How to optimize your PPC campaigns with tools

We reckon there’s a good chance you’re here because you want to learn how to optimize your PPC campaigns. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, every PPC advertiser wants to get the maximum ROI (Return On Investment) for their modest or not-so-modest advertising efforts. Believe us, you don’t want to risk wasting precious time, money & effort on campaigns that lead nowhere and earn you little to nothing in brand awareness, leads & sales (holy trinity). How does one avoid such an unfruitful investment? As always, folks can employ certain tactics as their trusty aides. In the article, we’ll show you ways you can optimize your PPC campaigns using tools.

Why optimize your PPC campaigns?

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PPC campaigns optimization will greatly help you boost your conversions and profits.

We’ll try to be quick here. The thing is: PPC (Pay-To-Click advertising) optimization assists you in sustaining or enhancing your paid search ad campaigns. In other words: they help you boost your conversions and profits. Of course, learning how to optimize your PPC campaigns can be quite of a drag, especially if you’re not equipped with the right tools. That’s, among other things, why we chose to speak about this today.

CRO (Conversion Rates Optimization) tools

Wondering how to boost web lead conversions? If so, you’ll want to start using one of those CRO (Conversion Rates Optimization) tools. Here’s a standard definition of CRO: a strategic process you need to go through in order to convert more of your site’s visitors into actual leads and trusty customers.

CRO is all about taking what you’ve already got there on your site and enhancing it using data, user behavior statistics, and your natural marketing sense. That way, you’ll ensure more of your website visitors take some action. These rates may vary in dependence on your industry, product, target audience, etc. so we can’t say for sure which numbers you should be striving towards. Freebies like HubSpot or Hotjar might be the tools you’ll want to begin with.

Keyword research tools

Needless to mention, you won’t go that far without proper keywords. That’s where a keyword research tool can come quite in handy. It will assist you in finding topic ideas based on what folks from all around the world are searching on Google, Bing, Amazon, etc. You want to know what your potential customers are looking for, right?

By using keyword research tools, you can create a content strategy that will cover those themes in your blog posts and landing pages. Additionally, these tools will give you a helping hand in seeing both seed and long-tail keywords where your competition is ranking at the top. Consider trying Ahrefs or SEMrush.

Retargeting tools

You’ll definitely want to try these ones out. Curious about how you’ll increase website sales? Good. Using retargeting tools will help you find alternate ways for your audience. According to some research, if retargeting tools weren’t available, only 2% of your website users would convert on their first visit. Even though that might seem a bit too much, it’s not a piece of information you’d want to take lightly. These tools will assist you in turning the so-called missed opportunities into potential loyal customers. In other words: their main objective is to re-engage 98% of your soon-to-be customers. Anyway, have you tried AdRoll yet?

Google Chrome extensions

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Even though they mightn’t be your first thought, Google Chrome extensions can be quite useful when optimizing your PPC campaigns.

Another way to optimize your PPC campaigns with tools is to use Google Chrome extensions. They’ll help you scan your website in search of issues such as problematic or broken code. Additionally, they can track on-page Google analytics for extra keyword insights. Even though it mightn’t be something you’d call a PPC tool, Grammarly is one of the most useful Chrome extensions out there. It’ll help you post content without any grammar errors or typing mistakes. Going through the text word-by-word is sometimes pretty irritating, don’t you agree?

A/B testing tools

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Without a proper ad copy, your PPC campaign doesn’t stand a chance. That’s why you’ll want to try out some A/B testing tools, like Google Optimize.

Here at ConvertMore, we like simple truths. There’s no need to emphasize the fact that copy is a crucial aspect of PPC ad performance. One of the biggest issues advertisers face is how to create a high-converting copy? While there are many aspects that great copywriting consists of, one of the crucial factors in optimizing your PPC ad performance is A/B testing, also called split testing. With A/B testing tools, you’ll figure out exactly what kind of copy reaches a specific audience. Without careful and thorough testing, you’ll be running campaigns on assumptions or best-in-theory practices that might not work for you, even if they work for other brands. Google Optimize is one of these you’d want to try out.

Here’s a little summary

Since we’re nearing the end margins of this text, it’s time we do something of a sum-up of the text above. So, how does one optimize PPC campaigns using tools?

  • CRO (Conversion Rates Optimization) tools to the rescue. Ensure most of your website visitors take action.
  • What about keyword research tools? See what kind of info are your potential customers looking for.
  • Also, have you forgotten retargeting tools? If you don’t want 98% of your visitors not returning to the site, try some of these out.
  • Google Chrome extensions – subtle, yet key players. The text you’re reading would be a mess without Grammarly.
  • Lastly, your PPC campaign ain’t a good one without A/B testing tools. Always have a couple of options just to see which one works best.

To conclude: your PPC campaigns will benefit greatly from using optimization tools. Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to make some new loyal customers.

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