The importance of phone sales in a digital world

Digital marketing, online sales, influencer marketing – these are the buzzwords of the business world today. Indeed, the digital aspect of sales is rapidly growing. Audiences spend much time online on their laptops and smartphones; they browse products, interact with their favorite brands, and make purchases. Although it may seem some strategies are becoming obsolete, thinking that the world has gone digital won’t give you the whole picture. On the contrary, phone sales were and still are at the core of every business plan. Apart from the advantages they have on their own, integrating phone sales with your digital strategy has many extra benefits. Enhancing phone sales with modern tools such as the ConvertMore callback widget while maintaining that personal touch and building customer trust is the key to success. Let’s learn more about the importance of phone sales in a digital world!

How can phone sales complement your digital marketing efforts

The common mistake people make is considering their phone sales and digital strategies entirely separate. But that doesn’t have to be the case. They work best together. For example, after you analyze lead generation efforts, you can gear your phone sales strategy toward acquiring more qualified leads. Here are some ways phone sales can complement your digital marketing strategies.

Provide a personal touch

Firstly, people like interacting with other people and not robots all the time. While chatbots and automated services are often convenient, they can’t replace human communication and understanding. Customers want to talk to someone who understands them and cares for their needs or issues. Phone calls provide that personal touch and connection that other alternatives simply cannot.

a smiling sales rep talking on the phone
Interacting with your prospects helps you build relationships and trust

Build trust

When there’s trust between the brand and its customers, digital sales are an excellent solution. It’s simple and effective for both parties. But how do you build that trust in the first place? It’s a task your salespeople perform. Your sales reps create meaningful bonds with your prospects with their knowledgeable and personable approach. They point out the product value, resolve objections and issues, and encourage customers to be loyal.

Improve customer engagement

Reaching out to an existing but inactive customer is often more profitable than gaining new ones. So, don’t hesitate to engage your prospects via phone. A call option on your website will encourage leads to contact you and boost their engagement. A variety of options for your competitors will help you increase sales on your website.

Increase conversions

Combining your phone sales with digital marketing is an excellent way to drive conversions. It allows you to use different channels for customer engagement. As a result, you’ll be able to reach more people and guide them through your sales funnel.

Differentiate your business from competitors

When many brands only operate digitally, maintaining personal and trustworthy interaction with your prospects will help you stand out. People will find you reliable and know they can get in touch quickly.

Best practices for optimizing phone sales strategies

Of course, to make the most of your phone sales and incorporate them smoothly with your broader approach, your sales reps’ approach has to be top-notch. Here are some tips on how to ensure your sales team is professional and effective:

  • be prepared -learn as much as you can about your prospect and prepare a quality script for every segment of your audience
  • become an active listener – listening with care and understanding is more important than talking; plus, it will provide you with info about your prospect’s wants and concerns
  • build rapport with your customers – show that you care about your prospects’ needs and focus on delivering something of value.

How to ensure your phone sales strategies are effective

The best way to ensure your phone sales work well is to keep track of data and analyze it regularly.  Data analysis will provide valuable insights besides showing you the importance of phone sales in a digital world. That will show you how to combine these two strategies better and ensure they complement each other.

Track phone sales conversions

Firstly, keep track of phone sales conversions. Which of your scripts and tactics lead to the most conversions? What works well, and what needs improvement? How do you need to change your strategies to be more successful? Gather and assess the data and relevant KPIs to boost your performance.

Measure ROI (return on investment)

Of course, even if numbers say your strategy is successful, your data is incomplete without ROI. A high return on investment is the ultimate goal of every marketing and sales campaign. Phone sales usually have a high ROI. With a bit of effort and low cost, they enable you to generate more qualified leads and increase your conversion rate. However, there’s always room for improvement.

papers with data on the table next to the laptop
Data analysis will show you the importance of phone sales in a digital world

How technology can boost the importance of phone sales in a digital world

Technology solutions and software can help you keep your phone sales up-to-date with modern demands. In addition, technology allows you to integrate your phone and digital strategies seamlessly and boost your performance. Here are some solutions that every business should consider.

Call tracking software

This software lets you track where each call to your business came from. It shows you which digital marketing campaign drove the call and allows you to measure the result of that campaign. In addition, each website user who calls you via your website gets a phone number that is unique to them. So, if your sales reps are too busy to answer the call, they can return it as soon as they’re available. As a result, you won’t lose leads, and your customer satisfaction and retention will improve.

Callback widgets

Are you wondering how to increase conversion rate? Callback widgets are an excellent solution. The widget immediately connects you with your customers by making two calls simultaneously. It makes getting in touch with your business simple and easy and allows you to answer promptly.

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems

CRM systems enable you to manage your leads and customers’ data. It tracks, records, and analyzes all interactions with your audience, enabling your sales team to easily access and share data. Moreover, it provides valuable, actionable insights that will allow you to improve what needs improvement.

a smartphone with online marketing on the display
Incorporate phone sales with your digital strategies for the best results

Enhance your business’s growth

As you may see, the importance of phone sales in a digital world is tremendous. And the way to get the best of both worlds is to incorporate phone sales into your broader digital strategy. Follow our tips to make them work together to generate and convert more leads and help your business grow.

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