Reasons why your website needs callback software

No customer likes to be placed on hold and wait for too long. Sometimes, even a few minutes difference can mean a lot when forming opinions about the quality of service. Furthermore, potential prospects may quickly lose interest and easily divert to another company. That’s why finding a way to reduce the waiting time and better organize the callings should be one of the priorities. But, the on-hold time reduction is only one of the reasons why your website needs callback software. Good software also improve your service efficiency and give you the means to properly manage all the collected customer information.

Why a business website needs callback software

Every professional website can benefit from callback software. Among many things, it allows potential customers to reach your company on their own terms. Many times it can be a wrong moment, where people simply don’t have time to talk right now. Callback software solves this problem by giving the possibility to schedule future calls. Basically, this is a great way to convert as many website visitors as possible into quality leads. Solutions like ConvertMore callback software mean sales efficiency and happier customers.

Take a look at the several reasons your company could benefit from using callback software on its website:

  • Callback software is easy to set up
  • It’s a cost-effective solution
  • Increase the chance customers will reach you successfully
  • Website callback software improves customer experience
  • Reduces abandonment rates and provides more revenue
  • Makes your marketing more effective

Callback software is easy to set up

Holding the head out of frustration when installing bad software.
Setting up callback software solutions is a frustration-free process.

First of all, callback software is often simple to install, even without prior technical expertise. It’s a simple as implementing a widget on your website. Everything can be ready completely just within 30 mins.

For example, if you are using WordPress, the entire app will be set on your dashboard in just a few steps. This usually includes configuration, design, and code snippet insertion. Most callback software solutions are customizable as well. It’s possible to show your company logo, short description, and create a completely unique CTA button. Anything that can help you match your website theme and brand style. Once it’s done, you are ready to manage all the incoming and outgoing calls right away.

It’s a cost-effective solution

One of its many benefits is the reducing costs of calls management. Typically, you have to pay every call for its entire duration. Even when on hold, you are still spending money while your customers wait. With callback software, this is not happening. The possibility to schedule the calls for when it’s more appropriate eliminates these unnecessary queues. Every call will last only as much as it’s needed and there will be no time-wasting on waiting. In addition, since it’s online in nature, there will be no need for high toll lines.

Increase the chance customers will reach you successfully

Speaking of queues, most call clicks that come from your website are warm leads. You have to grab the opportunity and manage those leads even on the busiest days. What happens when all your agents are busy at the moment? Potential customers are left to wait until someone is free to take the call. With callback software, this is not happening. It gives you the opportunity to make an appointment and call your prospects once the first agent is free. Most importantly, at the time it suits your callers the most. You see, one of the most significant reasons people get frustrated and give up on getting in touch with companies is the inability to answer their needs in a reasonable time frame. Callback software cleverly solves this with scheduling.

Website callback software improves customer experience

A satisfactory look on a woman’s face while making a phone call while drinking a coffee.
Let your potential customers call you when they are ready and feel comfortable.

With website callback software, there are two ways to manage calls:

  • You can let your potential customers choose the time of the call that suits them the best
  • or, you can give them estimates about when they will receive a call from your agent

Either way, this type of service provides a much better customer experience than traditional methods. The possibility to provide customers with an option to quickly reach you out and get their answers is irreplaceable. Especially since this is a part of the purchasing decision-making process. By enabling timely information acquiring, businesses are able to handle large volumes of calls efficiently as well.

Reduces abandonment rates and provides more revenue

Besides successfully coping with high demands and providing quality customer experiences, callback software reduces abandonment rates. Visitors will not leave too soon, giving them the possibility to proceed to direct contact through a simple click. This, in most cases, directly reflects on your business success through better revenue. By numerous studies, a simple callback widget can considerably multiply the number of contacts and, in long term, can provide at least a 15% increase in conversions. Considering the numbers, switching from traditional phone numbers to internet calling options sounds progressive.

Makes your marketing more effective

Finally, website callback software makes it easy to track important call information. A much better solution than collecting data from regular phone calls. With a click of a button, directly on the website, you can gather and analyze more than just calls. You can track the entire process, what they read, what they are interested in, and what steps do they took before establishing a contact. All of it is extremely valuable for your marketing team. When you can analyze everything easily, you are more likely to create a better marketing campaign, more efficient user interface, and provide an advanced level of service. On top of it, online solutions like this conveniently integrate with many systems and analytical tools.

Results of thorough research on a tablet and paper.
With the right information, you can analyze the entire purchasing process.

At the end of the day, callback software helps you stand out above competitors. With a modern-looking website that implements advanced software solutions, you are generally improving the way your business works. In other words put, your website needs callback software in order to enhance your business operations. This approach can easily help you stand above other businesses by helping you better organize your call service.

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