How to maintain sales momentum in a crisis

If the COVID-19 pandemic showed us anything, it is that times of crisis can greatly impact any business. At one point, everything slowed down and remote working has now become the new standard. Even now when things seem to be going back to pre-covid ways, most businesses still run operations from home which can make it more challenging to reach new customers and close more contracts. There are, however, ways to maintain sales momentum in a crisis, and that is exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article. We’ll let you know not only how to convert more customers but how to pave the path for a stronger and better future for your business.

Ways to maintain sales momentum in a crisis

A computer screen with sales metrics on it
If you don’t get creative, any crisis can have a major negative impact on all aspects of your business.

Running a business is difficult, especially in times of crisis. Many businesses don’t have a proper response to the situation. This usually leads to panic and, in many cases, a full-on business catastrophe. However, there are ways to avoid this. It certainly won’t be easy but it’s definitely possible to maintain sales momentum in a crisis and even achieve top-line growth. Continue reading and learn how to make your business survive anything that might come in its way.

Reinforce your brand

We live in an unprecedented time and experience changes on a daily basis. In fact, if you pay attention, you’ll notice that many businesses keep on announcing new policies. They’re doing this in order to adjust to the current situation as well as to build consumer trust. However, there are better strategies to deploy that don’t involve filling your customers’ inboxes.

A much better way to go is to align your brand promise with the current situation. Marketing and branding should always be in line with your customers’ needs and as those needs have changed due to a crisis, naturally you need to change your marketing strategy, too. By offering what’s relevant and helpful today, you’ll ensure to maintain sales momentum in a crisis.

Improve your online presence

A phone with a facebook app opened and social media written in wooden blocks next to it
Improving your social media presence can help you maintain sales momentum.

Even though we’ve been relying on the internet for a long time, the COVID-19 pandemic only emphasized its importance. Being stuck at home forced people all over the world to turn to the internet in order to handle even simple everyday tasks.

This made having a reliable and fast website even more important. If your website is slow and disorganized, most visitors will leave while the page is still loading. Therefore, make sure to invest in proper site maintenance. They’ll find ways to help you lower website bounce rate and convert many site visitors into actual customers.

Also, don’t forget your social media accounts. Nowadays, they might be even more important than your website. If you use them properly, you can build your following. For example, you can use your social media to emphasize how your product or service can benefit people during times of uncertainty. You can also use social media to boost user engagement and get feedback from consumers. That will further help you improve your services and attract more customers.

Support your sales force

An abrupt change and shift like the one the pandemic brought inevitably disrupts the structure and creates time management issues with your employees. They will need some time to process and adjust to this change and your support is crucial for achieving this.

How to boost your sales team’s morale in a crisis?

Three women having working together in a meeting room
Even though your employees are no longer working from the office it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on reinforcing your company’s culture.

Here are just some of the ideas to boost your team:

  • No matter what kind of crisis occurred, you can count on a completely new environment and switch in ways your businesses used to operate. This can have a major effect on your employees, especially your sales team. They’ll need to find creative ways to market your goods or services to potential customers. This is where you should step in and help your sales team by teaching them to show empathy and how to approach customers in times of crisis.
  • One of the key factors in successfully operating a remote team is creating a clear structure. It’s crucial you outline clear goals and objectives for your team and create a measurement system for your company’s as well as employees’ KPIs. Make sure to schedule weekly meetings and understand how your employees’ personal efforts impact your businesses’ success. Knowing their efforts are appreciated will inspire your employees to work harder.
  • The most common mistake businesses tend to make in times of crisis is not communicating enough and properly. However, clear and open communication is the key. You should clearly establish expectations and inspire everyone to nurture an environment that supports communicating openly. This will create connectivity and efficiency in your team.
  • The fact you’re no longer working from the office doesn’t mean you should forget your company’s culture. Quite the opposite now is the time to reinforce it. When everything around you is changing, now is a perfect time to embrace your company’s core values. This will help you keep your employees motivated and hence, maintain sales momentum in a crisis.

The bottom line

Even though it might be difficult at first, there are ways to successfully maintain sales momentum in a crisis and help your business prosper. All it takes is some creative thinking and teamwork and your company will be able to overcome anything that might come in its way. Therefore, when a crisis occurs, don’t panic but look for ways to turn the situation to your advantage. Build your online presence and encourage your employees to do their best work.

If you play your cards right and invest in helpful tools, you’ll even be able to boost your sales further and improve your company’s revenue. Get started on optimizing your sales efforts with the ConvertMore callback widget today!

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