for Exit, Timed, or Sidebar widgets (or all three), customize them for the best performance. For example, you may choose or adjust:

  • where the widget is displayed
  • opt for Call or Schedule a Call buttons
  • write your call to action copy
  • when and how do you accept calls
  • display your company’s logo, etc.
a sales rep in the office using a callback widget
Learn how to make successful cold calls

The cold call process

So, widgets will help you reach your ideal audience and turn cold calls into warm ones. Still, if you’re thinking about how to increase customer engagement on website and boost your cold call strategy, you need to plan your calls. Here are the necessary steps for making a successful cold call:

  • know your prospects – depending on the activities of your prospects on your website, their demographics, and similar data, tailor your approach to suit different segments of your audience and their needs
  • create different scripts based on different types of products you offer as well as different pain points of your audience
  • stay friendly and upbeat
  • become an active listener – listening to your prospects will give you clues on how to adjust your script and also help you build rapport with your prospects
  • know your product well, but stay concise and to the point instead of getting lost in details
  • before calling, consider possible objections and plan how to handle them in advance – in other words, spend some time in your prospect’s shoes and consider their perspective and concerns
  • close the conversation with something tangible – ideally a sale, but scheduling the next call or a meeting, arranging a demo, etc. is also something
  • always respect your prospects’ time and show them you value their interest and needs.

Make the most of your cold call strategy!

By now, you know the importance of having a quality cold call strategy. Creating good scripts and working on your sales skills will enable you to maximize your performance and boost conversions. However, if you want to integrate cold calling into your sales funnel, the best way is to combine it with tech solutions such as callback widgets. This will help you streamline your sales process. In addition, customizing your device to suit your business’s needs allows you to generate more leads, connect with your customers, create rapport, and build trust. Make the best of both worlds and increase your profits and conversion rate!

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