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ConvertMore has dramatically improved call conversions on our website. We are signing many new cases per month thanks to this innovative technology. I am beyond impressed.

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The results are very transparent and instantly visible – twice as many leads in less than two months and a much higher chance of converting through calls than through forms. The numbers here really speak for themselves! And having the option to customize the widget with your website colors really gives it that final touch.

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Our bounce rate has dropped by 15% in a matter of weeks after installing this widget. Its technical execution makes it very easy to incorporate into WordPress websites and it is very easy to install and use. What you see is what you get – simple yet practical.

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This widget makes all the difference when it comes to giving your sales that extra push it needs to close deals on the spot. After one month of using it, our lead count went up 20% - and we are generating more leads through calls than ever before.

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