Guide to retaining your sales reps long-term

In this fast-paced world, almost everything has a shorter expiration date. It seems like the focus has shifted to speed and availability, rather than quality and long-term relationships. For that reason, companies may find it hard to hire passionate sales representatives who will do their best to represent their company in the long run. Luckily, there is a solution to this. There are things companies can do to ensure their sales representatives stay in the company for a long time, but also be happy with their job. This is the guide to all the tips that will help you with retaining your sales reps long-term and keep them away from thoughts of leaving your company.

Understand the reasons why sales reps leave their companies

It’s not uncommon for sales reps to change their job often. Actually, a big part of them is making other plans, even though they seem happy where they are. The key to remaining sales reps is to go to the bottom of the issue. Firstly, you need to understand all the reasons why sales reps keep looking for new jobs. Only then you’ll be able to find a way to keep them with you. This is similar to trying to lower your website bounce rate – you need to see why are people leaving and then do things to make them stay.

Four sales reps with headsets, smiling.
Before learning how to retain sales reps, it’s important to know why they leave in the first place.

Let’s start with the most obvious reason why sales reps think about changing their job – the lack of opportunity to grow. Many of them feel like being a top performer at this work will not lead them anywhere more than where they are at the moment. When there isn’t a promotion to look forward to, people lose motivation and get bored with their job.

Furthermore, there’s a massive pressure on sales reps to constantly perform better and elevate the bar bit by bit at all times. Companies are often highly focused on the numbers and the overall performance of their sales reps, forgetting if it’s possible to reach the goals under current circumstances.

Finally, sellers don’t want to waste their talent and time on administration and other tasks they are not interested in. Valuing the true purpose of their role is the best way to retain them. But, are there any foolproof strategies that help with retaining your sales reps long-term? Absolutely! Let’s go through all the ways that will help you keep your team strong and successful in the long run.

Best strategies for retaining your sales reps long-term

There are several strategies that will keep your employees satisfied and stop them from thinking about another job or career.

Rethink your bonuses

Revising your bonus rules can be a way to keep your sales reps motivated to stay longer. Instead of offering common annual/quarterly bonuses, think about a more dynamic way to say thank you for their good work. You can extend vacation time every two years, which is often a much stronger motivation than money.

On the other hand, monetary bonuses can grow as time goes by, and you can pay them every 2, 4, or 5 years. This gives a long-term promise that staying loyal be increasingly rewarding. Also, if you have people with student loans, you can offer to pay those loans for them at certain time intervals. All in all, your bonus should be more long-term than the basic quarterly or yearly strategy so your employees decide to stay.

Be creative with new opportunities

a man explains about retaining your sales reps long-term
New opportunities mean motivation.

Don’t let anyone get bored with their work. Even high-profile employees sometimes find their jobs monotonous and need challenges to keep them going forward. new challenges are always motivational and show that the company is growing, which can be very motivational for your employees. For example, your sales reps can engage in the promotion and presentation of a new callback widget on the website. As this widget connects them to customers, it will make sense for them to present them.

Don’t make it only about numbers

Revisions and meetings on success are important, but they shouldn’t only be about numbers. If you expect your employees to take you seriously and be loyal, show that you care about more things aside from numbers. Pipeline meetings are important and they should focus on customers, how to increase website sales, etc. However, you should also hold meetings where you would discuss career development, conditions in the office, etc. Show that you care about them to make sure you’re retaining your sales reps long-term.

Minimize involuntarily dismissals turnover

Going to the bottom of the issue is rethinking the way you hire people for this position. This will minimize the number of involuntary dismissals due to poor performance or simply not being fit for the role. If people are wrongly hired, they will more likely fail and be fired or leave the company on their own. Reconsider the onboarding process deeply. Make sure the new sales reps understand their tasks before they are accepted to the company.

Encourage a positive atmosphere and friendships

Colleagues in the work place.
People enjoying their time together at work ensures better performance.

It’s important for your team to be friendly to give better results. Encouraging friendships ensures a positive atmosphere in the office. This results in better performance and productivity but also minimizes the chances for people to leave. If they have people they like in the office and people they can rely on, sales reps will not go to the unknown that easily.


It’s easy to think that retaining your sales reps long-term is a simple task. However, it is a process that requires constant effort and mutual collaboration. Your employees will give great results and stay longer if you give back and show that you care.

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