Tools that can help your sales strategy

As a business owner, you are in charge of all important decisions. If you want your business to survive the harsh market competition, today, you have to optimize your entire sales procedure. The same goes for scaling when you need to rely on more than just traditional growth methods. This is where a variety of tools, that can help your sales strategy, comes into focus. They are not just conventional tools you will use to simplify and improve sales operations. They are quite advanced business solutions and, fortunately, there are more than just a handful available. But, you will need to know which are the best to smartly leverage the features they offer.

Types of tools that can help your sales strategy

Everything in business today is evolving at a rapid pace. It’s a constant race where staying among the top contenders is becoming harder than ever. It requires an open mind and readiness to embrace and integrate the options today’s advanced technological solutions are offering. From completer customer relationship management (CRM) systems to advanced exit-intent popup software options, each of them has an important role.

What are today’s sales tools?

Sales tools are, basically, single or combined software solutions professionals in sales used to optimize their work. In most cases, we can classify them into several common categories according to their application:

  1. Prospecting and lead handling tools
  2. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools
  3. Sales intelligence tools
  4. Automation and integrations tools
  5. Training tools
  6. Reporting and analytics tools

In general, they are designed to cover everything from sales management and overall business procedures, like CRM solutions. To more specified segments for prospecting and communication like those who enable additional functionality and data collection. But they all serve the one goal and that is to ensure efficient performance of your sales teams and procedures.

1. Prospecting and lead handling tools

Magnifying glass showing convenient customers.
Use software solutions to easily acquire more quality leads.

Lead acquisition is the fundamental part of every sale. Without new customers, no further process will be available and possible. That’s why you need options like ConvertMore click-to-call software, and similar solutions, to enhance your potential to get more customers. It will allow you to get more promising leads and connect them to the right parties to make the final conversion possible. This type of intelligent prospecting shortens the efforts of conventional manual procedures. Not only it will allow you to benefit more from existing funnels like your website, for example, but will also allow you to gather valuable insight about your prospects. Just the possibility to schedule calls and notify callers about available agents can boost conversion potential greatly. Or, different live chat solutions that will enable you to proactively engage with visitors at the spot.

2. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools

CRM tools are larger and robust systems made for the complete management of your relationships with customers. Whether they are current or potential clients, you will be able to keep track of all relevant information. With such functionality, improving your customer acquisition and retention is much easier. Providing you with the right means to automate certain procedures and keep your sales and marketing teams on top. CRM systems are the center of sales-related efforts, making the integration and automation of workflow routines as seamless as possible. However, there are hundreds of CRM solutions on the market, and choosing the right for your business is not easy. However, no matter the industry, companies should check Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zoho CRM, as they are among the leading CRM vendors in the market.

3. Sales intelligence tools

When you need means to better manage information on your potential and existing customers, there is no better solution than sales intelligence tools. With them, at your arsenal of business tools, your sales team will be able to easily gather, monitor, and grasp the collected information. They are the necessary apparatus for conducting precise searches and feeding your CRM systems with real-time information. When you need more than just clients’ names and emails, sales intelligence tools can help you extract more detailed information. As a result, it will be much easier to make sales and marketing decisions when you have all the information available. Some of the most popular sales intelligence tools today are, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Clearbit, ZoomInfo, and others.

4. Automation and integration tools

Preparing a credit card to complete the online payment procedure.
You can also improve your conversions by automating some of the business operating procedures.

To accelerate your sales, streamline administrative tasks, and automate the sales procedures, there is a variety of automation tools. Besides making the tiresome daily routines easy, they effortlessly integrate and fit into existing systems. All of which is necessary if you want, for example, to boost website sales fast with conversion rate optimization improvements. Or, improve efficiency by automating engagement and communication. Both with your customers and between the teams in your company. AWS Glue, Stitch, and Zapier quickly come into mind as one of the top solutions for connecting data from multiple sources. And, at the same time, improving the sales workflow.

5. Training tools

This type of software enables companies to improve the training workflow. Training tools will optimize the coaching strategy by automating mentoring tasks. You can improve even the most complex procedures once your teams have enough skills and the right guidance. With the right knowledge, quickly and efficiently passed on to other members, common tasks will be completed faster; Communication will be better; Even new members will have no trouble fitting in, in the reasonable time frame. Gong, Guru, and HelloSign are just a part of numerous options available. There are also conferencing solutions from vendors like Skype and Zoom. Which easily integrate into most existing and relevant CRM systems.

6. Reporting and analytics tools

Finally, every company needs proper tools to successfully track and evaluate collected information. And with quality reporting and analytics tools, they can do just that. It will help them see which change gives the best results; Which trends and insights should follow; Who are members of teams that are the most efficient;  But, most importantly, these tools will allow you to visualize all the collected data and make the most out of the researches and operations. Some of the most popular tools from this category are Google Analytics, Tableau, FullStory, and others.

An image of a team looking at analytics charts and reports laid out on work table.
You can visualize and evaluate all the important data in one place.

In general, there are many great tools available, many of which are not listed here. Tools that can help your sales strategy by allowing you to better understand customers, teams, and improve operational procedures. They are inevitable means to save valuable time, automate tasks, and help you focus on the most important sections. Eventually, helping you provide greater value for both your business and your customers.

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