Live Chat vs Callback software – which is better?

Any business with an online presence can benefit from a spectrum of available software solutions. Assuming that you have a website, there are two leading options to help improve your business operations. There are convenient Livechat options you can integrate into your website. On the other side, there are Callback software solutions that allow easy and convenient live calls. But, making a choice between live chat vs callback software is not always easy. Both have their own advantages and distinct functionalities that can help you connect with your prospects and existing customers, and improve your sales.

What to choose: live chat vs callback software?

A variety of screen sizes showing regular screens and eCommerce logos.
Both solutions can easily integrate on any eCommerce platform.

If you have any doubts about which one to use, first you have to understand what their primary functions are. The main reason to do some research is: even though they seem similar, they are not the same. It’s not easy to tell which one is better, and in some situations, you can even need them both. Sometimes, live chat might be more convenient to use for quick support. But callback software like ConvertMore call-back widget for WordPress will have a better potential for solving more complex matters.

To help you better understand the similarities and differences between live chat and callbacks, below you will find a list of their pros and cons.

What is callback software?

Callback software is a great option when you want to convert visitors to leads and improve your sales. It easily integrates with websites, so you can have a convenient widget anywhere on your pages. Basically, the best example is the widget where visitors leave their numbers so you can get in touch with them. However, this function that looks like filling out a simple form is not all there is. Their strongest point is the capability to schedule calls.

For example, when visitors leave their phone numbers, depending on the chosen options, callback software can immediately let agents know what to do. In the case of third-party software, it can directly connect visitors with website support. On the other hand, it can schedule a call so you can get in touch when it suits them.

Callback software advantages

When you want to make the most out of your existing traffic, callback software is probably the best option. Support-wise, it’s always easier and more effective to solve issues and make deals by speaking. Undoubtedly, this approach gives you the opportunity to provide a great user experience. And, when necessary, convert leads into customers. Also, callbacks provide a personalized experience. People prefer talking with agents when they need something or want information about something that already interests them. They are not very fond of cold calls practice that has been in use for years already.

In addition to the above, callback software benefits include:

  • Providing service to visitors that have genuine interests and needs in services and products
  • Allow you to establish a better and more human connection by talking over the phone
  • It’s also much easier to provide and explain complex information when talking
  • Since they are preference-oriented, basically, the abandonment rates are low
  • callback software also allows you to track user behavior and analyze different types of data

Finally, callback software is a great way to provide excellent customer support. By solving the issues with live calls, your customers will be more satisfied. Which is one of the essential factors to increase customer loyalty. As a result, you will quickly see an improvement in sales and revenues.

Callback software disadvantages

A live video call on one of the popular platforms with a laptop.
Don’t forget that some demographic groups prefer talking instead of typing.

Without a doubt, callback software can also be the best conversion rate optimization software. But it still has a few disadvantages. While it provides a more personalized approach, you will still need many agents to cover all the calls. On top of it, since the conversation is in real-time, you will have to invest more in the proper training of your representatives. In addition, it can be quite time-consuming to track all the audio records when you want to audit and monitor on a large scale. However, with the right widget and setup, combined with a CRM solution, these disadvantages are easily fixable.

What is live chat software?

The term being self-explanatory, live chat gives you the option to chat with your website visitors directly on the website. When you need a fast way of communication, texting can be a really convenient option. Your desktop and mobile users will easily send a message within your pages, and your representatives can take the chat in a matter of seconds. Just like numerous chat applications widely used for social media and SMS texting. In general, you can use simple chat widgets that are integrated into your pages. Or, you can opt for a full software application with additional tools that make communication even easier. The best part, agents can also initiate contact this way. Not only your website visitors.

Live chat software advantages

At first look, live chat makes the most out of the user experience by providing the connection with just one click. It adds the request in the queue so one of your representatives can instantly answer back. However, there are also additional, less obvious, conveniences:

  • the pause between sentences between agents and visitors is less awkward
  • the chat window allows you to share additional material like links, images, pdf files, and such.
  • representatives can help each other without compromising the trust and connection with clients
  • can be a good option to collect visitors details by filling in user information forms
  • you can also ask for feedback or give an option to complete surveys
  • many chat solutions have integrated additional tools like multi-language translators

Live chat software disadvantages

Unfortunately, live chat options have a few disadvantages as well. Sometimes, they may lead to poor customer experience. Especially if the queue is huge and they need to wait too long. Typically, this can result in high bounce rates and can be quite demotivating for further engagement. Not to mention that you will need agents available 24/7, to cover different time zones. It can also be hard to effectively deal with spam and irrelevant queries. In most cases, it’s hard or almost impossible to tell in which emotional state customers are. And, if you have a limited number of characters due to security and other reasons, it can be hard to explain more complex matters.

Two persons typing messages on their smartphones.
Communication by texting becomes quite popular with the rise of SMS and social media.

Different types of tools can be helpful assets for converting your visitors to valuable customers. But, with so many options and situations out there, it can be hard to decide between using live chat vs callback software. Sometimes, one can prove to be more beneficial than the other. While in other occasions, the best option will be to use both of them. To make the right decision, it’s necessary to consider all the business requirements. Which can be different from industry to industry.

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