Tips for optimizing your Facebook advertising campaigns

Marketing is vital whether you have a growing or well-established company. It helps you generate leads, and brand recognition, and build valuable relationships. And when it comes to sending the right message to the right audience, no business owner should overlook the power of social media. After all, most people have a profile on at least one platform. And that’s where they go to connect with others of similar tastes and interests. That is why, if they’re done right, Facebook ads can be very effective and help you boost website sales. Facebook is a large platform with an established audience and many potential prospects. However, placing the right ad in the right place can be difficult in an ever-changing, competitive landscape. Also, it requires time, effort, and resources. So, how can you work smart instead of hard? We have consulted l ConvertMore click to call software team and found out the answer for you!

The critical elements of a good Facebook ad

Simply posting an ad on Facebook isn’t enough. Of course, every ad will increase brand recognition, but without careful planning, it won’t do much else. And although becoming aware is the first step, you want your ad to perform well. This means that you want your audience to take step two – consider a purchase, and eventually step three – make a purchase. So what ad elements will help you achieve that? If you’re wondering how to turn traffic into leads, here is what you need to consider first:

  • campaign goal – having a clear purpose and tailoring your ads toward it will make your ads more effective
  • target the right audiences
  • and clearly communicate your value – social proof, special promotions, statistics, etc.

Why do your ads underperform?

Many businesses forget that Facebook is primarily a social platform. That means that people are not there for the ads. Instead, they’re there to connect with similar-minded people, enjoy the fun content and find the communities they love. Therefore, your ads have to go the extra mile to attract their attention. You want to be relevant and engaging.

a phone with Facebook app open and notepad for planning optimizing your Facebook advertising campaigns
You need to have clear and well-defined goals when optimizing your Facebook advertising campaigns

Tips for optimizing your Facebook advertising campaigns

So, what does all of this mean practically? It means you need to carefully tailor your ads to make the most of them, increase conversions, and boost your revenue. Let’s look more closely at what steps you should take.

Installing Facebook Pixel is a good start

What is Facebook Pixel? It’s a small code that you can add to your website. It will track your audiences’ interactions with your brand and provide valuable data. What’s more, you can add it to your popups and see what type of visitors engages with your website in the most relevant ways such as answering your CTA. By doing so, you’ll enable Facebook to recognize your ideal target audience and help you further optimize your campaigns!

Have clear campaign goals

We’ve already mentioned that having a purposeful goal is vital. And as with most campaigns, the ultimate goal is an increase in sales and therefore revenue. However, there are more than one ways that will get you there. So, when you’re optimizing your Facebook advertising campaigns, consider these most common goals first:

  • setting up an automated ad that you can adjust over time
  • attract more visitors to your website
  • get more interaction 
  • promote your app or page
  • generate more leads

Which of these you’ll choose will depend on the type of business you have and your strategies. However, it’s critical that your ad copy matches your goal for the best results.

Ads’ originality and freshness

Now, the ad’s content needs to be eye-catching and engaging. Does it mean your ads have to always be completely brand new and original? Not really. Of course, when people keep seeing the same thing over and over, they’re likely to get bored and ignore it. But that doesn’t mean you have to come up with a new ad concept every time. Instead, tweak the existing ads here and there to keep them fresh. Change photos, videos, and captions from time to time to catch your audience’s eye and keep their interest.

Use location for optimizing your Facebook advertising campaigns

If you have an on-site store, targeting your Facebook audience based on the location is a wise call. Especially if your goal is to attract more customers to your brick-and-mortar premises. However, if you divide your business between a conventional store and online sales, you should create two separate sets of ads. That way you can appeal to different audiences in ways they’ll appreciate. Attract your local community with your location-based ads and create more general audiences for your e-commerce.

a laptop with sign in Facebook page on the screen
Facebook is a social platform – find the right audience for your brand

Find your ideal audience

However, the location isn’t the only relevant factor. Finding the right audience is the key to successful sales. For example, trying to sell anti-aging beauty products to young adults is not going to have much impact. Throwing a wide net and vague messaging will attract a lot of new leads but it won’t create the results you want. In fact, if you’re wondering how to lower website bounce rate, try to be clear on your value and message. Then focus your Facebook ad campaigns on targeting people who will genuinely be interested in what you have to offer.

Make the most of the Facebook options available

Of course, optimizing your Facebook advertising campaigns on your own can be overwhelming. It’s not always easy to know what options will work best. So, why wouldn’t you use Facebook’s Auto-Optimize to define the best goal and match it with the best ad? Apart from that, there are plenty of other options you can use. For example, you can exclude certain audiences, choose the right optimization event, prioritize conversion events, etc.

a marketing team discussing Facebook ads
Have your team analyze the best strategies for optimizing your Facebook advertising campaigns

Run A/B tests on everything

Also, to ensure your campaign is at its most effective, we recommend running an A/B test (or ‘split’ test). How does it work? You create an advertisement and then you make a copy of it. The trick is changing one detail in the copy – a caption, an image, etc. This gives you a chance to discover what works best and target the audience in the right way.

The bottom line

If your goal is optimizing your Facebook advertising campaigns, there is so much you can do. What’s best, a lot of what you need is already a part of Facebook. It has the tools you can use to tweak and adjust your ads to get the most out of them. Of course, what you need and want will depend partially on the type of business you have. However, by following these tips you’ll be able to create top-notch ads that will help you increase conversions and boost sale rates.


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