Top 5 mobile marketing strategies for small businesses

Whether your company is currently on the rise or is already well-established, you must have a plan for mobile marketing. After all, in today’s competitive marketplace, failing to implement a digital media marketing strategy can be your business’s demise. Furthermore, since everyone nowadays has access to a smartphone, mobile marketing strategies for small businesses have become a necessity. At least if a boost in conversion rates is what one has in mind. And while there are many tactics you could potentially take advantage of, we thought we would introduce you to five of those that are 100% sure to help you on your way to success.

What constitutes mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing, aka one focused on mobile device users, is the future of digital advertising. Most website searches come from none other than these devices, and it doesn’t seem like that will change any time soon. With so many people utilizing smartphones, you cannot but employ efficient mobile marketing strategies for small businesses. In other words, techniques to spread the word about a product, company, or service in a format that works well on mobile phones and other portable electronic gadgets.

A tablet with a word ''online marketing'' written across it.
Online marketing, as a whole, is crucial for the success of one’s business. However, mobile marketing, in particular, deserves special focus.

But how exactly are these strategies being implemented? Well, naturally, through social media, websites, and smartphone apps. Reports suggest that online transactions account for 67% of all purchases. With the numbers already so high, there is a significant chance to increase sales on your website by up the mobile marketing game, which you can easily do by taking advantage of the time people already spend on their phones. To make matters more serious, your competitors are already working closely with their marketing departments to develop innovative approaches to internet advertising. Why shouldn’t you?

Why are mobile marketing strategies for small businesses crucial?

There are already more than 5 billion phone users worldwide. To raise awareness of your brand and boost conversions, you need to get the word out to the right individuals. Furthermore, the following statistics demonstrate how critical mobile device use has become in the modern world.

  • Over two-thirds (68%) of all email campaigns are accessed on mobile devices.
  • As many as 72% of all digital ads in the United States target mobile users.
  • Most digital marketing budgets now go toward mobile advertising.
  • Mobile marketing, when part of a multichannel strategy, has the potential to increase sales significantly.
  • A whopping 70% of phone users have no difficulty making any transaction because of the convenience of their cell phones.

Thanks to mobile advertising tactics that are both efficient and effective, people can learn more about the companies, products, and services that are being advertised. Talk about a great way to turn casual browsers into committed customers. But enough about the facts! Instead, discuss the top 5 mobile marketing approaches you should take – the sooner, the better!

#1 Marketing based on location

Chances are your business has an app. If so, a clever idea would be to market to nearby mobile users with geofencing and other location-based techniques. Small companies with physical locations will find this particularly helpful. In addition, this might also be useful for sites that provide regional recommendations, like hotels and restaurants.

Pins on the map.
Location-based marketing strategies, like geo-tagging and geofencing, work wonders.

The numbers only work in favor of location-based mobile marketing strategies. Most marketers agree that they contribute to a significant increase in customer response rates, conversion rates, and customer engagement.

#2 Website optimization for mobile devices

It’s not enough to have a mobile-friendly website or advertisements; they must also be optimized for the said devices. Unfortunately, only 35% of businesses optimize their websites for mobile users, even though doing so may increase conversion rates by as much as 5%.

But what is it that makes a website optimized for portable gadgets? Well, a responsive design, among others. A part of that design may be an exit popup software or other features that could help your business flourish.

Nevertheless, you may improve your website’s performance in a few additional ways besides using a responsive design. Mobile-specific development platforms, HTML5, and adaptive design are only some of the most typical means of optimization.

#3 Content adapted to mobile

Content is made to be consumed. Still, how we consume it on smartphones isn’t the same as how we consume it on a laptop/desktop. Of course, we aren’t saying that you should have different content altogether for mobile. Not at all! We mean that it should be adapted so that it’s easy to read/view on smaller screens. You want shorter paragraphs or sentences, attention-grabbing headlines, high-quality media, etc.

Regarding videos, captions are a great way to keep viewers interested. You may or may not know this, but about 85% of Facebook and Instagram video viewers mute the audio while watching them. What makes captions so great is that they allow you to communicate effectively, even if the individual chooses to muffle the sound.

#4 Visual content & GIFs

While on the topic of content, or rather that of visual nature, it’s essential to recognize its significance in today’s world. The days of reading through lengthy texts are gone! Instead, videos and GIFs are ideal alternatives for bolstering mobile tactics. Why? They provide the humorous and easily digestible material that users crave.

Research suggests that, despite the time commitment, over 75% of individuals would rather watch a video than read the text covering the same topic. With that in mind, implementing visuals on your socials is a sure way to boost customer engagement. Moreover, based on data, more than half of viewers continue interacting with a brand after watching its video on these platforms. And when it comes to millennials, that figure skyrockets.

A person drinking coffee while watching something on her phone.
People prefer visual content. The numbers support that fact.

#5 Social media ads

While email marketing campaigns cannot be ignored, social media ads are quickly becoming one of the most effective mobile marketing strategies for small businesses, sure, but even for those that are already well-established. You’ll undoubtedly need a presence on all major social media sites, but you don’t have to actively market your business on each one. Instead, we recommend you examine the efficacy of your postings on various channels. And the best way this is done is through A/B tests. Nevertheless, if these do not bring the desired results in terms of customer conversion, you can always rely on the callback system – an expert system provided by experts in the field.

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