Top phone selling techniques to try out

Selling over the phone is probably one of the most difficult sales tactics. In most cases, you will be the one calling the customers and offering products. That can be very challenging because people are not always in the mood to speak with strangers who are trying to convince them to spend money. Nevertheless, there is an array of top phone selling techniques you can add to your skillset. If you apply these approaches, your phone selling technique will go to a higher level. And ConvertMore not only offers you the callback software to help this along, but we are also here to share some of our experience and knowledge with you.

Top 10 phone selling techniques

#1: Focus on showing confidence

One of the most important top phone selling techniques, and yet probably the most difficult one, is to always sound confident. If you don’t have confidence in your product, the sound of your voice will show that to the customers. Confidence usually comes with experience, so don’t stress too much if you feel scared at the beginning. Just understand that you have another person on the other side and that you are the one who has the authority. Another thing to bear in mind is that it’s perfectly fine that a client might decide they don’t want to buy anything. And you shouldn’t be scared of that. If you can accept all the outcomes, you will be calmer, and that will result in a positive change in your selling technique.

#2: Be attentive to the needs of the customer

Woman on the phone, taking an order.
Be natural when speaking with your clients.

The worst thing you can do is learn your script and repeat it like a parrot to every customer. Understand that different people require a different approach. You cannot use the same strategy with every caller. If you wish to engage and retain existing and potential new clients, you need to listen to them.

Above all, make an effort to sound as natural as possible. A person will know if you are just saying scripted lines, or if you are really listening to them.

#3: Let your customers fill in the gaps

People who are good at debates often interrupt the other speaker. That’s a nasty tactic that serves the purpose of winning in a debate. However, people also interrupt others when they think they know what they want to say. If you assume what the client is thinking and you start finishing their sentences, they might think you are trying to manipulate them. Even if you know what they are going to say, let them speak for themselves.

This approach is yet another way to show them you are listening to what they have to say.

#4: Eliminate filler words and use clarity

Everything you say needs to sound immaculate. Avoid filler words like “umm”, “like” and other examples. That only shows you are not prepared for this, and it makes you sound unprofessional.

#5: Use your detailed knowledge of the product

All of these top phone selling techniques will not mean much if you don’t know the product. Potential buyers will often challenge your knowledge of the product, asking a bunch of questions. Remember this; you need to answer ALL of their questions. Do not redirect them to other agents, and never say that you don’t know the answer to their question.

Nevertheless, it might happen that someone asks you something you don’t know. When that happens, do not panic. A calm approach is the best way, just let them know you are checking it and that you will inform them as soon as possible.

#6: Implement IVR to your benefit

A lot of companies have an Interactive Voice Response system, commonly known as the answering machine. IVR redirects clients to the right department, and businesses use it to automate call marketing processes. In case your company has this, every time you take an inbound call make sure that the person is speaking to the right department. This is one case when you should definitely transfer the call if the person didn’t reach the right agent.

A good side of IVR is that it informs clients about many things even before they get an agent on the phone.

#7: Find the right posture when speaking to clients

A sales agent speaking with a client while sitting in the office.
Declutter your space and make sure you work in a positive environment.

Some people have more concentration when they stand. Some prefer to sit. You may also discover that phone sellers like to walk while they talk because it helps them think. You need to find the most comfortable posture that will help you stay relaxed, and use it when talking with clients. A substantial number of people suffer from the loss of concentration when performing certain tasks. If that happens to you, change the position and try something else.

#8: Pace yourself

One of the most useful top phone selling techniques is to pace how you speak. Sales agents may often speak too fast over the phone. That happens due to a couple of reasons:

  • you know everything inside out, and there is no need to stop and think about what to say;
  • when speaking to multiple people every day, sometimes you wish to just “say the lines”;
  • some people speak fast when they are nervous and insecure, or if they are trying to dazzle the other person;

Try to pace yourself. Speak slowly, do not rush, and be articulate. Speaking too fast might again sound as if you are trying to manipulate or confuse the other person.

#9: Personalize the call

The best way to personalize every call is to learn the customer’s name, and use it often in a conversation. That shows you are paying attention, and it makes the entire experience more personal. If you have problems with remembering names, prepare a piece of paper and write everything down.

#10: Learn how to spark the conversation

A girl holding a credit card and looking at a laptop screen.
Customers are always thinking about whether a product is worth buying or not. If you don’t make it interesting for them, they will pass.

Buyers may be very shy, quiet, or inexperienced. To spark the conversation and engage them more, repeat certain phrases or sentences they said. The goal of this approach is to make them feel better. That will result in a more open conversation, and they might decide to share more information.

Top phone selling techniques made easy

In the end, remember these top phone selling techniques, but do not rely on them too much. We mentioned earlier how every customer is different. You need to build experience, so try to push yourself to speak with as many clients as possible. This is a skill you learn on the job. Lots of luck with future sales!

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