Proven tactics for increasing website sales

Running an online business provides a plethora of advantages. Ecommerce websites offer instant sales, just a few clicks away, and that’s what everyone wants today. No standing in lines, waiting for cashiers to process the payment, or other shoppers to finish their purchases. Online shopping is probably one of the most popular trends of today. With that in mind, let’s see what are some proven tactics for increasing website sales!

10 tactics for increasing website sales

1. Get more leads through retargeting

Sometimes, customers need that extra push to show them that you are committed to them. Having a hands-on approach to reach out to customers that are uncertain about buying can demonstrate determination that will win leads for your business. And with callback widgets such as Convert More, you can send a clear message to all site visitors that might be having second thoughts. Instead of waiting for the customer to make the first move, show determination and ambition through your ingenuity and the use of the software. Increasing website sales is sometimes as simple as making that first step.

1. Brand awareness leads to more sales

One of the tactics to increase website sales is to work on your brand awareness. The more famous your company is, the better. Moreover, a brand inspires people to be better and promotes a set of goals and values that customers respect. Furthermore, it instills trust as a distributor of safe and quality products.

2. A user-friendly website goes a long way

Layout for web design
Coming up with simple yet effective layouts is one of the proven tactics for increasing website sales.

There is nothing worse than when a customer visits a website wanting to purchase something, only to find these complicated pages and numerous menu options. Remember that an online shop needs to be simple and eyecatching. The ideal scenario is that a customer visits the product page, clicks on it, and purchases it. Remember, you don’t want them spending a lot of time on other pages, splitting their focus. You are giving them too much time to change their mind about the purchase.

3. Add a testimonials and reviews page

People are always afraid of getting scammed on e-commerce websites. Online credit card thefts are very common, and no one should ever buy anything from a fishy website. A testimonials page lets people see how satisfied previous buyers were.

4. Customer support chat

Another fantastic option that can increase your website sales is to add a live support chat window. If a visitor sees that your employees are always online, that gives them a sense of trust and security. Whatever goes wrong, they can get in touch with someone immediately and report the problem. Furthermore, if they have any questions or concerns, they can ask and get an answer.

Another option is to add support via e-mail or a phone number. If you don’t have the bandwidth or enough employees to cover online chat shifts, you can still provide other options for your customers.

5. Market your products through a blog

Blogs are very popular today since they offer information. A huge benefit of running a blog is that you get to write about whatever you want. That is a perfect opportunity to write articles focused on promoting your products. You could:

  • do a survey with previous buyers, ask about their experience, and publish it as an article;
  • explain what your products are, and how and when to use them;
  • offer more information about your products. For example, if you are selling home furniture, write about room layouts, or how to effectively use space with large furniture, etc.

The idea is to gain the attention of the visitors. Provide useful information to get them on your blog. From there, offer options to purchase products if they are interested.

6. Use the benefits of social media

Phone with social media apps
Social media platforms have a huge influence on the development of online shopping.

A lot of businesses run their online sales via Facebook or Instagram. These social media apps are a perfect solution for people who cannot afford a website. With that in mind, social media platforms can be a fantastic addition to your business. You can promote products, communicate with customers, and answer their questions.

Just remember to be active, and engage them in a conversation. Don’t wait for them to come to you, be the initiator, but in a subtle and enticing way. That is one of the most efficient proven tactics for increasing website sales.

7. Make use of online upselling

Upselling is a verified strategy that sellers use to sell more products to the customer. However, that can be a double-edged sword. The outcome depends on the seller’s ability and communication skills to perused a buyer to spend more money.

Online upselling is more subtle, and may actually bring better results. When someone purchases a product on your website, give them suggestions on other products that go well with it. Furthermore, you can create discount actions for purchasing more than one product, or a set of items. Other tactics for increasing website sales include e-mail marketing that promotes package deals.

8. Implement a loyalty program

Faithful and returning customers should be rewarded. A loyalty program allows you to create a base of customers with privileges and reward them for their loyalty to your brand. In return, they get special deals, discounted prices, and even promotions that are not available to everyone. Most of all, they get to feel special.

9. Give discounts on online sales

Person making an online purchase.
People like to shop online, especially if there is a discount offer.

A very common situation, especially with websites that sell electronics like computers and laptops is to offer discounted prices for online sales. A customer would purchase a product online, and then have it delivered to their home, or pick it up at the shop. This is a very efficient way to sell something to the customer:

  • they don’t have to get out of the chair;
  • they get to buy the product now;
  • a lower price is always enticing;
  • they can safely browse the products section, compare prices and characteristics, and purchase when ready;

10. Implement a transparent return policy

The biggest downside of selling products online is that customers don’t get to see the product themselves when buying it. They need reassurance that everything will be fine. Furthermore, if something goes wrong, they can always get a refund, return the product, or turn it into store credit. A transparent and clear return policy will help them to make a decision faster. Remember that all problems require immediate attention.

Proven tactics for increasing website sales – delivered!

By following these simple tactics for increasing website sales, you are giving your business a chance to succeed. Online sales are a key factor for every business since they allow you to access a huge pool of customers from all over the world. With that in mind, take your time, pay attention to everything, and tweak your website all the time. Focus on customer conversion, push online sales, and enjoy the long-lasting benefits!

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