How to optimize your website for more phone calls

It may seem that businesses increasingly move their marketing and sales online. After all, that’s where their target audiences are. However, that is not the whole picture. Phone calls were and still are the backbone of every business. Of course, people use their smartphones to browse the Internet. But, they also use them to make calls to businesses. One doesn’t exclude the other.

On the contrary, combining both is the best way to achieve the results. Integrating these two strategies enables you to generate more leads and boost your conversion rate. So, how do you do that? ConvertMore callback widget and similar software are one way to optimize your website for more phone calls. Plus, many other ways of integrating phone calls into your digital strategies exist. Let’s explore the possibilities step by step!

Strategies for optimizing a website to encourage more phone calls

All brand interactions start with attracting leads’ attention. Before you choose which strategies to implement, it’s best to analyze lead generating efforts. That will show you your business’s strong suits and weak areas needing improvement. As a result, you can make an informed choice about what your business needs.

Luckily, there are various strategies to help you optimize your website for more phone calls. There are five main areas you should consider:

  • mobile-friendly design and user experience
  • strategic placement of phone numbers and CTAs
  • showcasing the value of calling
  • implementing a customizable call widget
  • tracking and analyzing phone call data

Say your website is already user-friendly and engaging. However, users will likely overlook your phone number if you don’t display it clearly. But if you showcase this info, add value to making a call, and make connecting easy via the callback widget, the number of phone call conversions will increase. So, let’s dive deeper into the steps to do exactly this.

a group of people using different devices for browsing a website
Ensure your website is user-friendly for different devices

Mobile-friendly design and user experience

It must be top-notch if you want to increase sales on your website. And that means that design and functionality must go hand in hand. User experience matters, so you want your website to be simple to navigate and engaging to encourage users to stay.

Importance of mobile responsiveness

Many businesses create a design that looks amazing on a desktop and think they’re done. But what does it look like, and how does it work on a mobile phone? In reality, many visitors will use their phones to visit your website. They won’t stay long if it doesn’t load quickly or looks confusing. So, ensure your website works properly and looks good in a mobile version.

Easy navigation and call-to-action buttons

Once your website attracts users, you want to make it easy for them to go to the next step. If they’re ready to take action (subscribe to your newsletter, make a purchase, etc.), you want them to quickly find the right page and CTA button. If they have to search around, you’ve probably already lost them. Therefore, ensure they can quickly find what they want and navigate your site intuitively.

Click-to-call functionality

Believe it or not, many people still prefer talking to a real person. If your website visitors want to know more about the product or maybe have a support issue, they’ll want to get in touch quickly and effortlessly. The click-to-call button lets them do that while browsing your website or an app. It’s a convenient and straightforward solution that enables you to optimize your website for more phone calls.

a happy person calling a business via a website
When you optimize your website for more phone calls, keep user experience in mind

Strategic placement of phone numbers and CTAs (Call-to-Action)

So, how do you make it easy for website visitors to find your phone number or CTA button?  The right placement is the key. You can make your phone number and CTAs prominent by:

  • utilizing headers and footers – they’re always there, within sight and easy reach
  • use the sidebars – even if the page is long, having useful info readily available on the side is a good idea
  • clear and enticing CTAs will encourage people to make calls and take their desired actions.

Showcasing the value of calling

While over 60% of prospects are likely to call your business at some point, offering extra incentives is always a good idea. Appeal to people’s emotions – fear, excitement, etc. People like to be in on things; the fear of missing out on a unique opportunity, discount, or limited supply will urge them to call.

In addition, make your phone number a part of CTA on your blog/content/downloadable pages. When the content captivates your visitors’ interest, please encourage them to call you and find out more and ask questions. Ensure these pages have a click-to-call functionality to make reaching your business simple and quick.

Implementing a customizable call widget

When you want to optimize your website for more phone calls, the two main things are to ensure it’s easy for customers to call you and that there’s a quick response on your part. Installing lead calling software will help you on both accounts.

The call widget facilitates immediate phone conversations

It enables your customers to call you as soon as they want. By clicking a simple button on your website, they request or make a call to your business. Then, the widget immediately initiates a callback and quickly responds to your customers’ calls.

You can personalize the widget to match your brand’s voice and target audience

Another advantage of callback widgets is that you can customize them to suit your brand and audience. You can adjust your copy, style, and times to boost brand recognition and customer experience. 

Optimize your widget for all devices

We’ve already mentioned that your website needs to be user-friendly in all cases. Design your widget so it works both on desktops and mobile devices.

two women discussing website improvements
Run A/B tests and analyze call metrics regularly

Tracking and analyzing phone call data

Lastly, keep continually assessing your performance and improving your website. Tracking and analyzing all phone call data and relevant call metrics will help you identify improvement areas. Run A/B tests on different placements and strategies to find the best work for your business. This will enable you to optimize phone call conversions and make the most of your website.

Start implementing these strategies today!

As you may see, phone calls are still relevant in the digital world of today’s marketing and sales. The best route is to optimize your website for more phone calls.  Many strategies can help you with this goal – from choosing the proper placement to installing the right callback widget.  Implement these strategies to boost leads and conversions through phone calls.

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