The optimal guide to pay-per-call advertising

While we live in a time where we experience economic shifts caused by technology, a human touch is still essential in making a business successful. Businesses operating within the service industry depend on the subtlety that the human touch can bring to customer service. That is precisely where your pay-per-call ad campaign can represent a perfect blend of digitalization and human contact. You can tailor your activities to reach your revenue objectives with the right lead engagement software and a high-performing, motivated sales team. For example, suppose your business relies on making sales through inbound calls. Imagine that your product or service requires some higher level of consideration before purchase. If that is the case, you will benefit from our pay-per-call advertising guide.

What is pay-per-call advertising, and why your business needs it?

man working on a pay-per-call advertising campaign
If your business relies on phone calls then pay-per-call advertising is something to explore

If you are a service provider, you are most likely to book your appointments by phone. Whether you are working in transportation, healthcare, finances, moving, or offering professional home services, you are most definitely receiving a lot of calls. Perhaps your product is such that it requires your customer a little more time and consideration before making a purchase. If this is true, then pay-per-call marketing can help you achieve results. This type of advertising is an excellent solution for any business that relies on calls generated leads. Surprisingly, it is pretty simple to explain:

  • Let’s say your ideal customer develops a need for a handyman
  • He types in “handyman services” into his search engine
  • The search engine comes up with a list of results, with your ad in the top
  • Once your ideal customer clicks on your ad, he is led to a phone call with your company representative
  • Once he has a conversation with your salesperson, the affiliate who applied the campaign gets a commission

So, if you are wondering how to increase conversion rate, and bring your business to the next level, consider the simplicity and effectiveness of pay-per-call ad campaigns.

Explore all the benefits of pay-per-call and convert your caller into a buyer

If you opt to develop pay per call campaigns for your business, you will have the chance to have the best from both worlds. Use your online and phone traffic to generate more sales. Even though you will still have to invest in finding effective ways to follow up with phone leads, your advertising efforts will most likely help upgrade your sales. These are only some of the benefits and advantages you can expect when you choose to increase your sales through pay per click marketing:

  • High conversion rates. Speaking to an actual salesperson on the phone leads your customer to make a quicker, more informed decision to purchase.
  • Cost-effectiveness. A simple ad or another piece of content can produce hundreds of leads which tend to be easier to convert.
  • Call tracking and recording. It is easier to see the source of lead generation and give valuable information about the customer for future marketing efforts.

Which marketing channels work best with pay-per-call advertising?

letters spelling SEM
Proper Search Engine Marketing efforts will set your business apart in more ways than one

One of the most commonly cited advantages of pay-per-call campaigns is that these campaigns work well with almost all marketing channels. Whether affiliates and advertisers use paid search or search engine optimization, pay per call will still have high conversion rate attributes. Still, you can expect some channels to produce higher conversion rates than others:

  • SEM – securing top ranking through Google Ads is always a suitable advertising method
  • SEO – even though it may be slow, the cost of conversion is low to make it worth it
  • Display advertising – great for visitors who haven’t decided yet
  • Video advertising – with YouTube replacing traditional television, video pay per call advertising reaches new levels

Besides the mentioned above, it goes well with traditional marketing methods. This includes email, print, or OOH advertising. Whichever channel you choose, your business can expect excellent results from pay-per-call marketing tactics.

List of tactics to employ to make the most use of your pay-per-call campaign

If you have explored all the pros and cons of PPC advertising and set on using it to boost your sales, then you should think about some of these practices:

  • Setting clear goals is imperative – before you start your PPC campaign, determine what your goals are and make them quantifiable. Choose to track the number of phone leads you receive over time and see if it decreases or increases.
  • Determine your ideal customer – every marketing campaign needs a target audience to be effective.
  • Decide on offline or online calls – determine based on demographics if its more beneficial to have your customers dial your number of clicks to make the call
  • Make every call count – monitor your calls and track results while working on tactics to decrease lead response time so you can reach a point where your goals are met

How does your customer perceive the whole process?

Perhaps you are thinking about the customer experience while activating a pay-per-call campaign. Rest assured, when your customer goes through the process, it is similar to them calling your business directly. As far as your customer is concerned, there will be no difference in placing a call on their own or going through your pay-per-call ad. For your business, on the other hand, it will make all the difference; you will be able to route, filter, track, record, monitor, and monetize on those calls more efficiently.

call center employees
Maximizing your team sales efficiency will be easier with the support of the right software tools

The vital thing to grasp is that all your pay-per-call advertising efforts will take effect if part of a well-thought-of marketing strategy. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and actively maximizing your performance in areas that need improvement will ultimately lead to desired results. With applied knowledge and software solutions that simplify the sales process, you should improve your whole revenue generation process.

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