Reasons why you should invest in call tracking software

The key to growing a business is growing your customer base. For that, you need to convert more people. And if you’ve ever wondered how to increase your website conversion rate, then you surely know that the answer lies in having the right information. With accurate and in-depth data analysis, you will understand your customers better and thus become better and providing them with what they need in terms of goods, services, and marketing. That is, after all, why you track traffic on your website with tools like Google Analytics. But your website is not the only thing you should be tracking. Many of your customers will first come into contact with you by phone. So you should also be collecting data about those calls. That’s where call tracking software comes in. These tools will help you learn more about your customers and how best to serve them.

What is call tracking software?

There are probably dozens of ways for your customers to find your business and get in touch with you. Your phone number is listed on your website and social media profiles, you’re running multiple marketing campaigns at any given time, you have click-to-call or ConvertMore callback software installed, you’re giving out business cards… When a customer calls, you don’t ask them where they got your number – you’re just happy they did. But wouldn’t be helpful to know which one of your strategies inspired them to pick up the phone?

Woman sitting outside, looking at her phone.
When the phone rings, it’s good to know where the call is coming from.

This is what call tracking software helps with. It collects data from and about phone calls, identifying which campaigns, ads, or displays triggered them. As such, it provides invaluable real-time information about caller intent and useful indicators of marketing successes. It does so using dynamic number insertion. Basically, it attaches a unique phone number to each search engine, ad, page, or web display. So you’ll be able to see how many calls you’re getting from each individual source.

How call tracking software benefits your business

If you want to properly track your calls, you’ll need to invest in quality software. As a budget-minded business owner, you may be wondering whether that investment is worth it. The answer is – not for every business. But here are major benefits to call tracking that you should take into consideration before making a decision.

See your marketing ROI

There are many metrics by which you can measure the success of your marketing. One of the most widespread and most straightforward ones, however, is return on investment or ROI. It is expressed as a percentage and calculated by dividing the net profits of a campaign or project by the initial investment. A part of those profits will come from sales and conversions on phone calls. So if you want to accurately calculate the ROI of your marketing campaigns, you need to include the money you make from phone calls into your numbers. With call tracking software, this isn’t hard. You’ll always know which campaign to attribute the sale to.

Learn which keywords are driving conversions

Online, most potential customers find you through search engines. In order to do that, they Google a specific word or phrase. This is what we call a keyword. You will have different keywords for different pages, ads, and marketing campaigns. Knowing which of these keywords are successful and which are not can be very beneficial when you’re planning further marketing campaigns. With call tracking, you’ll know the answer to this question. Different campaigns (and therefore, different keywords) will have different numbers. So you’ll know which ones are generating the most calls.

Google home page.
With call tracking software, you can find out what people search to find your business contact.

Better understand your customers and their journey

Happy customers make for good business. And to keep your customers happy, you need to provide them with what they want. But in order to do that, you must first understand them – what they’re looking for and how they find it. This is how to lower website bounce rate, increase conversions, and improve overall customer experience. How does call tracking fit into all this? Easy: it provides you with a deeper insight into the customers’ journey. If you know how many calls different campaigns attract, you’ll also know which campaigns are the most successful, what type of marketing your customers are responding to, which channels they’re using, and more. Then, you can stop attributing conversion only to the last page your customers visit and instead take into consideration other steps that led to this final click.

Identify trends and changes in customer behavior

Over time, your customers’ wants, needs, and preferences will change. You need to be ready for these developments so that you can adjust your business strategies. Tracking calls can serve as an early sign of upcoming changes. Calls will stop coming from certain sources while others become more prominent. You can use this to predict which campaigns are waning in popularity and which you should focus on more.

Graphs produced using data from call tracking software
Follow the trends in customer behavior and spot changes early.

Analyze different channels and locations separately

Your business is probably present in multiple places at once. Physically speaking, you may have opened several new locations. Digitally, you may be investing in a new website or social media account. But how are each of these presences working out for you? Tracking your calls can help you discover the truth – which locations are doing well and which are underperforming, which channels are popular among your demographic, and which you can drop. This can then help you make more strategic plans for the future.

Other benefits of call tracking software

Tracking your calls will also give you:

  • improved customer service – not only does a better understanding of customers facilitate better services, but you’ll also be able to record calls using tracking software so that you can assess and improve the work of your representatives
  • advanced reporting capabilities – you’ll be able to generate reports regarding consumer demographics, histories, and behaviors
  • easier conversion – your representatives will know what prompted the customer to call which can inform their decision on which sales pitch to go with and make it more likely for the customer to convert
  • optimize your workday – by tracking calls by hour, you can organize your employees’ time better to ensure that the phone lines are covered when needed but not overburdened when there is no work

Given all these benefits, why shouldn’t you invest in call tracking software if you have some spare room in the budget? It can greatly help your business in many ways and is typically worth every penny!

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