Top benefits of using automatic call distribution

For the majority of call centers, one of the greatest challenges is to successfully deal with peak hours. When they experience a sudden influx of call traffic; Don’t have enough agents to covers all the calls; And, struggle with the long call-waiting that only drives their customers angry. Unfortunately, this just scratches the surface of the number of problems many centers are dealing with. However, there is a solution for most of these problems. Aware of the benefits of using automatic call distribution (ACD), many businesses are switching to this type of call system. It helps them manage calls better, and, at the same time, is leading toward a better customer experience.

Benefits of automatic call distribution

Automatic call distribution is the system that automatically handles and routes incoming calls. With the set of pre-established criteria, you can decide the way it will be done. Once you configure these criteria, ACD will help you connect the callers with the most appropriate agents. Best of all, it integrates well with other business solutions. Whether it’s a robust CRM system or any other lead engagement software, in combination with ACD you are getting multiple options to provide the right assistance.

Between better understanding of customers’ needs and increasing your business efficiency, here are some of the most important benefits of automatic call distribution you need to understand:

  • Automates the call routing
  • Offers callback and queue feature
  • Allows you to choose the way to distribute the calls
  • Increases the overall agent productivity
  • Help you optimize efficiency
  • Provides better customer experience
  • Automatic call distribution improves collaboration

Automates the call routing

A call center representative in a white shirt with a brand new headset.
The best part, ACD doesn’t require additional hardware. Mostly what you need are the internet and headsets.

Obviously, automatization is one of its most notable benefits. You can basically use ACD to make quick responses and properly routes the calls to the most suitable agents. This is done by previously establishing the rules on which the routing will be executed by:

  • taking area code into consideration
  • preferences and history of relationship with the company
  • the time at which calls are taking place
  • the number of available agents
  • skills and experience of agents
  • requests made through Interactive Voice Response

By configuring criteria this way, you can customize the way your center is covering different situations. As a result, there will be fewer missed calls, no mispaired connections, more provided solutions, and more satisfied callers. Fundamentally, this will lead to a better customer experience that will help you keep your client base.

Offers callback and queue feature

No one enjoys waiting for an agent to answer. With the smart use of ACD and similar tools, you can convert web traffic to leads and automatically connects agents with callers based on what customers chose. Best of all, your callers will have an option to have the agents call them back when it suits them. In case there are no agents available at the moment, the caller will not have to wait on hold at all.

If they do need to wait, again, ACD will successfully process those requests as well. It will create a queue pool and immediately transfer the call once the first agent is free. Whether it’s to an appropriate department or an agent with the right skillset. Also, depending on the urgency, you can set automatic call distribution to label some calls according to the priority.

Allows you to choose the way to distribute the calls

Speaking of proper transfer, you can set a number of rules to apply to the distribution of the calls:

  • Different rules for during the working hours and off them
  • Monitor peak hours and set different distribution
  • Process the calls by the area
  • Take into consideration the agents and teams skills
  • Process the calls by the nature of problems
  • and many other

Once you set the rules, ACD will make decisions about which type of agent distribution is the best option for a given situation. Again, with the proper pre-established configuration you can choose the first available, most suitable agent with the least responses, and so on.

Increases the overall productivity

With the proper routing, your business will have better means to handle the incoming calls. You will minimize the negative response, prevent overburdening individual agents, and will rationalize the use of resources. Accordingly, when you have a system that distributes the calls on its own, you are saving valuable time. Having everything encompassed and monitored within one interface will evidently increase the overall productivity. With an ACD system on your side, you will have more time to deal with other business aspects. For example, focusing on how to lower your website bounce rate, responding to online reviews, and many more.

Help you optimize efficiency

Explaining how to improve the call distribution to the call center team.
Many companies are using automatic call distribution to help them analyze efficiency.

ACD allows managers to utilize call monitoring, for example, to enhance the training process. This way you will be able to work on fixing procedural mistakes. The manager can silently observe and listen to the process and even help if necessary. But, they will also be able to collect all the data that will help them train other agents. In addition, this analysis is a convenient way to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each agent. Which can, later on, be used to optimize the way you are connecting callers with agents, most suitable to resolve their issues. This also better distributes the workload of teams and increases their overall efficiency.

Provides better customer experience

Undoubtedly, automatic call distribution is a proven way to increase customer satisfaction. Obviously, when you improve your operations and the way you solve customers’ problems, satisfaction will not be missed. When people connect with representatives who have the right skills to fix their problems, they will have no trouble recommending your business further. Which will result in a better image of your brand in general. Also, by using the available information from the database, you will be able to personalize each interaction. And this is what makes customers feel like they matter and that your business cares about them.

Automatic call distribution improves collaboration

Finally, one of the top benefits of using automatic call distribution is better collaboration between teams. From monitoring to whispering to extracting information, everything will help successfully handle each individual call. Even when you have to transfer the call to another team, there’s no need for callers to re-present their case. On top of it, this allows an efficient way to manage your call service even if you have teams in multiple locations.

Working on website code while on a video call with a colleague.
Even teams in different locations can work efficiently.

All the benefits of using automatic call distribution we mention here are a great way to boost your business efficiency. With no time wasted on manual routines, you will speed up the process of connecting callers with the right assistance. And, by providing the right support to your customers through ACD systems, you are spreading the positive word about your brand. In addition, even your representatives will feel relinquished, knowing that they can work together. In an environment that equally distributes the workload.

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