Popup statistics that can help your business grow

Looking from the customers’ end of things, most people will tell you that popups are annoying and useless. But just how true is this? Do popups work and increase conversion rates? Statistics show that the answer is still a loud, resounding YES. However, the success of popup strategies depends on how they’re used. We’ve all had experience with the annoying kind of popups. They always show up when you least need them to. What’s more, they usually get in the way of what really interests you and bother you with something irrelevant. On the other hand, well-crafted popups that show up at the right time can significantly enhance customers’ experience and increase user engagement on a website. On top of all that, they’ll boost many aspects of your business. Without further ado, let’s have a look at some popup statistics that can help your business grow!

What are the benefits of using popups?

First, let’s have a clear answer to what popups are. They are simple software tools. Websites use graphic interfaces to display information without directing users away from the page they’re on. What’s more, popups vary greatly in terms of design, type, size, etc. They can also contain different types of content. And depending on their kind, our team at ConvertMore testify to the many different benefits of popups:

  • they grab users attention and guide them
  • well-crafted popups can help you increase the conversion rate
  • if you’re wondering how to lower website bounce rate, quality popups can provide a solution to this problem
  • popups are easy to customize and use in many different situations
  • they help you showcase your brand from the get-go.

What do popup statistics have to say?

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According to popup statistics, it’s important to make your popups valuable to your audience

If you’re still in doubt about popups, here are some statistics to change your mind. Studies and analytics show that the average conversion rate for popups is over 10%. What’s more, the top ten percent of the highest performing popups increase the conversion rate by an astounding 42% or more!

This translates directly to increasing customer engagement and sales rates. Not to mention that popups can provide an answer to another important question – how to lower website bounce rate. In addition to that, popups enable you to build up your subscription lists and get to know your audience better.

Tips for creating effective popups that will help your business grow

But, what are the characteristics of those top ten percent of popups? We’ve done some research by comparing them and analyzing data. Based on that, we’ve prepared this valuable list of essential elements of the most successful popups!

Choose an eye-catching headline

The majority of website users will first notice the headline of your popup. So, make it count! Ensure that your headline is short and relevant. It should attract users’ attention and make your offer clear.

Keep user experience in mind when designing a popup

If you want your business to prosper, make your customers happy! This simple rule of thumb applies to popups, too! So, when you’re designing a popup, think about the ways in which it can offer value to your audience. Additionally, ensure that your popups are both desktop and mobile-friendly.

Timing is the key to creating an effective popup

a clock with coins stacked next to it
Choosing the right time for displaying a popup is crucial

It doesn’t matter how good your popup is if you show it at the wrong time! On the contrary, an average popup will perform better than an excellent one if you know when to display it. In simple terms, make your popup relevant to what the user is doing on your website.

For example, discount and special offer popups will perform great on the product page. Similarly, newsletter popups will work better in the blog section where your audience is looking for additional information.

Use attractive colors or add an image to your popup

Research shows that popups with images can lead to an over 80% higher rate of conversion! Why is that so? The answer is simple – a picture is worth a thousand words. Dynamic and eye-catching content is more likely to be engaging and appealing to your audience.

Choose your style with care

Although popups generally perform better when they are engaging and colorful, that is not always appropriate. The tone and style you choose should be a reflection of your brand. So, if your business deals with economics, education, medicine, etc., a more subdued, but elegant style might be more favorable for your brand. However, whether you go for an easy-going, professional, or mix of both styles, always be respectful towards your audience.

Popup statistics show that a call-to-action is an essential component of an effective popup

What call-to-action the popup will offer depends a lot on its intention and purpose. However, your popup will be mostly useless without one. After all, the goal of all popups is to engage customers in some way. You may use them to collect information or feedback, build a subscription list, encourage purchase, etc. It’s a good idea not to overwhelm users with too many options or details. Instead, ensure your call to action is clear and concise.

Optimize audience segmentation

a person looking at customer data analytics on their laptop
Use customer segmentation tools to make the most of your popup strategy

Another way to make the most of your popup strategy is to customize your popups to suit different parts of your audience. For example, if your business offers pet products, training, and pet daycare, design different popups for each service. That way every user will get information and offers that interest them, instead of being peppered with irrelevant content.

Don’t neglect exit popups

Popups don’t necessarily have to deal with special offers or collect data. On the contrary, there are other kinds of popups that help you keep the users longer on your website and decrease the bounce rate. Exit popup software will do exactly that. If you make them engaging, you can sway a reluctant customer to change your mind and become a loyal customer.

Learn from others

Last but not least, don’t hesitate to look around you for inspiration! There’s no need to reinvent the wheel – instead, make notes on popups that catch your attention. Look at examples of good practice and pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. Use opportunities to learn from others and then adjust what you learn to your own needs.

Re-examine your use of popups so far and watch your conversion rate grow

Despite public opinion, popups are effective in boosting conversions at the end of the day. This much is certain from the popup statistics that we examined. The only important thing to remember is to take your time in creating the most engaging and natural popup for your business. And this is something that the ConvertMore customizable callback widget can do for you. Make your website more engaging for customers and secure more phone call leads by installing our software today!

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