Tips for convincing the client to buy over the phone

Making an offer over the phone is not exactly the same as selling a product or service in person. In most cases, it’s difficult to adjust and overcome all the challenges with the same confidence. You have to show the strong side of the product, advertise its benefits, and assure potential buyers it’s right for them. At the same time, you have to maintain a high level of professionalism while establishing more personal relationships with people. As a result, the entire situation may look confusing for many sales agents and customers as well. However, there are tips for convincing the client to buy over the phone, ones that can help you maintain the situation more natural and with more chance for success.

Convincing the client to buy over the phone properly

The first step without none of these works is to dismiss the “convincing” mentality. We’ve evolved past old times when sales required powerful persuasion, which often resulted in taking a more aggressive approach. While the ultimate goal still IS to eventually convince people to buy, over time, the approach is changing.

Now you have to be more clever about how you are presenting the offer, and subtly lead your prospects into making the right decision. Today, software solutions like the ConvertMore callback widget, and many others, can make a difference. This is, generally, much easier and efficient if you have a strong quality product to offer. It usually goes without saying, considering that success depends primarily on quality. However, besides the circumstances, conditions, and features of a product, the way you are leading the conversation remains important.

Fortunately, there are ways to nurture your persuasion techniques so even remote talking won’t stop you from completing your goals:

  • Reach to prospects as soon as possible
  • Use proper language while convincing the client to buy over the phone
  • Address your prospects the right way
  • Focus on advantages
  • You are not selling only the product
  • Show some enthusiasm
  • Offer additional products when convincing the client to buy
  • Research your customers and listen to their needs

Reach to prospects as soon as possible

Business looking at his watch and different time-zone clocks behind him.
Value both your and your clients’ time.

Don’t wait for too long to reach out to your potential customers. Especially if they are initiating a contact. The longer they wait the higher is the chance they will lose interest. Even worse, they will call your competitors. Thankfully, you can pick the best conversion rate optimization software to speed up the process. Depending on the choice and capability to integrate with the rest of the system, you will be able to answer your client’s needs within minutes. The faster you do it, the greater the chance they will buy.

Use proper language when convincing the client to buy over the phone

While you can shorten your marketing funnel by converting, for example, web traffic to leads, sometimes, talking is necessary. And not just any talking. In most cases, you should use plain and simple language. People prefer easy-to-understand terms, rather than obscure and overcomplex technical terminology. With so many offers out there, you have to make it understandable, brief, and memorable for everyone.

Address your prospects the right way

One of the good tactics is to address people by their names. However, you should always ask if they agree. Some people prefer a more formal Mr. or Ms. while others don’t mind using their first name. The psychological factor behind this is that people feel respected and important. Basically, this gives a more personal touch to the phone calls. As a result, it will increase the chance for sales to occur.

Focus on advantages

In business, whether you are focusing on websites to convert visitors to leads, or on sales calls to convert contacts to clients, how you write and speak about the product is vital. Especially during the phone calls when your potential client doesn’t have all the time in the world. In many situations, you have only a few minutes to say what you have about the features you offer. However, instead of focusing your pitch on dry features and technical facts, you need to talk about the benefits. It’s wrong to talk only about features and leave your customers to assume how it may benefit them. Show how your product is good in real-life situations through various advantages it offers.

You are not selling only the product

A salesman with a headset explaining something to his customer.
Demonstrate your knowledge and help your potential clients.

Talking with all types of people over the phone is not only about selling the product. You also need to sell them your expertise. With all the experience in the industry, you have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge. Stay confident in that experience and use it to convince them to trust your judgment. Don’t be afraid to make recommendations and give a piece of advice to your clients. Basically, the more helpful you are, callers trust you more, and the rest will evolve naturally.

Show some enthusiasm

One of the secrets is to show genuine interest in the product you are selling. No one will buy a product from a person who seems completely dispassionate about the thing it’s selling. Therefore, know your product well, appear enthusiastic about it, answer their questions with vigor, and you will have more chances to convert your leads to regular customers. Also, it can be especially beneficial if you can smile during a conversation. While it’s not visually visible, it will be notable in the energy of your voice.

Offer additional products when convincing the client to buy

“May I suggest?” – This is a simple yet effective trick to do more than one thing at the same time. While speaking about one product, take the opportunity and offer other products as well. People are having it easier to make a positive decision when given the choices. If possible, when you feel they are about to quit because of the price, have a more affordable product ready for them.

Research your customers and listen to their needs

In a situation when you know who is going to be on the other side of the call, use social media and relevant information from your CRM systems. Learn about their preferences, needs, desires, and goals. In general, you don’t want to place your sales pitch in front of their actual needs. Besides researching, learn to listen to their opinions and try to find the solution to their problems. Of course, always make sure you have enough information to react and back up your claims. So, carefully plan and prepare for your calls and try to identify the values they appreciate.

Salesman shaking hands with new, in front of numerous images of other potential clients.
When possible, learn everything about your prospects’ preferences, and give them your full attention.

By now, you are aware that psychology is essential for convincing the client to buy over the phone. Knowing how to react, when and what to say, in what tone – everything is important for making successful sales. If you invest enough time to cultivate the right skillset, in no time, you will be able to convince more potential customers to convert.

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