6 tips for generating more upsells via phone

The rule of thumb in every business is to appreciate and respect your customers. Offering something of value that they want and need helps you establish a meaningful connection. Once they feel comfortable and interested, it’s time to engage them further. How can you do this? By upselling, of course! If you’re wondering how to increase website sales or engage your leads via phone, upselling is an excellent addition to your sales approach. This tactic enables you to increase sales rates and boost your revenue. However, keep in mind that your customers will easily see through “Would you also like…? Most people will react negatively to this approach as it leaves a pushy and annoying impression. Your goal should be to offer something that benefits your customers and make them appreciate your business more. With that in mind, we’ve prepared these excellent tips on generating more upsells via phone.

What are the benefits of upselling?

First, and the most obvious advantage is certainly boosting your sales rates and your revenue. By convincing a customer to buy an additional product or upgrade their purchase, you’ll be able to add up to 30% to your sales revenue. After all, it’s easier to sell to someone who is already a customer than to successfully engage new leads.

Additionally, upselling can turn a reluctant customer into a loyal one. If done right, your customer will realize that you care about them and their satisfaction. That will strengthen their relationship with your brand. What’s more, if they’re happy with your product, they’ll spread the word, providing your business with new leads.

What is the key to generating more upsells via phone?

While benefits are great, achieving this goal is not easy. Employing upselling as your sales strategy requires great communication skills, subtlety, and focus. This is especially true if you want to use this tactic via phone. Although it provides you a better opportunity to personally approach the customer, it also carries certain risks. For example, if you handle the conversation poorly, the customer is more likely to perceive you as pushy, cold, or even ruthless. Unfortunately, that will most likely cause them to change their mind about making the initial purchase!

a man looking at customer data on the laptop
Use your customer research for generating more upsells via phone

The best way to avoid this is to keep one thing constantly on your mind. And that is the customer’s satisfaction and delight. After all, you want your customers to be happy and pleased about their purchase. That means you need to convince them that you care about their needs and pain points. In other words, you need to be honest, optimistic, and have your customer’s best interests at heart. Here are a few simple yet effective tips on how to achieve exactly that!

Six paths to generating more upsells via phone

#1 Choose the right products to upsell

If your customer is interested in buying a new laptop, saying that you have an excellent selection of dishwashers is not likely to interest them much. Your customer focuses on what they need and you should do the same. For example, offering a similar but better laptop model (and a bit more expensive) is more likely to pique their interest. So, instead of bombarding the customer with a variety of options, focus on products that are most likely to generate the best results.

#2 Offer only relevant upsells

To continue with the previous example, find out more about your customer’s product expectations. Do they want a laptop for work? Or is the graphic card a crucial factor? Maybe they particularly care about memory card or screen size? Listen for hints during the conversation and offer relevant suggestions at the right time. If the customer says something like ‘I would like to be able to..’ or ‘I want a laptop for…’ it’s the right time for upselling. Plus, it shows you actively listen to their desires and want to help them achieve their goals.

#3 Personalization

two sales women smiling
Be positive and enthusiastic when communicating with customers

Callback widgets and similar software solutions are excellent ways to personalize your website. However, when talking on the phone, you need to leave a good impression. Customers will notice all the little details. Even if they do so unconsciously, they’ll observe your tone, attitude, mood, etc. So, here are a few tips for generating more upsells via phone:

  • smile during the conversation – even though they can’t see you, they’ll feel the difference in your voice
  • be optimistic and upbeat – don’t hesitate, or say you’re not sure about what you can offer, etc.
  • call them by their name if appropriate
  • rely on their purchase history if possible
  • listen attentively to what they have to say

#4 Demonstrate the value of your upsells before you offer them

Before you make the pitch, be sure to demonstrate the quality and value of the product you’re upselling. Use customer reviews, studies, statistics, personal experiences, etc. Even interesting facts or stories about the product can help customers perceive its value. If you do so, customers will know you have good reasons for offering a product in question. Again, this approach shows that you care and value their needs.

#5 Limit the price of the upsells as well as availability

a present with a card
Rewarding and appreciating customers’ loyalty will help you increase upsells

Experts agree that the price of the product you’re upselling shouldn’t exceed the price too much. Everything over 40% will make customers feel cheated or reluctant to buy. Instead, offer them a similar, but slightly more expensive option. That way you’ll keep their interest and they’ll get a sense of achieving a lot for a little extra investment.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to create a sense of urgency. For example, make your upsell is available for a limited amount of time or in limited quantities. Highlighting this in conversation may motivate the customer to make the choice while the option is still available.

#6 Reward loyalty of your customers to generate more upsells

When optimizing a website, you probably look for ways to lower your website bounce rate. Talking to your customers via phone is often similar. You don’t want them to bounce or leave because they’re dissatisfied with the value of the product or service they’re getting. One way to achieve this is to reward your large or loyal customers. Show your appreciation by adding something extra for every upsell. It can be anything – free shipping, better terms, a free gift, or a discount code for future purchases.

Final thoughts

Upselling is a very useful and effective sales tactic. However, achieving the best results requires some planning and effort. Good communication and appreciation of your customers are crucial. Following these tips for generating more upsells via phone will help you to successfully engage your customers and boost your sales in the process as well. Of course, the ability to create upsells will directly impact your ability to convert more customers.

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