Top 6 B2C lead generation challenges and how to overcome them

If you want your business to thrive and grow, you need more customers, and you can get those through lead generation! Of course, the difficulty of setting up optimal lead generation is considerable. To assist you, we’ve prepared a guide on the top six B2C lead generation challenges and how to overcome them. There’s a good chance that you are already aware of some or all of these challenges, but there’s no harm in making sure. You can either reaffirm that you are doing everything right or learn that you are missing one of the steps and fix it.

Top six B2C lead generation challenges

  • Knowing Your Audience
  • Marketing Budget Management
  • Lead Generation Strategizing
  • Tracking Leads
  • Operational Consistency
  • Lead Quality Improvement

Defining the right target audience

The first of the B2C lead generation challenges you are likely to come across would be defining the right target audience. After all, it’s impossible to market something effectively if you are not marketing it to the right person. The trouble is, sometimes the target audience we think is ideal for our product or services is actually off. This means that your marketing will pay off less until you can spot and correct this issue. Thankfully, the solution is somewhat simple.

All you need to do is pay careful attention to who is actually showing interest. Customizable callback software, CRM software, and similar can all help you track this data reliably. From there, you can slowly adapt your approach to target the right audience, or simply shift your marketing strategy entirely to make a drastic change immediately. Of course, always be careful when doing the latter.

Justifying marketing funds

It can be very difficult to manage a marketing budget. This is why doing so is the next of the B2C lead generation challenges you will definitely come across. The task is especially frustrating if you cannot properly track any improvement caused by the marketing drives you are financing. Once again, proper planning and approach can mitigate all of this. The best way to achieve this is by prioritizing marketing drives with guaranteed results.

One good example is ads. General ads have dubious effectiveness, and can even cause a loss without proper branding in place to back them up. However, if you opt for Pay Per Click ads, you can at least maximize the chances of conversion while also guaranteeing decent lead generation. Similar solutions can almost always be found in other marketing spheres as well. This means that you will, at least, have a much easier time justifying the expenses.

Crafting a lead generation strategy

Making the right strategy is always a potential hit or miss. Of course, there is still plenty you can do to offset the chances of a flop. You can conduct deeper research into your target audience. Try to anticipate their interests and play with them. However, none of the many ways to generate leads can, ultimately, guarantee effectiveness. This makes for a particularly thorny challenge that will take time, stubbornness, and sheer effort to overcome.

Person pointing on graph during team meeting.
It’s essential that you always try to learn more about making lead generation strategies.

If your strategy at first flops, you need to keep adjusting it. You need to constantly work on improving it and draw inspiration from the work of your competitors. Now, note that this does not mean you should go ahead and copy their lead-generation strategies completely. Unless you are capable of putting a spin of your own on them they will potentially result in a lot of backlash and loss of existing customers.

Tracking lead generation strategy results

One of the greatest B2C lead generation challenges is actually proving the effectiveness of your efforts. We briefly alluded to this before, but now we will expound on the problem. The reason for this is because of how difficult it can be to separate the effects of the different lead generation drives. Now, some can be singled out somewhat easily.

Two colleagues looking at data on screen.
Once you’re used to it, interpreting the data will become much easier.

For example, Pay Per Click ads, or rather ads in general, can be set up so that every lead generated through a specific ad is flagged. This lets you keep exact track of how effective they are. However, some marketing drives are much harder to pin down. The only possible course of action would be to comb through your generated lead analytics with utmost care. This will allow you to get at least an idea of what is happening. And from there, it comes to figuring out which drives should be abandoned and which should be supported.

Generating consistent results

Unfortunately, no lead generation strategy remains perfectly effective forever. The interests, likes, and dislikes of your target audience will shift with time. This will make converting more customers difficult if you just stick to one strategy rigidly. Rather, your lead generation strategy needs to be easily adaptable. Something you can adapt on the fly as the changes come. Of course, it’ll still need a general direction and agenda which will not change. However, your subtler approaches to pushing your agenda will.

A good example would be keyword approaches. Short, concise, and highly precise keywords used to be the better choice. Nowadays, however, due to the extensive use of Google Voice Search, longer and more complex keywords, styled more like questions or answers to them, are popular and more effective. Are the topics covered differently? No. It just changes how the titles of blog posts and similar ones are worded.

Improving the quality of your leads

Smiley face cloud effect above an iPad.
Invest resources and time into ensuring that your website is optimized and engaging for visitors.

The final of the B2C lead generation challenges is how to improve lead quality. After all, most of what we have discussed is aimed at improving lead volume. Which, of course, is immensely useful and increases the chance of a conversion. However, if all you’re doing is getting tons of people to visit your site without making a decent percentage of them your customers then it’s a waste of your resources.

The best way to approach this is by crafting better customer profiles and fine-tuning your target audience even further. However, it can also be achieved through efforts to increase user engagement once they are on your website. If you reel them in using interesting content, for example, they are much more likely to make the decision to become your customers. This will generally increase the ‘quality’ of all your generated leads, which is extra helpful.

Start boosting your lead count today!

Now that you are familiar with the top 6 lead generation challenges and how to overcome them, you can improve your lead generation! Just remember that, again, this is something that will require long-term effort and plenty of adjustments over time.

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