The pros and cons of scripted sales calls

When building your online presence, you’ll do your best to create engaging and user-friendly content. This, of course, includes everything from your blog posts to your popups and callback software. Every word and phrase matters. That’s because all of these scripted messages serve a vital role – they appeal to the website visitors and encourage them to interact with your brand. If you do it well, you’ll be able to convert more leads and boost your sales rates. So, does the same rule apply to scripted sales calls?

The answer to this question isn’t simple. Opinions vary, and everybody is passionate about what they think is the right approach. However, if you want to know what’s best for your brand, you’ve come to the right place. We will delve into the advantages and disadvantages of scripted sales calls. Ensure you consider both before you make your choice!

Pros of scripted sales calls

sales team discussing scripted calls
Sales scripts are excellent tools for teaching new employees in the sales department.

First, let’s start with the positive! Preparing your sales pitch in advance can have many benefits, especially if you’re just starting your business. Even experienced sales reps often find scripted lines valuable and prefer to use them in their everyday routine.

Call scripts are a valuable training tool

Sales scripts are an ideal solution for new sales reps who are just starting. They enable them to learn the ropes of the trade and become familiar with the basics. After all, although different companies will have different scripts, some basic touchstones during the sales call remain the same. Your new recruits will benefit from learning these steps and developing their sales style from there.

They can help you measure performance

Additionally, if you develop different sales scripts for different products, services, or departments, you can use them to track performance. For example, if every sales rep uses a slightly different script, you can use their success to pinpoint the flaws or problems with the script. That way you can find the best way to improve your strategies and increase conversions.

Scripts help you keep all the relevant details in mind

two persons writing a sales script
If you plan your scripted sales calls in great detail, you’ll have all the relevant information when you need it.

Knowing exactly where you’re going and the necessary steps to get there can be very helpful. Sales scripts provide you with this type of certainty. Having a detail-heavy script will ensure you don’t forget anything important during the sales call. Additionally, you will have all the relevant information about the product, payment, and delivery right in front of you whenever you need it.

Keeps you on track

However, sometimes conversations don’t go the way we anticipate them to go. In such a case, a good script will prove invaluable. If you plan for different possibilities during the call you’ll be able to switch easily between the options and continue the conversation in a smooth and coherent way.

Cons of scripted sales calls

What we think of as flaws of scripts is the result of bad experiences. Everyone remembers at least one occasion on which they were subjected to a seemingly endless tirade by a sales rep. This usually happens when the script is not well-written or the delivery is poor. However, striking the right balance is a delicate and challenging task. As a result, scripted sales calls carry certain risks:

Your sales reps may rely on the scripts too much

The detailed scripts can have the opposite effects from the ones we’ve mentioned above. No script can account for all possible situations. Therefore if a conversation turns or a prospect asks for an unexpected piece of information, a sales rep relying on the script only can be left high and dry. Because of this, it’s better to treat the script as a guiding tool with room for improvisation and flexibility.

Sale scripts can be limiting

When you want to know how to increase sales on your website, you strive to create the most exciting content and use tools that will help with customer experience and engagement. Once you set these in motion, you can track their performance and change or adjust them as necessary over time.

However, with sales calls, you have to have other factors in mind. Reaching out to the audience in the right way is still most important. But the sales reps’ individual traits also play a significant role. Not all reps will have the same sales style, vocabulary, and approach. A scrip might clash with these traits and result in poorer results.

a person making a sales call
Ensure your sales script leaves some room for improvisation and individual styles.

Additionally, you want your reps to react as soon as the situation arises. Heavy scripts might constrain your reps’ creativity and make it difficult for them to improvise when necessary.

They leave a wrong impression on the prospect

The next downside you need to have in mind is the impression your prospect will get during the call. An overly detailed script may appear like reading to your prospect. Not only will it sound robotic and unnatural but it will also fail to create a bond of trust between the participants. If they feel they are simply being read to, prospects are more likely to lose interest and less likely to believe they can get the right answers from your sales rep.

Sale scripts may remove the focus from the prospect

Lastly, let’s not forget the rule of thumb in sales: the customer is always the main focus. Your reps need to find the prospects’ pain points and directly address their needs and worries. This process demands active listening to what your prospect is saying and reacting in a proper manner. Unfortunately, your sales reps are too focused on saying everything in their script. And that would detract from the customer and make them less open to what you have to say.

The bottom line

So, what is the truth about scripted sales calls? No size fits all, and the same is true for the scripts. In some scenarios, they are valuable tools that help beginners and experienced sales reps alike. However, they can sometimes limit your sales reps’ performance due to writing or delivery. But if you base your scripts on best practices and leave some room for deviation and adjusting to what’s happening, you can make the best of them. That way, you’ll encourage your sales department to bring their own skills to the table while at the same time they’ll have something to rely on.

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